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• 12/14/2018

Wiki Updates!

* scuffles and organizes my papers

Hello! I'm Marbles! And I'm going to be reading announcements today! Ahem, so first off, we've organized most of the wiki (again,) for your benefit! We've redone the theme, coding, and others! We will still be working on the rest of the wiki, like the templates and misc. guides for you guys!

While we're on the topic of new pages, we have established a new page for adopts! Have an old character that you don't have, but looking for someone to use it? Have a great title and idea for a fanfic, but never had the time to finish it? Send it over to the Adoption Page, a new place to put old stuff for other people to take care of!

What do YOU want to see on the wiki? Comment your answer below! This is Marbles, signing off! Have a rainbow-rific day!

* tips my hat!

Adoption Page
Adoption Page My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fanon Wiki
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• 8/26/2018

My Miitopia

I made it ship Sombra and Celestia.
And also made my (first) party Sweetie Belle (my character), Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Babs.
The king's a hamburger.
And Diamond Tiara's the Dark Lord.
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• 7/18/2018

Category Clean Up!

If all things are working correctly, then this should be the first official announcement on the MLP fanon wiki!

EDIT: The clean up is currently over!!! As of now, all pages have been looked through and given more fitting categories! It should be much easier to navigate characters now!

We ask that no one makes NEW categories unless consulting and getting an okay from the admins who are still linked below.

This may have been a rather tiring clean up, but it's a step forward in a good direction!

Just as a note, pages that are over 2 years old were deleted, with some exceptions for active users. This was to keep inactive pages from cluttering the wiki, and make room for more developed characters and fanfictions!


So everyone knows how this will work, the bell notifications will go off so wherever you are on wikia, you’ll be able to see announcements for this wiki!

But the point of this announcement is to tell everyone about the new Category Guide and the category clean up that will be taking place soon! I will be linking it below, please make sure to look over that guide and apply those categories to your future pages! It’ll make our jobs as admins much quicker and easier!

Because of this, we ask that no one makes new categories that aren’t on the list or puts categories back after the admins organize them to the guide!

If anyone has any concerns, please contact one of the admins running this clean up, including Enigmew, Marble-y cake, Icebutterfly116, and Terrarian Pony, their message walls will be linked below.

Feel free to give suggestions about categories as well! If you feel as though your suggestion will be most convenient for sorting more pages, we might add it to the guide!

If you would like to help clean up, feel free to apply the updated categories to your pages!

Thank you for understanding and helping better the wiki!


New Category Guide -
Enigmew's Message Wall -
Marble-y cake's Message Wall -
Icebutterfly116's Message Wall -
Terrarian Pony's Message Wall -
Category Guide My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fanon Wiki
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• 7/17/2018

Page Deletion Is Over + Future Plans

As most of you are most likely aware, the mass deletion has taken place, and we're left with a fraction of the pages we once had! This means all short pages have been deleted, making way for newer pages and further organization!

As of writing this, I am away from home, but still contactable. When I return home, the admins will be getting together to collaborate and further clean up the wiki.

No plans have been set in stone, but one of the goals is to organize categories (and, in conjunction, finish the category guide), make announcements more accessible, and perhaps even make the wiki easier to use and look at. (Personal plans of mine were to code new character info box templates and update some art, but you didn't hear it from me.)

In relation to the page deletion, if you didn't see the announcement, don't be upset! An admin can restore your page IF you're going to be adding more content to the page soon!
If you don't plan to add more content (such as sentimental value) or want to restore something that doesn't relate to MLP, consider moving the content to a user blog or a page extension!

We hope the next announcements will come more clear next time, and we will make an effort to explain and help understand! Until then, feel free to contribute ideas or suggestions to help improve the wiki!

-Enigmew (who should be enjoying their vacation but is too stubborn to leave the internet for a day)
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• 7/17/2018

Please ignore, further testing YA BUT CAN I MAKE THE LINK LOOK NICER? PWEASE
Do you or anyone you know how to use discussions?
  • Yes! (If so please contact me!)
  • No, I miss forums,,, (me too,,,,)
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• 7/17/2018

Please ignore, this is a test

[ will this show up as a link?] mmm. We'll see

Hmmm how do images work and polls??
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• 7/8/2018

Page Deletion Announcement

Due to the lack of activity and content on a majority of the pages on the wiki, on July 15th there will be a mass deletion of pages under 2.5k (2500) bytes.

This isn't to discourage anyone from creating! This is to encourage users to add content to their pages and make their characters, fanfictions, and other fan creations more developed and interesting!

As an update to recent events, the mod team will be working on developing a content guide, updated rules, guidelines, etc. to help organize this wiki. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask us!

There will be a week, however, before all pages under 2.5k bytes will be deleted, so users will have all this time to update their pages until then!
To see how many bytes your page has, go to the page in question, press the arrow next to "edit" and click the "history" button. That will show you how many bytes your page currently has.

Make sure to speak with the mods and volunteers handling this if you have any questions or concerns! They include Enigmew, Marble-y cake, and Icebutterfly116.

We'll update everyone through discussions while we work on the wiki! Thank you for understanding!
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• 3/16/2018

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

(slap) Top of the mornin' to ye, laddies! Thunderbird3InternationalRescue here with ya! As we all know, tomorrow, March 17, 2018, is St. Patrick's Day. So I hope you all remembered to wear green today! And, to celebrate the occasion, I made this picture.
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• 1/28/2018

Terracraftia Survival Roleplay

You wake up in a dark room, dimly lit by a slime gel torch. You realize you are chained to the walls, along with a few other ponies (Whoever wants to join) A hooded figure enters the room, and he walks looks over each one of you, and says "My name is Key Note, and you have all committed terrible crimes in Equestria. And so, you have all been gathered to this recently developed facility. You will by no means escape, and even if by some streak of luck you do, you are no longer in Equestria. If you do manage to escape, you wouldn't survive ten minutes on the outside. This land is unfamiliar to anypony in Equestria aside from those I want to know about it. There are creatures you thought to be children's stories in this land, and they will not only kill you, but rip you apart until there is nothing left." The stallion closes his eyes for moment. When he opens them he tells you "Though I do have an opportunity to gain your freedom, as well as a trip back to Equestria. We call this opportunity the incentive program."
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• 1/20/2018


This is a test discussion. If this is done correctly, please continue reading.

There will be a wiki clean-up. I haven't told anyone much about this because we did not have Forums/Discussions enabled here on the wiki, but now you know. All pages that are created that have nothing to do with MLP will be deleted.
You are encouraged to make your pages, however. If people around here could help me with the clean up of pages and categories, that would be excellent. Thank you and have a good day!
- Marbles
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