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Mare-sterious Theft is a three part fan-made episode of MLP. It focus on the main six, along with Spike, Starlight, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence.

Summary Part 1

The Story begins at Canterlot, late at night, where the owner of a jewelry store is about to close up shop when suddenly a unknown cloak Pony,(who we only see their shadow) appeared. The owner tries to tell the pony the shop is closed and will have to come back tomorrow, just the the pony use magic to freeze the owner where he stands, then took out the keys and entered the store, where they used their magic to make all the jewelres disappear in front of his eyes. As the cloak Pony exit the store, it returned the keys back to the owner, spread it wings and took flight, few seconds later the spell worn off and the owner cried for help.

We cut to the next day, where Twilight and the others arrived at the scene of the crime, where the owner inform the polices and guards about how when he was frozen in place and he could see and hear but don't say anything, even confirming that the pony who stole from him was a alicorn.

At the castle as the main six, with Celestia and Luna tried to figure out who could be impersonating an alicorn. Just then a guard arrived informing the princessess that a mysterious Pony have just broken into the Canterlot Treasury, and somehow Froze all of the guards. Hearing Twilight and the others Rush to see who is this mysterious Pony, there they encountered the cloaked Pony. Twilight and starlight try to use the magic to stop the pony, but as they shot their magic at the cloak Pony, the pony spread it's wings and took flight dodging the blast. Then the pony used it magic and froze everyone in place, except for Rainbow Starlight, Spike and the Princessess who are confused about it. Rainbow Dash attempts to capture the cloak pony but it seems to move faster then her as she is unable to capture it. Starlight then attempts to create a magic barrier to drop the cloak figure in the place, and while it did work for a few seconds the pony telepoint out of the barrier and instead trap Rainbow Dash and starlight into a barrier too. After grabbing 20% of the treasury, the cloaked pony disappeared, which also broke the freezing spell and the Magical barrier on the other side.

Back at the throne room, every pony and Spike try to wonder how was the cloak figure able to freeze every pony except for Rainbow Dash Spike and Starlight. Just then, a gray male unicorn counter stack, who's in charge of the Canterlot Treasury, bust into the throne room and informs Princess Celestia and Luna that 20% the mysterious cloak Pony Stone contain a special gem, which shocked the princesses as Starlight asked what's so important about this Gem. We cut to the Canterlot Library where Princess Celestia told the ponies that the gem in 1 of 3 ancient rare gems which are said to have disappeared for century, which Celestia revealed that the gem is an family heirloom. When wondering how the cloaked pony discovered the gem and the whereabouts, Rarity ask if the jewelry store owner who was robbed early also knew he had the gem. Upon hearing that the mane 7 and Spike headed back to jewelry store.

Back at the jewelry store, while the owner is still crying over losing his jewels, the mane 7 and Spike returned and asked the owner a question. The owner revealed that a few days ago on the outskirts of Equestria he found one gem that was unlike the others and took it back to his shop, hoping to sell it for a lot of bits. He described the gem similar to the same one the cloaked pony stole from him last night. Twilight then realize that the library back at the castle could contain a book about the origin of the three gems, and with that the group headed back to ponyville, which unknown to them the cloak Pony was listening to the conversation, and took flight to Ponyville.

As the mane 7 and Spike return home, they were informed by their family and friends what happened before they came back. First Granny Smith Big Mac and Applebloom informs Applejack that someone cast a spell on all the apples at the farm, preventing them from falling when they are bucked and plucked from their trees, Sweetie Belle told Rarity that Carousel Boutique has turned into an actual carousel and started to go around and around playing music with no way of stopping. Mr and mrs. Cake also informs Pinkie Pie sugarcube corner has been transformed into a giant cake, resulting in thousands of ants invading and had to shut it down, with Pinkie Pie disappointed because she wanted to eat the giant cake. Finally Angel bunny, in his own words towards Fluttershy, told her that turn her Cottage home into a giant cage, prevented all the animals to escape, with angel being the only one who managed to escape.

