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This story takes place after Twilight becomes the next princess after Celestia and Luna. So think of that timeline when reading this.

One night, a hole cracks open up in the skies above the Evergreen Forest. Some small creature falls out of the hole first and then another, bigger one escapes before the hole closes. The first creature fell into the forest while the other flew off into the night. The shockwave of the hole in the sky had alerted a few magical sensitive folks that something was up, but no one knew what they felt except Discord. In his panic, not even Fluttershy can seem to talk to him. Worried, she heads to Canterlot with Discord in tow.

Elsewhere, Sandbar has been falling asleep in class lately and it's due to a lack of sleep lately. He has been having nightmares that always end with him waking up half way through the night. His friends try their best to help him get some sleep but nothing seems to help. What's more, he seems to feel like something is really off lately. He can't explain it, but these nightmares almost seem like a warning.

Tender Taps was helping Zecora with errands when they both find an adult pony by himself, out cold in the forest. They help him back to Zecora's and Tender Taps notices that the pony has no cutie mark on his flank. Eager to help this pony, he offers to take this pony to the CMC, in which another journey begins for the helpful little fillies.










Twilight Sparkle



Apple Bloom

Sweetie Belle


Tender Taps


Angel Bunny

Sonic (Ponysona)




One night in Equestria, above the lush forest of the Evergreen, a loud crack could be heard.


Soon after a few more cracking sounds, an actual crack became visible in the night sky. A hole could be seen plastered in the middle of the crack and something small fell out of it into the forest below.

*Roar* A loud roar echoed throughout the area as a large, slender snake looking creature shoved itself out of the hole. It laughed in amusement as it punched the crack, making the said crack and hole vanish. "Finally, I'm free of that retched prison. I'm gonna have to pay him back dearly for what he did to me... haha." The female voice said. It looked onward and all around. "Funny, things don't like very... chaotic. I wonder what could've made him hold back. I'd best go and... survey the world before exacting my revenge." She said laughing again before slithering off into the the distance.

Elsewhere... in Ponyville...

Discord is sitting in Fluttershy's home, making Angel Bunny float in the air for daring to kick his tail.

Now Discord, you know Angel Bunny hates that." Fluttershy said, grabbing the bunny with her hooves as she titled her head at Discord.

"Oh, like it's gonna hurt the little gremlin." Discord sighed.

"I know you two don't get along, but could you at least try to... tolerate each other." Fluttershy asked.

"He started it... " Discord grumbled, crossing his arms as Angel Bunny squeaked back at him, also crossing his front legs.

Suddenly, Discord shivered and yelped. "What!?" He asked, looking around.

"Discord?" Fluttershy asked. "What's wrong?" She flew up next to her friend's face, with concern.

"How is she back? She couldn't be back... I-I-I made sure she was gone. Why... nononono... " Discord grumbled pacing around the room. Fluttershy watched as Discord literally wore a groove in the floor by the second.

"Discord, talk to me, what's wrong?" Fluttershy asked as Discord shook his head, not seeming to hear Fluttershy.

"It's all my fault. She'll destroy everything and everyone will blame me. Or worse... she could hurt everyone and then they blame me!" Discord exclaimed seeming more panicked by the second.

"Discord... Discord... Discord... ?" Fluttershy sighed eventually giving up. "He's never shut me out like this before." Fluttershy said to Angel as she landed beside him. "With the things he's muttering about... it sounds serious. We need Twilight." She said, packing things up and managed to get Discord to go with her on a train to Canterlot.

In the Everfree Forest, a pony with a blue and green scarf laid in a forest clearing. He seemed to be sleeping, but his eyes were open. After a few minutes, he closed his eyes and seemed to be sleeping normally.

Chapter 1

Sandbar was dreaming. He was walking around in a candy and sweets store, looking at all the nice treats. "I do love me some sweets." Sandbar admits as he peered at some nice display of cookies. "Those would be nice... " He said, looking over at another shelf filled with cupcakes. "Those look great too... " He said with more worry in his voice. He then saw a display filled with rainbow colored candies. "Those look nice too! I can't choose! I hate choosing!" He exclaimed, grabbing his head with his hooves. He then froze as a chill went up his spine. The world around him literally melted as he looked around. He was rightfully confused, but then grew worried.

