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LalaloopsyFan6 LalaloopsyFan6 20 May

MLP ideas


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MiaColeman6 MiaColeman6 11 April

Ideas For My Little Pony

I’m handing out my ideas for My Little Pony G5 toys.

Here’s the example:

Lyra Heartstrings

Bon Bon

DJ Pon-3

and more :3

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 3 March

Keep Going...

ATTENTION: This is your friendly neighborhood admin, Terrarian Pony, here. Now I understand that things have been tough, lately. Of course, there's the pandemic we have to worry about, and some... other major events that I will not get into, but also the most recent software update for the wiki community. I know I'm not the only one who has a problem with it, but I feel as though I am the only one saying anything. I have been talking to others, I will not name names here, and they also agree with me, that wiki is becoming more difficult to work with on editing pages. But I urge everyone to keep at it, and if you can, get the message out there, that attention is being dragged away from the wikis because of the recent update. It has continuo…

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Pluto The Hybrid Pluto The Hybrid 5 July 2020

Custom Pantheon

in the beginning,

there was nothing. nothing anywhere. none could not exist.

a being repressented this nothingness, but as soon as they existed, something had to regulate the new matter. the second being existed.

they were niguna and todas, none and all.

eventually bored after a million short years of floating in the nothing, they created more beings to eventually shape the dragon world. [-] was the earth, the foundations. nero was the water, the sustinance of life. fotia  was fire, a way to restore new life, and heat the core. [-] was the air, making it so that the new life could breathe.

when mortals finnaly arrived, the goddess [-] taught them to be intelligent, cast spells, fly with their wings, among many other gifts. 

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Marble-y cake Marble-y cake 12 June 2020


Reminder to use this infobox (Infobox 2020), as the others will be deleted after the June OC Contest! Thank you!

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Schalbra000 Schalbra000 10 June 2020

Power Rangers Super Force

Only Power Rangers Series not made by Saban nor Disney

and Only Power Rangers Series only existed in My Little Pony Universe

Red Ranger
Brandonshy Schalk
Brandon Schalk
Blue Ranger
Preston Tien
Peter Sudarso
Yellow Ranger
Trini Kwan
Thuy Trang

(Voice By Christina H. Lee)

Green Ranger
Tommy Oliver

Jason David Frank

Element of Power

Element of Courage

Element of Stealth

Element of Strength

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Marble-y cake Marble-y cake 19 May 2020

The Marbleverse

These are my own personal headcanons of the MLP universe!

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 18 May 2020

Mane Six vs Cutie Mark Crusaders Part 2, Pinkie Pie vs Apple Bloom. Plans on How to Deal with Monsters Attacking Ponyville

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Pinkie's Plan
  • 3 Apple Bloom's Plan
  • 4 Results

Hear I present Part 2 of my Little Mane 6 vs CMCs miniseries. In this second part, A group of monsters attack ponyville, and both Pinkie Pie, and Apple Bloom come up with Plans to deal with them. You're job is to tell me, whose plan is better.

Alright everypony, We have Monsters to Deal with, and I know just the way. We Charge at them head on, screaming at the top of our lungs so they know we're coming!

Okay everyone here's the plan. We're looking at seven monsters all around four meters tall. See that hot air baloon? Twilight, you Rarity, and a bunch of other unicorns get in it, and fly just low enough to get the monsters attention. Once their close enough use your horns to blast them in the…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 18 May 2020

The Mane Six vs The Cutie Mark Crusaders Part 1

Hear I am presenting you with a little something. Compareing The Mane Six, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy. Between the CMCs, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

It is in My Opinion that both groups, are equal to each other, and both are great. That said, there will always be one or maybe a couple things that make one group supieror to the other.

I know this will be difficult for a lot of you, but I ask you in the comments, to try and give me at least 3 reasons why the Cutie Mark Crusaders are better then the Mane Six.

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Pluto The Hybrid Pluto The Hybrid 29 April 2020

First Blog

(did somebody already think of this/want to help?) (also did this bc of the abundance of these beans. makes sense its like greek gods who have kids with mortals every other second)

ideas for stuff:

percy jackson themed camp?? 

celestia/luna/cadence houses/cabins. 

i guess flurry counts (she be WAY older, like at least five hundred)

also twilight


twila is another merch babey like skyla and twilights daughter??

