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Sparkle Glamorous Sparkle Glamorous 15 May 2012

My Life

I edit photos from

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 15 May 2012


Just threw up... stomach still hurts, but the nausea is gone, at least...

I may be a bit inactive today...

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hi i,,m pinkyrue and tihs is a bout me

hi i,m 13 and i cant spell good my fravorit pony is ...............................raven

i love to ansher all of ypur comits

so bye! ps i,m virginia

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Sparkle Glamorous Sparkle Glamorous 12 May 2012

Should Derpy have her own show

she should

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KittyKatswell925 KittyKatswell925 10 May 2012

Hi people of Earth (or other planets)

As you can obviously see, I'm KittyKatswell925, and I'm new here. :) I just recently started watching MLP, and let me just say, it's epic!! :D My favorite character EVER is Pinkie Pie and I also like Twilight. Now, here's a little more info about me:

  • I watch Good Luck Charlie, Spongebob, T.U.F.F. puppy, Fairly Odd Parents, MLP (of course!) and some others.
  • As you can see by my avatar, I am involved in a fanfic called T.U.F.F. Company. My character is the orange cat (Claire Catty200).
  • I am a fanfiction writer for T.U.F.F. puppy

Thank you for reading those boring facts. ;) The reason I'm here is that I have a fanfic idea. The problem is, I don't have a NAME for it :( If you have any suggestions for the title, please suggest them to me! Here's th…

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Ishimura Elite Ishimura Elite 10 May 2012



That is all...

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 10 May 2012

The time has come to regenerate

Just don't let me eat pears. I hate pears.

.... Just random Dr.Who phrases floating un my mind...

Dr,Hooves people, y u so pushy >:U

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Ishimura Elite Ishimura Elite 10 May 2012

Things I Notice

Things have been going a bit sloooooww lately. We're only editing two roleplays too. What happened to all the others we had going? By the way, Trudge. Edit Roleplay: Calamity. I'm waiting for my turn. I'm working on my own fanfics right now, and I still have a few characters saved up and I have some pictures to make for others.

Not complaining or anything. Just wondering what's up and what-not.

School's almost out for Summer vacation for me, I get out on June 8th (6 days before my birthday! Whoo!). So after that I can get on more and stuffin.

We're getting new members! Which is sweet. New ideas and what-not. Can't wait for more people to join the community!

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 9 May 2012

'Member this?

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KittenOfTheNorth KittenOfTheNorth 8 May 2012


We all know that Ben is a fool, but did we know that it ate Jamaica? It is a common misconception among vampires but fret not that the slug has an arrow but fret that the bear carries twenty harpoons it uses to give a touch. To be completely honest a protocol has been issued by the Pope that forbids the wearing of emus on certain days of the Martian year but sporting colours of the pagan kingdom of the American Virgin Islands an go without saying. To issue a decree one must not spit upon the fibres of the Magna Carta but if restrained by an anthropomorphic block of wood it may be necessary to use force. Mayhap the body of a candle float ashore then it is acceptable to put the Browns on trail, but if found to obtain the vital fluids of feli…

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 6 May 2012

Generation One Stuffs...

I'll update soon. I might go back to watchthe episodes later... I only have the first season, though...

Grogar is my FAVORITE G1 villian. He was this epic ram that trapped the Unicorns in his world, and he wanted to cross over and take over the Ponies' world!

'twas epic, those episodes...

That's really all I have right now...

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Bes9200 Bes9200 1 May 2012

What should my next kind of pony be?

Ok, I was watching the MLP: FIM Royal Wedding. I keep hearing that there were these pony-like things called Changelings. Well I was thinking of doing a new character. So what do you guys and/or girls think my next character should be? An Earth Pony, a Unicorn, a Pegasus, an Alicorn, or a Changeling(Btw: I dont know how, but for some reason, I make these characters up as I go). Bye! ^_^

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 30 April 2012

Eargasm song

Discord - Eurobeat Brony (The DJ Tombstone remix is awesome as well)

Literally. Listen to it. It may not sound like a pony song at first, but you'll start noticing relations with the episode...