"Um... Tree of Harmony? Is this another dream thing of yours?" He asked, and then gasped as he felt a whirlwind shoot past him. His eyes grew wide seeing the final battle that everyone was apart of. "It's the battle against Cozyglow, Chrysalis and Lord Tirek." Sandbar observed. He actually was seeing everything through his eyes, but this time, as he watched he suddenly saw everyone losing. Nothing was playing out the way it's supposed to. "This is not how this happened!" He exclaimed. After an explosion hit his location, Sandbar was on his back. Hs lifted himself up and saw Cozy, Tirek and Chrysalis staring down at him, laughing. They had magic glowing around each of them. Upon looking past them, he saw three Windigos glaring down at him. He gulped as the the monsters and the three villians laughed at Sandbar.

"No power to save anyone. You're not even worth my time!" Tirek laughed.

"The weakest link of your group. You're are nothing without them." Chrysalis added.

"Yeah, friendship maybe the mightiest thing of all, but it doesn't do anything for the weak pony that you are." Cozy agreed.

Sandbar began to pant in fear, trying to back up, but they walked after him. Sandbar, terrified like he was covered his eyes and shook like a leaf.

"You're lazy... " Chrysalis scoffed.

"A burden... " Tirek smirked.

"No magic, no way to protect or help anyone... " Cozy laughed.

"She could never think of you the same way... " All three said as Sandbar whimpered, beginning to cry.

"You are nothing." They all said as the magical energies from the three villians and Windigos began to charge up. Sandbar saw the vicious light and braced himself as he shook as scared as could be. But just as they all shot their magic...

In the waking world...

"AAAAAA!!!!!" Sandbar shouted as Gallus squawked hitting his head on the ceiling and falling down from the top bunk. Sandbar sat up in his bed, panting while sweating. Gallus groaned standing up and looked at Sandbar.

"Dude, what the hay?" Gallus asked?

Sandbar continued to try and catch his breath and looked over at Gallus. "I-I never had a nightmare like that before... " He said trembling.

"A nightmare? Seriously, that's what's this is about. "Come on dude. A nightmare is nothing to scream about at 3 A.M." Gallus reasoned. "Especially with how lame your nightmares are... no offense."

Sandbar shook his head at his friend. "N-No.. .this is different. I... I... " Sandbar couldn't form into words what he was feeling, but Gallus could tell whatever it was really bothered him.

"Hm... well... I'm not much of a therapist or anything like that. I'm not sure if there is any in Ponyville. Maybe you should talk with Trixi about this?" Gallus suggested.

Sandbar remained silent. He nodded his head trying not to cry, but that was all Gallus needed to sigh and jump up in his bed.

"Try to get some sleep Sandbar." Gallus urged as he suddenly went to sleep instantly. Sandbar, still too afraid to even think of sleep, got out of bed and proceeded over to his and Gallus' window. He peered out onto the view of the schoolyard. He looked down and could still see his hoof shaking. He sat down on the floor, crying quietly to himself as to not wake his friend.

"I... I can't go back to sleep... " He whimpered.

The Next Morning, it was the first class. Sandbar and his other friends all grouped up and entered. They all sat at their usual places.

"Did you hear that the Wonderbolts will be preforming a show for the class next week?" Ocellus asked.

"Oh yeah, I'm pumped to see some action around here! It's been so boring since Cozyglow and her frenemies were defeated." Smolder chuckled, punching the air.

"Yona would like to go see. Yona hear Rainbow Dash will be one of the ones flying in the show!" Yona exclaimed happily.

"I'm so excited! I love the Wonderbolts! They are so cool and fast and did I mention they are fast!?" Silverstream added excitedly.