STERLING AND GOLD LILY????????? i say yes no changing my opinions

queen parabola is an alicorn- but oh wait she ruled before equestrias founding. nevermind

leon is a male alicorn but that was a french comic

(only one power per child?)

celestia kids control daylight and rainbows, probably

luna kids can control stars/comets darkness,

cadence …

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 13 April 2020

Stay Positive

Hello everyone. Terrarian here. Some of you may notice that I haven't been editing a lot lately, and that's because, despite the virus situation, I have in fact been pretty busy. The Senior Center I work at has need of me now more than ever, and I've been taking the opportunity given to me by the whole "social distancing" to try working on animating. I'm still a bit new to it, but I think I have been getting better. But even though I haven't been editing too much, I have been checking in on the wiki almost religiously to see how things are going. So, just to make it clear, I'm not going anywhere. I just have other things on my mind. But I will always love you guys, and hope you continue your contributions in our wiki, and we hope you stay …

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 24 March 2020

Stay Safe

Hey everyone. It's Terrarian Pony. I just wanted to say stay safe. I know a lot is going on, but that's no reason we can't all do our best to stay happy. Stay in contact with friends, smile for your families, just anything to make sure everyone is happy and safe. Also, wash your hands and stay hydrated, and stay at least six feet away.

Thank you all for supporting each other in these times, and I hope you all continue your contribution.

~Terrarian Pony

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 25 December 2019


Hello everypony! And Merry Christmas! This is Terrarian Pony, and I am pleased to announce that we are so close to 2020, that you could bite it's head off! Not only that, but we've been getting more contributors lately, and for that, I am proud, and would like to thank all of our admins and moderators for helping to keep this place going. I've been busy lately, and that's why I have not been as active recently. But I promise that after Christmas, I will be a lot more active, and will be thriving to bring out new content as much as possible! Merry Christmas/Hearts Warming to all! And to all a good New Year!

~Terrarian Pony

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 10 October 2019

TAS: Ch. 4, Finally Finished!

It's about darn time I finish chapter 4 of my "The Alicorn Scrolls" story. I want to thank Marbly and Enigmew and a few other friends who kept egging me on, making sure I do the best I can in my writing. And now that I've finished this chapter... I'm going to take about a three day break, so I'm not going to be on this wiki for three days, unless Marbly or Enigmew contact me for assistance. Thank you for reading my stories, and I'll see you all in three days.

~Terrarian Pony

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 5 September 2019

Re: Changes to Wiki

Heeeeello everyone, Terrarian here! It's another great day here on MLP Fanon, and I just wanted to make a little announcement. We're going to be going through some small changes that'll be a big impact here on our wiki. A few different color schemes, some template management, other things that Marbly, Enigmew and the mods are up to. So if you feel like it, go ahead and give a big thanks to them for doing their best. And remember, I keep a close eye on the wiki every day, so if you need help anything at all, I'm here. Thank you for your cooperation on the My Little Pony Fanon Wiki. =)

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Marble-y cake Marble-y cake 29 August 2019

Hiatus over

Hello everyone! I know hardly anyone is there, but I'm back from my hiatus! I will be working on the wiki all month on September! 

I've been meaning to remake the admin requirements, try my hand at the coding guide, make a few templates, and rename the wiki to "Fanon is Magic," rather than Friendship is Magic Fanon Wiki. Mayhaps even change the background and the wiki icon AND clickable thing there. 

PLEASE!! If anyone sees this, please let me know what you want us admins to fix by commenting here! 

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Gordon4James5Percy6 Gordon4James5Percy6 18 August 2019

witch crossover should they do

what crossover should mlp have

by looking at these images witch crossover should they do

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 17 August 2019

Questions Involving King Sombra

Is there anyone besides me who felt that Alvin Sanders just wasn’t the right person to voice King Sombra? And that he didn’t give the right voice for the character?