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 28 April 2012


I just deleted a page I could have fixed. My escuse was "pleaserecreat this page. Also please don't use a recolored image that belongs to somebody else"



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Snow-ish Snow-ish 28 April 2012

Should I?

I've been windering whether or not to change my ponysona.

Lately I've been using Axis Solaris a bit more than Moon Drop, and I fit into his personality a bit more than hers.

Whatcha think? Should I make Solaris my new ponysona? I know he's a colt, but stil...

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 24 April 2012

Taking vector requests

As the title says, I shall take vector requests for your ponies.

Things to note

  • Most of my manes look a bit flat, I'm trying to work on that
  • Still working on how to do pony eyes. I know how to do pupils, but that's about it.
  • I may not be able to do a mane unless it's from a show screenshot, but I will try and make it from scratch most of the time.
  • Layering is still confusing, but I managed to get things together with the Solaris pic.

I will take up to two ponies from each person at a time, and have a max of six requests total. So I can take requests from at least three people.

  • Poppy Seed and Rose Mary as foals - Lady Rose, she doesn't count as a user.
  • Light - Ishi
  • Terror - Kasei
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Snow-ish Snow-ish 23 April 2012

Yay for vectors maybe

Since I'm like, the only one I'm sure has Photoshop, I might as well become the ector admin. Using a tutorial now to try and splice up Axis Solaris or something.

If the first few tries go fine, I might take requests.

Well, the only problems I see are the mane and eyes...

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CaveJohnson CaveJohnson 19 April 2012

Oh snap

I have completely forgot I was a member of this wiki so i'm back now and add some more sorry guys I completely forgot >_

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Ishimura Elite Ishimura Elite 19 April 2012

Lucky 1000

1000th edit!

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 19 April 2012

That was effing weird...

Okay... so I was making a comment on a page...

When I scrolled up, the page, as well as any other text on the wiki activity and stuff, was all bold and loopy and confusing.

The heck....

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Bes9200 Bes9200 18 April 2012


OMG I'm very hyper because I took 6 headache pills in the last 24 hours!

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Bes9200 Bes9200 18 April 2012

Im confused!

So, I have no idea at all on how to put a picture that I didn't draw on my character's page. Can somebody help please?

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 16 April 2012




...I watched Chugga's lat's play of Mother 3. The ending just totally got to me, and now I am sad because there will be no more games in the future.


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Snow-ish Snow-ish 9 April 2012

Pony Request Blog One

Okay, this will be a blog just for requests od pony pictures. Anything MLP related, I will draw. I can also draw things like pokemon as ponies and vice versa.

If I make too any blogs after this, I shall make number two.

JR - Just requested S - Sketching L - Linearting C - Coloring S - Shading (Only when I use black lines) BG - Backgrounding (If requested)

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 8 April 2012

Okay why not

First off, happy easter.

Second off, I am taking pony-related requests again. I will draw any species, be it canon or fanon, from any generation of MLP, like Bushwoolies.

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KittenOfTheNorth KittenOfTheNorth 6 April 2012

I Got my New Guitar!

Finally, I got my new guitar. It's a Yamaha, left-handed new-in-case. I've been playing it non-stop for the last three hours and my fingers are now red and raw. But if feels so good.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 6 April 2012

Pairings Pages

Since my friends, whom I shall refer to as Mistress Rose, urged me to, I have created a Pairing Page.

Sunflower (Pairing)

Rose is a partner of mine at school, and she somtimes give me ideas for MLPG episodes.

It's simple to make one, just follow the format I used, and be sure to list that it is a Pairing page at the top in small. (Basically the bold, italic, or underline coding but "small" instead of "b" or "i")

Rose has decided let me belay information through her. Her parents don't let her use internet often, and for some reason her home computers do not allow wikia...

She doesn't mind, either. She's fine with me making pages for her ponies and episodes and such.

So if you want to ask Rose something, simply ask me to ask her.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 4 April 2012

Pony Pairingssss...

