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Cobalt Brush

"Art is amazing!"
Created by PinkiePie6
First appearance MLP: Good Friends (episode 1)
Species/kind Unicorn
Gender Male
More info
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Student


Eyes Light blue
Mane Dark blue and white
Coat Beige
Nicknames Cobalt

Bro (by Haiku Fluff)

Relatives Haiku Fluff (twin sister)
Cutie mark
Red, yellow, and blue paint puddles
Voice Vincent Tong

Cobalt Brush is one of the main characters of MLP: Good Friends.


Cobalt Brush is a beige-coated unicorn. His blue and white mane/tail curls at the ends and his eyes are light blue. His cutie mark is three paint blotches, one red, one yellow, and one blue, which symbolizes his passion for art.


Cobalt Brush has a tendency to be the one to overlook things. He's ditzy, naive, and understanding, leading to him sometimes being regarded as the weakest link by friends and bullies alike. However, he's also independent and aggressive, let alone very angry when pushed. Ponies are worried about setting him off, so they make sure to stay on his good side, even the bullies.