"What does Sandbar think about Wonderbolts?" Yona asked Sandbar, looking to her left at her friend. He seemed to be half asleep as he tilted back and forward like a metronome. "Sandbar?" Yona asked, tapping him. With a jolt, Sandbar gasped.

"Agh bla ah yo... I'm awake!" He shouted, looking around with his eyes only, seeing his friends looking at him. "Oh... has class started?" Sandbar asked with a yawn.

"Dude, did you get any sleep last night after that nightmare?" Gallus asked as Sandbar shook his head.

"N-No... I was too scared of having another nightmare." He admitted.

"A nightmare? How could a nightmare of yours be so scary you can't sleep? Your nightmares are always about cupcakes, trees falling down, a doll falling onto the floor. Honestly, your nightmares sound like good dreams to me." Smolder admitted. Everyone remained silent. "Yes, I have a sweet tooth. So what?" She asked as the other five rolled their eyes.

"I know... my dreams are not really scary. I think I understand that now." Sandbar sighed.

"What do you mean?" Ocellus asked.

"I... I don't really want to talk about it." Sandbar admitted.

"I don't know if you should bottle something like that up." Smolder stated, crossing her arms.

"Yeah, Headmare Starlight told me a story about her bottling things up. It wasn't good. " Silverstream added.

"You should do what I said and go talk with Trixi." Gallus stated.

"Yona thinks that is good idea. Sandbar, should go see Trixi. If Sandbar want, Yona can come with." Yona offered.

Sandbar smiled at her and rubbed his head with his hoof. "Thanks, Yona. You're right... I should go see her I guess. But it might be better if I went alone." Sandbar admitted.

"Okay." Yona replied as class fully got started.

After a few more classes and lunch, Sandbar went to Trixi's office. He knocked on the door and went inside.

"Sorry to bother you Mrs. Trixi. But I thought I should come to you for some advice." He admitted.

Trixi, who sat at her desk looked puzzled. "I don't believe you've come to talk to me about anything before." Trixi admitted. "Well, you've come to right place. The grrreat and powerful, Trrrixi, is here to listen." She said as Sandbar sat on the seat in front of Trixi's desk. "Now, what's on your mind?"

"Well, I had this nightmare... and now I'm a bit afraid to go to sleep." Sandbar stated.

"Has it effected your studies?" She asked.

"I-I don't know." Sandbar admitted.

"Does the nightmare involve sweets of some kind?" She asked.

Sandbar groaned and looked at the floor. "Smolder... " After taking a breath, he shook his head. "At first, yes." Sandbar admitted.

"What was different then?" Trixi asked.

"Well... I... " Sandbar started, but froze. He began to tremble at the thoughts from the night resurfacing. "I... I... "

"Hm... can't remember it? That happens with nightmares sometimes. Give it time and this nightmare and feelings from it will be gone before you know it. Always works for me. Now, please run along... I uh... have a few waiting." She said with a grin as Sandbar glanced behind his seat and saw an entire row of eager ponies. He sighed and stood up out of his seat.

"Th-Thank you for your time." Sandbar said, leaving her office. "She was no help... " He sighed, walking down the hall to where he knew his friends were.

"You are nothing... " A voice from the dream repeated in his mind. His eyes began to tear up, making him have to wipe his eyes. This caused him to bump into something.

"Ack!" Sandbar grunted. "Sorry." Sandbar said, removing his leg from his eyes to see Zecora.

"It's quite alright young one. A little bump isn't worth fretting over." Zecora said tilting her head at him. "You don't seem like yourself. Are you alright?"

Sandbar sighed and nodded. "I'm well enough I guess." Sandbar said.

"If you say so I suppose. Anyways, I was hoping to see you. You know your plants pretty well for someone your age, yes?" Zecora asked as Sandbar blushed.

"Yeah, my Dad ran a greenery long ago. I learned a lot of what I know from him." Sandbar stated.

"Well ,can you tell me where I can find leaves like these?" Zecora asked, opening a book she had toward a small plant with four red leaves.

