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Kudos Sui is a minor character in The Day of Reckoning and possibly deceased father of Odium and husband of Palma Sui. Both him and his wife try to raise their children to be as honorable and highly moral as they are, but didn’t know how to raise children properly despite their good intentions and genuine love. While Kudos does a slightly better job at raising them than his wife, he still has some trouble doing it on his own due to his own personal problems. After he and the rest of the family, minus Odium, disappeared from the destroyed and abandoned Rogue Town for some mysterious reason, he and the others were presumed dead.

Kudos is a stern, strict, and extremely hard-working person who’s genuinely devoted to his family’s moral values and wants his children and others to follow them in order to be good creatures to others. However, he’s very stressed and exhausted from having to work for long hours to keep his financially poor family a float, but hides it so that he can set a good example for them. Despite that, he’s very caring and only wants what’s best for both his family and others.