Personally, I can tell that Sanders is a pretty capable voice actor, but...his performance was cringy at the most, and the voice he gave the character just didn’t feel right. He also seemed too miscast.

There are others that I constantly can’t help but think would’ve been a much better for Sombra compared to Sanders, particularly celebrities with a theatrical background. The ones I’ve often visioned the most for the role were Tim Curry and Jeremy Irons.

But, that may just be me.

What do you guys think?

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 31 July 2019

10 Actors I think should Have Voiced Characters in MLP

10 Millie Bobby Brown

9 Jeffery Dean Morgan

8 Norman Reedus

7 Andrew Lincoln

6 Steven Yeun

5 Scarlett Johanson

4 Chris Evans

3 Chris Hemsworth

2 Tom Holland

1 Robert Downey Jr

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 6 June 2019

Thank You! And Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month to all of you who are proud to be yourselves. Everyone is different, but it doesn't mean they should hide who they are, so I am just going to say it out loud right now: I AM BI AND I'M PROUD OF THAT! Also, I am glad to be a member of this wiki! 😁 Now that that is said, I woukd like to give a big thank you to those who have contributed to this wiki, and especially to all of the admins for their hard work and determination in making this wiki better for everyone. This includes the following, but is not limited to: Comicwing, Marbly, Enigmew, and Snow-Ish. Thanks to all of you for your help.

I am Terrarian Pony, and I am proud to be here! 😁😁😁

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Remadekryl Remadekryl 7 April 2019

Cannon Character

Twilight Sparkle

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 26 March 2019

Hello Again!

Hello again everypony! It's me, Terrarian Pony. I just wanted to let you all know that I have been pretty busy as of late, and therefore have not been doing much lately on the wiki. But do not worry, I am still checking in regularly to see if anyone needs my help with anything. So if there is anything you need at all, or you just want to comment on what we can do to become a better community wiki, just let me or the other admins know. Those of you who have stayed with us all this time, we appreciate your support and contribution.

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Marble-y cake Marble-y cake 15 March 2019


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Pastel Playz Pastel Playz 14 February 2019

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 1 January 2019


So first of all, I would really like to wish a Happy New Year to my favorite people on the wiki, Comicwing, Marbly, and Enigmew, as well as everyone else who still contributes to the wiki itself. Hopefully, everything will be okay this year, and I will (finally) find a job that suits my skills. Oh! Before I forget, I will also be introducing a new series project on the MLP FANON wiki, as one of my New Years resolutions. No telling when I will be introducing it, it may be the very first day of the year, it may not. But I do know... I'm definitely going to start it before the day of January 10th of 2019. So don't worry, it's not going to be just starting in like... late March or anything. The reason I may take so much time, is because when …

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 25 December 2018


I would like wish a Merry Christmas to the admins: Comicwing, (even though she is no longer an admin, by her own choice) Marbly, and Enigmew who helped make this wiki better, and to the contributors who work hard on making stories and original characters to put up for adoption. Here is a pic of my favorite oc ponies (and shark pony filly) from my Subponica series! I love you all!

Poor Simon, though. Oh well, he'll survive! If Emerald and Sapphire don't let him freeze to death in that snow pony they are making of him! LOL!

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 14 November 2018

Apologies, and a New Project

Hello every pony, Terrarian here. I'm sorry I have been less active lately, but I have a good reason for that. See, I've been busy brainstorming ideas for a new project. Two actually, one of which will be coming soon, I promise! 'Til then, if any pony needs anything, just ask me, and I'll see what can be done.

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 12 October 2018

About the Review I Made

After taking a look back at the review I made, as well as getting blocked a while back because an administrator thought I was being “homophobic”, I realized all of a sudden that there were some words that were not really what I wanted to say, especially regarding a certain sentence.

I really would have also posted this if someone had left a comment to me concerning my review instead of getting blocked because of it.

This is what I really wanted to say:

I saw “Rollercoaster of Friendship” recently, and I thought it’d be nice to express my thoughts on it to you all.


