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Crabby Cakes

Main OCs


Chance Token

Fairy Crabby

Minor characters

Characters that are primarily used for backstories but won't be given their own entire story.

trans woman, mother of drongo, loves her son and wants him to be happy!! but misguided in her intentions and does the wrong things for "a good reason"

pressured drongo into a life of crime just like themselves, but got arrested once drongo made a hiccup in their plan

trans man, father of drongo, LOVES his son and gaveh im his sense of humor. he had a bad childhood and thought stealing would make his life better, (which it did somewhat) so he watned to pass that on to his child.

pressured drongo into a life of crime just like themselves, but got arrested once drongo made a hiccup in their plan

Roleplay characters

Characters that will only be developed beyond their initial idea through roleplays. (Though they're not the only characters I would roleplay with.)

Rename! maybe "Mirror Distort"?

Broken mirror cutiemark, crystal unicorn, bearded, old, follower of king sombra and the leader of a group that worships him

Very cowardly but in a proud way. he'll grovel if he can save his own tail, but when he's in charge, He's In Charge.

when the crystal ponies reappeared, he didnt suppress his memories of sombra and never wanted to get on the king's bad side again. he used his magic to try and help sombra into the crystal empire only to be stopped by a pathetic baby dragon and his friends. to apologize for his lack of being able to help, he left, in search of those who still remembered him and worshipped him as much as he did.

grey and yellow, cant remmebre the cutiemark, pegasus, young, impressionable, follower of shatter/mirror because hes convinced its a good idea??

afraid of everything and constantly stress-molting feathers, but wants to impress those around him.

feather was initiated into the group at a young age, desperate for support and desperate for something to assist in. mirror saw this desperation and urge to impress, but didn't want him to start respecting "the wrong ponies." he's one of the closest poines to mirror just to keep him from drifting off course


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