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This is the adoption center!
A page where you can place unwanted characters/groups/fanfics/ect. for a new owner!
If you would like to adopt a page that has been dropped here, ask the user in question on their message wall!


  1. Please link your username and message wall when you make an adopt.
  2. Make sure there's a little bit of information for what you're putting, as well as setting your own price!
  • The price can't be real money! Good examples include art or writing small stories!
  1. Don't edit the adopts unless you're seriously fixing something.
  2. If you want to make a character specifically for this page, start with an image! Don't make and link a page that you won't use.
  3. Delete the template once you've adopted your character/fanfiction!


  • Page Name/Link
  • Character info (for OC)
  • Genre (for fanfic)
  • Basic info
  • Link to creator

Copy and paste the template below, adding your own information!!!

Enignote - It's best suggested you add characters in SOURCE editor! Click the arrow by "EDIT" on the top right, press "Classic editor" and go into SOURCE editor!
You can also access SOURCE by pressing "EDIT" itself, clicking the three line dropdown menu, and opening up "Source Editor" at the bottom!

{{Character Adopt
|image =
|Character's name (link page if avalible) = 
|Species =
|Custom info =
|Price =
|Your username = 


Princess Twilight Sparkle
Species - Alicorn
Extra - Twilight is the Princess and Headmare of Friendship and the Ponyville librarian! She loves her friends and has sparkly pink magic.
Price - just a nice book
Current owner - Lauren Faust

{{Fanfic Adopt
|Fanfiction page (link) =
|Genre = 
|Summary =
|Price = 
|Your Username=
The Little Gryphon Who Could
Genre - Short story
Basic summary - When a young gryphon is having trouble keeping up with his friends who all have learned to fly, he starts to feel discouraged. But after enough practice and advice from his friends, he finally gets to touch the clouds with them!
Price - An example of what you'd add to the story or cover art
Current owner - enigmew

Characters for Adoption

Crumble Tart

Crumble tart.png

Crumble Tart
Species - Earth pony
Extra - Trans Masc; Slow; loves baking; gentle kind of guy
Price - Up for grabs
Current owner - art by marbles

Cotton Candy


Cotton Swirl
Species - Pegasus
Extra - Extroverted; excited by small things
Price - Up for grabs
Current owner - art by Amber

Berry Boat

Berry boat.png

Berry Boat
Species - Earth
Extra - Hasty; snarky; good heart but a bitter pony
Price - Up for grabs
Current owner - art by marbles

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy
Species - Unicorn
Extra - Candy!!! Loves new friends
Price - Up for grabs
Current owner - art by User:Cielfnafoc

Copper Sequins

Copper scale.png

Species - Pony/Kirin
Extra - rival of Rarity's; secretly loves her
Price - Art of Shark Tooth
Current owner - marvin

Fanfics for Adoption