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Haiku Fluff

"I always get to class on time."
Created by PinkiePie6
First appearance MLP: Good Friends (episode 1)
Species/kind Pegasus
Gender Female
More info
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Student


Eyes Light purple/pink
Mane Purple
Coat Light orange
Nicknames Haiku

Sis (by Cobalt Brush)

Relatives Cobalt Brush (twin brother)
Cutie mark
Three pencils and a paper
Voice Andrea Libman

Haiku Fluff is one of the main characters of MLP: Good Friends. She's known to be a childhood friend of Starlight Mage.


Haiku is an orange-coated pegasus mare. She has a purple mane/tail that is curly at the ends and light purplish pink eyes. Her cutie mark is three pencils and a piece of paper being written, which symbolizes her love of learning and writing poems.


Haiku Fluff, as the smartest mare in school, is often seen as very mature, level-headed, and composed. She can also be fussy and vain at times, but is very protective of her twin brother. She often tries to play peacemaker between him and a friend if they argue. She is quick to argue with his brother. Naturally, she's very caring to her friends and has a love of learning.


  • She was friends with Sweetie Swirl, Snowcatcher, Feathermay, and Rarity, until after Episode 2.