I thought it was an interesting episode, there was lots of great comedy, and it was a perfectly character-driven plot if I may say. I especially enjoyed the focus on Appleja…

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Mpatton17 Mpatton17 23 August 2018

Ballerina Twilight bubble ride

Ballerina Twilight's bubble ride

Twilight takes a ride in a bubble dressed as a ballerina

(Takes place after look before you sleep)

Rarity was very pleased with herself. She had just finished a new outfit for Twilight. It was a ballerina outfit. It had a white leotard, matching tutu, a yellow lining just above the tutu and pointe shoes laced over the ankles. (it's the one she wore as a music box figurine in a royal problem)

Rarity: Twilight, you look glorious

The unicorn in question was trying the outfit on. Her mane was in a bun instead of its usual style. She was currently looking at herself in a mirror. 

Twilight: Thanks Rarity, its very nice for you to make me this outfit. (does a pose)

Rarity: Consider it a token of my appreciation for givin…

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 21 July 2018

A King’s Grand Entrance

We all know what’s been going on with the Main 6 and Tempest while they were away from Equestria. But, the biggest questions would be: What happened while they were gone? What could the Storm King have done while he took up residence in Equestria? 

Taking place during the time the Main 6 look for the Hippogryphs, and Tempest and Grubber go after Twilight, the Storm King arrives in Equestria for the first time in his life, making his true grand entrance to the land. While he is alone, he reveals his intentions behind why he does what he does, as well as what sort of villain he truly is.

A King’s Grand Entrance

Let me know what you guys think, alright?

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Snowglyphss Snowglyphss 17 July 2018

Page Deletion is Over + Future Plans

As most of you are most likely aware, the mass deletion has taken place, and we're left with a fraction of the pages we once had! This means all short pages have been deleted, making way for newer pages and further organization!

As of writing this, I am away from home, but still contactable. When I return home, the admins will be getting together to collaborate and further clean up the wiki.

No plans have been set in stone, but one of the goals is to organize categories (and, in conjunction, finish the category guide), make announcements more accessible, and perhaps even make the wiki easier to use and look at. (Personal plans of mine were to code new character info box templates and update some art, but you didn't hear it from me.)

In relati…

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 16 July 2018

The People

Hello. You already know who I am. I am Terrarian Pony, and you know what that means? I represent the people. Now as you are all aware, there has been a mass deletion of pages as of late. It is predicted to go on for a week. But if I am correct, and I know I am, the people have not been properly notified, nor given a choice. That lack of a choice is something I resent. As I said, I am for the people. I am talking to all the admins here. We are *admins*, not politicians. We are supposed to do what people want. Cater to their needs, not our own. They have trusted us for our help, but I fear that trust is waining because of a decision that was not given unanimously by the people. We have heard the complaints, we need to fix their problem. I wa…

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 9 July 2018

My Thoughts on “Rollercoaster of Friendship”

I saw “Rollercoaster of Friendship” recently, and I thought it’d be nice to express my thoughts on it to you all.


I thought it was an interesting episode, there was lots of great comedy, and it was a perfectly character-driven plot if I may say. I especially enjoyed the focus on Applejack & Rarity.

However, I do think that the way everyone is interacting with each other needs to be toned down a little bit? It’s nothing personal, but, there were certain things about the way each character interacted, such as Rarity & Applejack, that made me a little uncomfortable. It especially got me wondering if Confalone’s intention is either to teach friendship or to promote homosexuality to straight people to make them become gay. I have felt th…

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Enigmew Enigmew 8 July 2018

Page Deletion

I'm reposting this from the discussion post! If you want to comment and conversate on that thread, the link to it is here.

Due to the lack of activity and content on a majority of the pages on the wiki, on July 15th there will be a mass deletion of pages under 2.5k (2500) bytes.

This isn't to discourage anyone from creating! This is to encourage users to add content to their pages and make their characters, fanfictions, and other fan creations more developed and interesting! 

As an update to recent events, the mod team will be working on developing a content guide, updated rules, guidelines, etc. to help organize this wiki. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask us! 