Upon hearing that, Rainbow Dash decided to check out her house if anything bad happened. Upon arriving Rainbow Dash discovered that her house is perfectly normal and wondered why wasn't effective. She then decided to head back to the castle to help Twilight find the book. However upon her arrival she discovered that a magic barrier has been placed around Twilight's Castle and that neither her, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity unable to past through it. In an attempt to test out a Theory, Spike then charged at the entrance and actually managed to pass through the barrier, in which he later crashed head-first to the door. Surprise that Spike actually went through, Starlight decided to walk towards the castle and like Spike went through the barrier. Rainbow Dash also did the same thing but when Twilight try to do it, she still couldn't go through. Even more interesting is that it is revealed the barrier is sound proof both inside and out, causing Spike and the others to step out of the castle, with Twilight telling them to get all the books from the library and bring them outside so they can do the research, which he, Rainbow Dash and starlight do.

Meanwhile at the Crystal Empire, in the nursery where Flurry Heart is taking a nap, the cloak Pony arrive and snatched flurry heart from her crib. Just then Cadence arrived to wake her up, only to discover flurry heart has disappeared and in her place was a letter instructing to bring it Princess Twilight.

Back at Ponyville, as Twilight and the other continue to research the books while Spike and the others continue to dropping books outside for the others to read it. Just did Twilight discovered a book with the origin of the three gems.

The book revealed that at the three gems weekend are actually three pieces of one big gem, which is said to have the power to Grant the user unlimited power however when the Three Gems are put together it needs the magic of an alicorn to Power It Up.

Upon discovering the truth, Applejack wondered where are they going to find the third gem. Just then Cadence Shining Armor and sunburst, along with some Royal Guards arrived at the castle and toad Twilight and the others that some pony have kidnapped flurry heart and left a note with instruction to give it to Twilight. Twilight then take the letter and read it out loud

" dear princess Twilight, I have obtained your niece, if you wish to see her unharmed and in one piece, deliver the Alicorn Amulet to the ruin Castle of the twin sisters. Upon reading this letter you have 6 hours till give me the Alicorn Amulet. And to prove I'm serious you now have four hours to bring me the amulet."

Upon reading it, Twilight knows that she cannot give the cloaked Pony the Alicorn Amulet due to Rainbow Dash giving it to Zecora. But knowing the safety of Flurry Heart is in her hooves, Twilight and the others headed to the everfree forest to find Zecora. However upon arriving at Zecora's home, Zecora revealed that she actually hidden the amulet in a deep cave not too far from here. Twilight, Cadence shining armor and Rainbow Dash all decided to go to while the others stay stay behind. Upon arriving in the cave the group nearly avoided deadly obstacles such as booby traps, empty caverns and finally deadly beasts. In which case they found the box, containing the Alicorn Amulet and headed back to the entrance.

With only less than half an hour left, Twilight and the other arrived at the Castle, where the cloaked Pony arrived outside the entrance, with a sleeping flurry heart inside a pink bubble. As Cadence and Shining Armor Rush towards flurry heart, the cloak Pony start them on the track and asked Twilight to give the Alicorn Amulet to it. After getting the amulet, the Cloaked Pony smash the amulet, revealing it to a letter from Twilight contain the last gem. Just then Princess Celestia and Princess Luna arrived at the castle and it is revealed that they they were given a letter from Twilight to come see her but Twilight claims she never wrote a letter. Just then the cloaked Pony began to laugh as it began to speak for the first time, revealing it to have a female voice as she told them she got them right where she wants them. She then removed her cloak, which revealed who she really was, which shocked the main six and Spike, To be none other then Mare Do Ware.

To be continued.......

Summary Part 2

After discovering who she really was, Twilight asked how Mare Do Ware exist as she is nothing but a costume. Mare Do Well revealed that she's actual a energy creature that was unknowingly created from the opposite element energy of Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity in their plan of teaching Rainbow Dash a lesson a few years ago. When Starlight ask Twilight what she talking about, Pinkie Pie, doing her comedic recap, explain the time Rainbow Dash acting like a jerk for being a hero so she and the other ponies created a new hero name Mare Do Ware who took all the glory just to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson.

