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General description

Brandon(shy) is Original Mighty Morphin Orange Ranger and Element of Power and Twilight's Partner in battle


Brandon had a hard childhood just like Lloyd because his father was evil, but his sister "betray" him and his mother. the MMPR MLP Collaboration Episode 0 is his first episode to be his focus episode. In Episode 0, He was a little baby pegasus when he joined the Power Rangers, he been a Orange Ranger for Mighty Morphin for about now 27 years, when he was young, trini and her friends took care of him who didn't knew about Earth during that time. In Zeo, he cry because Billy was leaving, he couldn't continued, but Jason and Tommy cheers him up, and he now is not upset, and continued being a power ranger, now he became a legendary power ranger, and help the other rangers teams as their orange ranger, In Super Megaforce, Brandon now can able to use Legendary Morpher to morph into past orange rangers forms. And then later Twilight became Brandon's partner and Brandon became Twilight's partner


Power Drill (MMPR)

Alicorn Sword (MLP)

Ninja Sword (Ninjago)


Brandon Married Fluttershy and Both of them got Kids


Overlord (Formerly)

King Sombra (His Father) (Formerly)


Mother - Princess Celestia

Father - King Sombra

Sister - Sunset Shimmer

Aunt - Princess Luna

Wife - Fluttershy Schalk

1st Son - Tyzone Schalk

1st Daughter - Kim Schalk

2nd Daughter - Bluttershy Schalk

2nd Son - Flandonshy Schalk

3rd Son - Brandon Jr.

3rd Daughter - Fluttershy Jr.


  • BrandonShy and Fluttershy are always Love Birds,when evil, personalty changes or anything else they are still Love Birds