Eh. Pairings of my ponies and stuffs.

Moonshot - Moon Drop and Snapshot (Mingle)

Labflower - Lab Colt and Mayflower (Forced)

Nevermore - Raven and Goose Quill (Full)

DiamondSurge - Diamond and Coma Surge (Mingle)

Bubble Breeze - Wind Whistler and Bubble Brigade (Mingle, with a school friend)

Sunflower - Axis Solaris and Poppy Seed (Suggested, school friend)

That's it for now...

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 3 April 2012

I do believe...

This is my thousandth edit.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 2 April 2012

That moment when

You're so high on soda, dark chocolate, cran-strawberry juice, and beef that you just want to go


Seriously. I'm suoer hyper right now.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 26 March 2012

Pony Prom!

Huys, better get a Tumblr! On May 25th, we will have a prom! I've asked a few people already with different ponies.

Hey, if you want, as any of mine! If you have any, I might ask them... TuT

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Ishimura Elite Ishimura Elite 23 March 2012

On The Fanfics

A "Just-To-Let-You-Know" Report Blog. A journal of sorts to keep me occupied.

  • 1 First Report
  • 2 Second Report
  • 3 Third Report
  • 4 Fourth Report
  • 5 Fifth Report
  • 6 Sixth Report
  • 7 Seventh Report
  • 8 Eighth Report
  • 9 Ninth Report
  • 10 Tenth Report
  • 11 Eleventh Report
  • 12 Twelfth Report
  • 13 Thirteenth Report

It's coming along. I just finished Chapter 7 and the entire thing is spanning 30 pages. I'm fixing up the details in previous chapters best I can, and I'll get to writing the 8th chapter when I feel like it. Still have a lot of good ideas. Awgh, this music I'm listening to is so beautiful...

Well it's still going. I kinda stopped since I started The Eleven Day Rain. I have more ideas for that than Light Requiem right now so I'm doing my best not to blarghstuckinarut like Lu did wi…

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 21 March 2012


This just came to mind.

Well, Trudge and I created the Elements of Discord and some extra ones of Harmony.

Then Ishi tried to make Light an element. At first I was kind o "Um... no?" but now that I look back on it, it was kind of selfish.

This is a fanon wiki, for gosh sakes. I don't own the fanon of MLP, neither does Trudge or anyone else.

So feel free to make elements, and you may even think up different categories like I dunno, Elements of Society or something Pffft.

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KittenOfTheNorth KittenOfTheNorth 18 March 2012

My Reaction to Sweet Apple Massacre nope.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 14 March 2012

Equestria Unequal

I have made the first part of Equestria Unequal. I'd appreciate if you guys could help out by adding a few lines now and then when one of your characters is present. It'd be like an Rp, but with a fanfic. Ffft.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 13 March 2012

That story...

Not really scary. I actually find him to be cute.

If you're wondering what I am talking about, head over to the creepypasta wiki and search "Mr.Widemouth"

It's not really scary. If you think about it, it's actually kinda cute.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 12 March 2012

Random Interview

Well, these two boys decided to do this in Pathways to Careers.

1: Welcome to this corporation. I see on your resume you are a warlock?

2: Yes, I'm am an experienced warlock.

1: Good, good. Can you show me a classic lightning bolt as proof?

2: Uh, it doesn't work on mondays...

1: Well, how did you first start out career wise?

2: Uh, I shoveled unicorn poop.

1: Ah. Yes, I have been there before. Not a good way to start... Hard to find the M&Ms. Tell me, have you ever tried to take over the world?

2: ..Not really sure...

1: well, most warlocks try that. Especially with bacon.

2: Oh really?

1: Yes, and we are working on something called "the Baconator"

2: Baconator?

1: Yes, it is a robot made out of bacon, powered by Twilight Sparkle.

2: I see...

1: Would y…

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KittenOfTheNorth KittenOfTheNorth 4 March 2012


So...anyone got any good memes?