Mare Do Ware revealed that the way they acted that day effected their elements and it what created her and manifest into what they see before them. She also revealed that she discovered the legends of the gems a few days after being manifested. And that for a long time she been trying to find a gems. She did find it in the Alicorn Amulet but before she could buy it some other unicorn bought it before she had a chance to obtain it. And when she arrived at Ponyville to steal it she saw Twilight give me to Rainbow Dash to give to the Zecora. She followed rainbow dash to the everfree forest but be kind of the Savage creatures and still getting used to her new body and Magic, Mare Do Well went into hiding inside the forest and started the train herself to use her new powers. After nearly many moons she was able to become stronger with her magic. But what made it even weirder is one night she grew wings and transform into an Alicorn, so she spent more training to fly until she got the hang of it.

Twilight then realize the day Mare Do Well became an Alicorn must has also been the day Twilight became a princess. Cadence then demanded Mare Do Well to return her daughter, which she did. As Cadence and Shining Armor hugged Flurry Heart, Celestia told Mare Do Well that for kidnapping the child of a princess the punishment is Tartarus. So Celestia Luna Cadence and Twilight use their magic to open a portal to Tartarus and send Mare Do Well there, But as their combine magic blast fire towards Mare Do Well, Mare Do Well use the Three Gems as a shield and absorbed the magic. Shocked to see what happened, the princesses and everybody else see the gems starting to glow and floated on their own, Then surrounded Mare Do Well with the princesses Magic and started to spend in a rapid Circle and finally released the magic towards Mare Do Well and finishing with a powerful energy after blast.

As the smoke settled, every pony and Spike sees Mare Do Well emerging all powerful. Celestia and Luna use their combined Magic to stop Mare Do Well, only for her to deflect it. Mare Do Well then used her powers and transform the sisters into miniature stoned versions of themselves. As Twilight and Cadence try to use their magic, Mare Do Well use hers and froze everyone once again, except for Rainbow Dash Spike Starlight flurry heart and Shining Armor and Flew off to Canterlot, and as she left, the Frozen spell worn off and Twilight and the others are free, but look afraid of what happened.

After returning back to ponyville, everybody sees Mare Do Well magic is still intact at the castle, preventing her, Fluttershy , Pinkie Pie ,Rarity and Applejack from entering but still let Rainbow Dash, Spike, Starlight, Cadence, Shining Armor and flurry heart to enter. When Twilight still wondering why Mare Do Well magic only affects Her, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rarity but not the others, Pinkie Pie believe that since Mare Do Well was created from the negative Magic of Pinkie, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity, Rainbow Dash is immune because Her Element Magic did not help with her creation and that Spike and starlight are also immune because they didn't have element magic. But when Spike asked why did the spell affect Cadence and the princesses but not shining armor and flurry heart, Twilight explain that the gems absorb the magic of the princesses and when Mare Do Well absorb said magic, it became part of her and is able to affect the magic of the princesses. Twilight told every pony that they need to do more research to find a way to stop Mare Do Well.

Back at Canterlot, at the castle Mare Do Well arrived to take the throne, however the path is blocked by the Royal Guards who refuse to let her take one step closer. To show she means business she brought out the the miniature statues of Celestia and Luna, at first the guards thought those are just plain statues until Mare Do Well use her newly acquired Magic to restore a small piece of the princess's face, warning them that this is really them before Mare Do Well turned then back to Stone and threaten to shatter them to pieces unless they move out of the way, which they did. Afterwards Mare Do Well use her magic to fuse the two Thrones and transform them into one throne with her picture on it. Shethen used her magic to create Magical Vision portals that would broadcast all over Equestria.