"Yeah, those can only be found in a small clearing in the Evergreen. My dad had a hard time grabbing just one to even plant it in the greenery." Sandbar explained.

"Thank you. I thought I had seen it before, but I could not remember where to find it." Zecora admitted. "I'll have my little assistant help me out today." She said.

"Assistant?" Sandbar asked.

"Mrs. Cheerly has made most foals go out and help some ponies with their jobs. Tender Taps was assigned to me for the day." She explained. Sandbar nodded in understanding as Zecora began to make her leave.

"See you around Sandbar. Drop by if you are ever in need." Zecora said as Sandbar smiled at her.

"Thanks Zecora." He said, watching her leave. He then proceeded onward to where he knew his friends were.

Chapter 2

Tender Taps was waiting outside the Evergreen Forest, waiting for Zecora to come pick him up. He grew bored waiting and began to dance happily to himself. "I love a good dance in the morning. Especially with no one else around." He admitted. He soon stopped when he saw the Zebra heading towards him from Friendship school. "There you are." He said, rushing over to her.

"Ah Tender Taps. You're here early." Zecora commented as the little foal stopped in front of her.

"Yeah, but I was too excited and came as quick as a I could. Plus, I'm always up early for my morning dances... " Tender Taps admitted, rubbing the back of his head with his hoof.

"Well ,that's fine then. I am in need of this plant here today." She said, showing him a book. She turned to the page with the plant with red leaves.

"Wow, that's pretty." Tender Taps observed. "So we're gonna go find it?" Tender Taps asked.

Zecora nodded. "Yes indeed young one. I have finally run out of my supply for them. They aren't used for much that I brew, but they are still helpful."

"Okay, then I'm ready to go when you are." He said, his hoofs tapping a little and took all he had within him to not dance in happiness.

"Well alright. But stay close. This forest isn't the safest, as you know." She said, guiding the young foal inside.

"The Cutie Mark Crusaders mentioned you a few times in class. Apple Bloom really likes helping you with your potions." Tender Taps explained. "I wanted to meet you in person and maybe see the potion stuff for myself."

"Oh I see. Apple Bloom does indeed love potion making." Zecora commented.

"What kind've potions do you make?" Tender Taps asked.

"They are more or less what you folks would call 'medicine' these days. They are old fashioned versions of said liquid." Zecora explained. "It's more powerful than average medicine though. A cure cough potion instantly deals with it unlike your average medicine." Zecora said as Tender Taps nodded.

"That makes since." He replied. "So you basically are like a docter?" He asked.

"In a way." Zecora laughed at the young foal's curiosity. They both then stop upon arriving at a clearing. "We've arrived I do believe." She said, looking around. She soon found the plants she needed and began gathering them up.

Tender Taps watched her do that for a moment before looking up at the treetops above. He smiled and rose up on his back hooves with a smile. He heard birds chirping and felt the wind blow like music through forest around him. This got him excited and he began to dance. *Tippity-tap, tippity-tap!* He danced the whole time Zecora was gathering what she needed. She glanced back on occasion, smiling at the young foal, before returning to her work. He danced happily for a little bit longer, but during a spin...

"Whoa!" Tender Taps shouted as he tripped and fell over something. "Ouch... " He grunted rising up onto his four hooves. He turned to look at what he tripped over and saw a sleeping  pony. "Huh!? Zecora!" He shouted.

Zecora glanced back and gasped seeing the pony. "How'd I not notice that pony before?" She asked dashing over to Tender Taps and the sleeping pony.

"Are they okay?" Tender Taps asked as Zecora examined the pony.

"He seems to be." She said. The pony was black with a brown mane. Nothing really stood out about his looks other than a green and blue scarf with a golden cross on one of the green parts of the scarf. The pony squirmed a little at hearing their voices. Zecora stepped back making sure Tender Taps was behind her.

The pony lifted it's head and looked around. It seemed dazed.

"Where... am I?" He asked.

"What is a pony like you doing sleeping in the Evergreen? It's not safe here." She said as the pony stared up at her.