There will be a week, however, before all pages under 2.5k bytes will …

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Maokrishna Maokrishna 18 May 2018


Hi Sorry For Late Blog :)

  I'll produce myself.

             fillings (just kidding it's fellings): super duper SHY, Energetic (sometimes),honest, kind, generous,loyal,funny and leadership of my specialty

      for more INFO. comment me at the my blog Or my Message Wall

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 17 May 2018

Petition to Bring Back the Storm King

This is another petition that I had recently made. This one being for the Storm King.

As I probably said plenty of times before, the Storm King deserves so much more than hate from fans and an outshining by Tempest Shadow. To top it off, it looks like in the end, he won’t be making another appearance.

Well, I say, let’s vote to give Hasbro some encouragement to give us more storms by the Storm King. Because in animation, anything can happen.

Don’t forget to share this with others.

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 17 May 2018

Petition to Give Our MLP Characters a Spin-off Sequel

A little something I decided to share with you guys:

Personally, I wouldn’t mind the FiM series ending, but...I do not want the adventures of our current characters to end yet!!!

I’m not ready to stop seeing more new adventures of the Main 6. I feel like there’s still so much to go on! So, can you guys please vote on this? Mostly to keep all the characters that we love on the screen?

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 3 May 2018

Terrarian Pony's Fanon Tips

1. If you don't like what you're reading, don't read it.

2. Don't write something you'll regret.

3. Unless you want to bore people, create something interesting... plot twists are the best way to do that.

4. Be as descriptive as you possibly can. Describe character features, scene surroundings, and be accurate... otherwise people won't know what you are talking about.

5. If you have questions about what you are reading, ask them in the comments, or on the writer's message wall. You might get an answer, you might not.

6. If you are going to add gore, romance, or even same gender romance into your Fanon story, make sure to add a warning. No explicit content... unless you want to get in trouble.

7. Ask before using someone else's oc.

8. If you want …

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 22 April 2018

A Complete Emergency that Everyone Must Know

Brothers. Sisters. Comrades of the United States of America.

I come before you all today as an American citizen who is standing up not just for his rights & freedom, but for the rights and freedoms of others who hold the same beliefs as me. Especially those in California.

This morning, before I ever went to church, I discovered something extremely shocking:

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, along with the state’s Liberal Party and Democrat Party, want to take away California’s freedom of religion  and speech, and ban religious texts such as the Bible!

If you don’t believe me, the proof of it is on this link:

California Gov. Jerry Brown To Ban Sales Of The Bible

Even though I’m no Californian, I am an American, and California is a part of Amer…

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 12 April 2018

Help us

Listen up, everyone. I didn't want to have to do this, but us admins are getting tired of the mess. We have been telling you people to stop making unnecessary categories and pages, but you ignore us and do it anyways. Why must we go over this a hundred times? We are tired. We just want this wiki to be cleaned up, and everyone is screwing around by making things like character pages. If you want to make a fanfic, fine. But stop making such irrelevant stuff, and use correct categories for God's sake. We are the ones deleting pages that shouldn't even exist on this wiki, and it's driving us mad.

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 7 April 2018

Advertising Subnautica Fanon

Hello everypony! A friend of mine has recently made a new Fanon wiki. The Subnautica Fanon Wiki. I told him I would get word out, so that people would visit his wiki. And anyone who's good with technical stuff could also be able to help him with some essentials. If anyone wants to find this wiki go to

Any questions? Ask Reefback101:

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Marble-y cake Marble-y cake 5 April 2018


Because the wiki is a big mess, I need a lot of help with organizing categories, pages, consulting the mods to edit rules/help pages, and many other things. 

If you guys could help out, that would be great! 

When you're making a page, for contents please use the correct categories, Like Unicorns, Pegasi, Earth Ponies, Characters, Non-Ponies, ect. As well as using those, please use "Content (Your username)" to make it more organized instead of just like "Characters by Anon" and "Stories by Anon." 

For the mods, I really really need help fixing this wiki. I'm trying my hardest but I really can't do it alone, I really need the entire admin group to help fix the wiki. If anyone who's not an admin would like to help, please comment that you would…

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KittenOfTheNorth KittenOfTheNorth 3 October 2011

Trudge's Blog: 1

Hey guys, it's your friendly wikihood nerd brony Intrudgero98.