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 29 February 2012

Made an Ask Blog


Look on my user page for a total list.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 25 February 2012

Pony Remixes

I have made two remixes for ponies so far.

Celestial Goodbye (Just before Celestia banished her sister) -!/song/4f426c8c-2c9c-707d-3900-00051a040000

Cloud Racing (Rainbow Dash) -!/song/4f496c38-2e9c-7015-0700-00011a040000

Each is about four minutes long.

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 24 February 2012

Example Page

In a bit, I shall be making an example page for new users. I'd like it mentioned in the Special:CreatePage or whatever it is, because we've had a recent outcropping of pages not meeting even amatuer standards.

When this link is pink, it is ready

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 19 February 2012


Cross your hooves, everyone! I just sent the first chapter of Wings of Fire to Equestria daily! There's a good chance it will be rejected, probably for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean it won't!

Keep a look out for the next few days, and let me know if it does, because I don't go to ED that often.

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Featherlight Featherlight 14 February 2012

Wiki Graphic Idea

Okay so right now we have the words "Friendship is Magic Fanon Wiki." I was bored so I made this picture. It took me a few hours and if you guys like it I can make it the logo.

What do you think?

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 13 February 2012

Blargh... And wait, what?

Well, finally got chapter two of Wings of Fire done. In the next, Solaris shall be sparring against Blizzard!

Also, I've noticed that the "Species" part of the character template is missing? May I ask why? If Featherlight removed it, I'm going to be a little ticked.

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KittenOfTheNorth KittenOfTheNorth 11 February 2012

Strangely Obsessed with Tubs of Jelly


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Featherlight Featherlight 11 February 2012

New Fanfiction

I have an idea for a way to write fanfictions. Have a main page and then a new page for every chapter. This works best when you're writing a longer fanfic though.

Okay so I started writing a fanfiction Confection Chronicles. I have each chapter seperate from the main story page, ex Confection Chronicles/Chapter One. I was thinking it looks more nice this way and you can include information about the story. If any of you are writing a longer fanfic like me, I would suggest doing it this way as well.

The order I have my main page is:

  1. Plot
  2. Characters
  3. Locations
  4. Chapters

There's also a template I'm fixing up that can be used on each chapter page: Template:Infobox chapter.

Also if anyone wants to take a look at my fanfic chapter one I'd appreciate it. Tha…

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 10 February 2012


Stuck in a bit of a rut with Wings of Fire.

Anyone have any ideas? I was thinking something like Lightblade arriving, but I'm not sure...

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KittenOfTheNorth KittenOfTheNorth 4 February 2012

Need a Character

So, guys, I have this fan made unicorn pony. I haven't uploaded her yet because I'm still working some stuff out. Basically I need a love interest for her but don't want to create another character. Can anyone help? I want to make roleplay between the two. The roleply shall be called: "Fuchsia Isn't Your Colour" and will focus on the two ponies love-hate relationship.

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Featherlight Featherlight 4 February 2012

Wiki Quality

What happened to high quality? Other wikis have long articles with details. I come here and all I see is "coming soon."

I am a new user and in the progress of writing articles (all I have so far can be found here). Something I have noticed about this wiki is the amount of low-quality articles we have. So many people make a page, add a pony picture, and write "coming soon!"

I know some people are writing high-quality articles that include information like 1LugiaLover and Intrudgero98. How many of us can say the same?

We won't be featured if wikia sees a bunch of "coming soon" articles on our site. We need to finish what we start!

I challenge you to actually write your articles. I'm going to try and do this. I know that the wiki will be astoundin…

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Snow-ish Snow-ish 3 February 2012

Updates and all that stuff~

Yaaay~ So, the first chapter of Wings of Fire is complete. Squee face~

Working on How Does It Feel, but I'm a bit stuck.

And usually to fill character spots, I might borrow some of yours, but only if you show enough of their personality. For example, if I need a hyper and loud mouthed character, I might use Rainbow Skip.

Other than that, everything is okay...

Hmmm... What else...

I guess that's all. Can't think of anying else I'd want to say.

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