Back at the ponyville, Twilight and the others still continued doing research on the gems, just then one of Mare Do Well's magic Vision portals appear above ponyville as she announced her position as the new Queen of Equestria. Mare Do Well revealed that any Pony who doesn't like her new role, they can come and see her in which if they do they will be Turn to Stone, even showing the two princesses for proof and that in Two Moons from now there will be a coordination to officially the new queen.

Back with the mane six and others, after hours of research and Rainbow Dash, Spike, Starlight and Shinning Armor bring the books from the castle to outside the other day I still couldn't find any information on the gems, until Cadence discovered in the other book that the gems were originally from the Crystal Empire. So Twilight and the others headed to the Crystal Empire Library to find the book they needed.

After arriving at the Crystal Empire, they see that nothing bad happened to it, meaning Mare Do Well hasn't been here yet. As they arrived at the library, another magic barrier appeared preventing anyone besides Rainbow Dash, Starlight. Spike, flurry heart and Shining Armor to enter. After complain that Mare Do Well is always one step closer to her, Twilight blame herself of creating Mare Do Well in the first place, which Rainbow Dash agree all because Twilight and the others wanted to teach her a lesson that. Just then Sunburst walked out of the library to see the others, Cadence and shining armor asked Sunburst if he can help Rainbow Dash Spike and Starlight find a book that they have any references to the gems in the book they brought. Afterwards Sunburst Indiana going to the library and do research.

Back at Canterlot, Mare Do Well enjoyed The Perks of Being Queen. She then order the chef to make her the biggest cake for her coronation in two moons, however the chef said that a cake that big would take more than two moons, in which upon hearing about that she used her magic to turn him into stone and order the sous chef to make the cake. She then ordered the tailor to make her a beautiful gown for also the coronation.

Back at the Crystal Empire Library after hours of research, Sunburst found the book and brought it outside to Twilight and Cadence. It is revealed that the gems were originally created from the Crystal Empire, before the reign of King Sombra, as they were meant to protect the Crystal Empire along with the crystal heart. However a unknown unicorn attempted to use the gems to be the new ruler until one Pegasus stole the gems and scatter them all over Equestria, preventing the Unicorn from ruling the Crystal Empire. But then Applejack asked if there's a way to destroy the gems and Sunburst discovered that there is a way to destroy them; sunburst said that the book revealed that there is actually a fourth gem, which is a Fail-Safe just in case the gems are use for corruption. When this gem is in close contact with the three other gems, it will absorb the magic out of them and place them into itself. However the Creator hidden the 4th gem deep below the Crystal Empire. Rainbow Dash suggest to go to the caverns of the Crystal Empire to retrieve the 4th gem but according to sunburst, the caverns are like a maze, one misdirection and they could be lost forever. Just then a Familiar Pony arrived, which shocked Twilight and Starlight but not the others as Cadence ask who this is. The pony reveal himself to be Chant Deletrear; the pony who use a powerful spell to almost erase Starlight from existence.

Chant revealed that he has the gem, even showed them the gem for proof. As Twilight thanked him to retrieve the gem, Chant revealed that he was never going to give them the gem, but instead use it on Starlight to erase her magic. Starlight try to plead chant to hand over the the gem but he still refuse as he wants to make Starlight pay for what he did to him, to all the citizens at the village all those years ago. Twilight tries to use magic to take the gem away from him, only for the gem absorbing the magic. Sunbrust explain that the gem can absorb Magic and whoever hold it controls it. Twilight and Cadence pleaded with Chant to give them the gem, which he agreed on one condition; Starlight must spend two weeks in Tartarus.

Starlight told Chant that she change, she no longer evil and wants to take away other ponies cutie marks. Chant still doesn't believe her and demanded that his orders were to be made. At first Starlight and the other tried to convince Twilight to not give into his demands, but since she needs the gem to stop Mare Do Well, Twilight tried to convince Starlight to take the deal, also explained that two weeks will be nothing as but Starlight still refuse to take the deal. So Chant use his magic to create another portal and disappeared with the fourth gem.