Welcome to my first true blog. Time to explain? Well, you see, every day (or every interesting day) I'll make a new blog. This blog will detail every interesting moment of that week, no matter how silly or embarassing. What will the first blog be about? ANYTHING! Seriously, just ask a question in the comments below and then I shall answer it.

Has anything interesting happened this Monday? NO! But being the amazing person I am I might as well tell you some bits and bob sof my day. Well...I had art.

Wasn't that thrilling? No...okay.

The truth is nothing really happened except for a little bump down the road of life (DAMN YOU TRAFFIC LIGHTS!) but I picked myself up and carried on. My …

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Lucid Dreemer Lucid Dreemer 30 March 2018

Dramatic Readings of Blog Posts

Title and Author
Trudge's Blog: 1 by KittenOfTheNorth

Ponies And Junk :P by Snow-ish

A new Story? by Kasei

Trudge's Blog: 2 by KittenOfTheNorth

Pony Arrrrtttt~ by Snow-ish

Fanart Ideas by Thunderbird3InternationalRescue
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Lucid Dreemer Lucid Dreemer 29 March 2018

Why This Wiki Is So Inactive, and What Can be Done to Improve Matters

As evidenced by a cursory glance in recent wiki activity, this wiki is not very active, hosting a few individuals who pave short strings of activity only to leave a few days later; and leaving long-term members devoid of people with which to discuss their ideas and help them out to a fuller extent. To really see how far things have gone, go to this portion of the wiki's recent changes, where you will see the last 500 edits made, and by deduction, conclude that between March 9 and March 29 only about 500 edits were made on the entire wiki! (This includes move page logs, deletion logs, and edits that are merely maintenance.)

Now, this is well-known, but why should this be so? Does it not seem suspicious that a Fan wiki to a show immensely popular…

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 26 March 2018

A Message to all Admins

This is a message to all admins. I know that some of us are busy and I get it. But as Admins/Bureaucrats, we have a responibility to the wiki. I can not be the only one monitering the wiki for any suspicious activity. When I first joined, I saw all the chaos, with no active admins, and I knew that I had to take matters into my own hands. And that is why I asked for adminship from the Fanon community. I didn't expect that would also be given Bureaucrat rights as well, but hey, all the better for managing the wiki, amiright? But in all seriousness, I need your guys' help. This wiki will not manage itself, and I can't do it alone. I also don't like being ignored either, of which case I am talking specifically to you Atlantisuchiha. You've bee…

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Fanart Ideas

(slap) Top of the mornin' to ye laddies! I'm Thunderbird3InternationalRescue here, and I'm in bit of a crisis here. Now, before any of you ask, nothing bad happened in real life. If you want to know what I mean, well, take a look at this: 

And I know the image may be funny, but, seriously, I really need fanart ideas. If you have any, please, don't be afraid to comment below.

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 10 February 2018

Super Pony Challenge Idea

Ooooooookay everypony! I just want to point out that we are doing this new thing every month called a theme challenge. From here on out, we will have a new challenge every month, and they will also come with secondary challenges that give bonus credits if met. Now weather you follow these challenges or not, just know that this is our way of making story writing interesting for you on this Fanon wiki.

February writing challenge: Write something about superhero/supervillian ponies.

A way to get bonus credit: One of the characters must be a speedster.

Side notes: You may use fictional logic referenced in other superhero stories, (For example: The Flash can phase through walls, and travel through time.) but you cannot use the same characters, nam…

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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 2 February 2018

What the heck?

What the heck is going on with the activity board? If anyone can tell what's wrong with it, please let me know.

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Enigmew Enigmew 23 January 2018

friendly hello!!

i just wanted to make a lil thing that said id love to try and make new friends on this wiki!

im sure everyone's made a little announcement like this at one point or another, but im super excited to get to actually do more things revolving around a show ive loved for a while and never got to properly contribute to! 

id love to talk to people and make new characters and generally have a good time!! im a bit shy to start conversations, but i love having them!

if there's anything i can do to be helpful, leave me a message please!! i love spitballing ideas for characters/stories, or helping to try and organize things! 

thank nyall!!

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