"Pony?" He asked as Zecora and Tender Taps tilted their heads at him. The black pony seemed ignore what he asked and then answer Zecora's question. "I don't know. I don't even know how I got here." The pony said trying to rise up. Once he got all four legs up, he tried to stand up only on his back legs and gasped, falling flat on his stomach. "Oww. Why can't I stand?" The pony asked as Zecora tapped her chin with her hoof. Tender Taps stepped up in front of the pony tilting his head.

After a second, the black pony looked closely at Tender Taps. Tender Taps noticed the pony's eyes were green and blue hazel, but for some reason, his pupils were missing. Just darker shades of the blue and green hazel where his pupils should be. Plus, his eyes didn't seem to have no shine to them. "Your eyes are kinda weird. Are you feeling alright?" Tender Taps asked. The pony only sighed and shrugged.

"I don't know. I feel weird." He admitted.

Tender Taps looked up at Zecora. "Zecora, you help ponies when they feel bad... or weird right? Think you can help him?" Tender Taps asked and Zecora seemed to nod.

"We can try. Help me get him to my home." Zecora stated.

The two worked together to try and help the pony walk to her house. As they walked alongside him, Tender Taps noticed that this pony's flank had no cutie mark either. "An adult pony with no cutie mark?" Tender Taps asked with confusion.

"What's a cutie mark?" The black pony asked, with seemingly no care in the world.

Tender Taps' mouth dropped open. Zecora arched an eyebrow and seemed to be thinking about something.

Later... at Zecora's house.

Zecora was examining the pony. She had him sitting in a chair. The pony was looking at his front hooves with a confused look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Tender Taps asked.

"I don't know. Something just feels... wrong about me. I can't seem to remember... but... I don't think I'm supposed to have hooves." The pony said seeming to study his hooves.

Tender Taps tilted his head as Zecora finished examining him.

"He seems mostly healthy. Could use some exercise since he's a little overweight for an earth pony, but there isn't much I can do to help him. That eye problem especially.

The pony looked at her and she seemed to cringe. "Do my eyes look that weird?" He asked as Zecora sighed and nodded.

"I don't believe I've seen a Pony with eyes like yours. So... cold... no offense." Zecora sighed.

The pony seemed to arch an eyebrow. "Don't worry. I don't feel anything from what you said." He replied.

"Well, alright then. "You're free to leave now. Tender Taps can lead you back to town if you wish."

"Town? Uh, sure. I guess so." The pony replied calmly. He slowly stood on all fours and seemed to wobble.

"You alright?" Tender Taps asked again.

"I just am having a hard time with this. I'm alright." He assured the little foal. The two walked out of Zecora's house as she watched them leave. Tender Taps walked with him carefully through the forest path that led to Zecora's.

"So uh, my name is Tender Taps and that was Zecora. What's your name?" Tender Taps asked with a grin.

"Um... hm.. I think it's Sonic?" He said. "I can't quite remember but that name flashes in my mind." The pony replied... again without much feeling.

"Cool, uh, Sonic. You said you can't remember much?"

"No. Everything's a little foggy. I have some memories, but they... don't match up with everything I'm seeing now. There's no ponies in my memories." He said seeming void of emotion.

"Strange. Must be a weird form of amnesia. Or maybe some kinda spell that changed your memory?" Tender Taps asked.

"Spell? Like magic?" Sonic asked, confusing the foal even more.

"Yes... magic is everywhere in Equestria." Tender Taps replied.

"What's Equestria?" Sonic asked.

Tender Taps stopped in his tracks for a second and then caught up with Sonic, who didn't seem to noticed he stopped. "Um, the world we live on."

"I thought it was... um... it was... I can't remember the name." Sonic said, shaking his head. He tripped a little almost falling over. "Walking on four legs is hard."

Tender Taps was rightfully confused. This pony was weird, with a capital 'W'. He looked down at the ground, eventually seeing looking back to his left and saw the blank flank on Sonic.

"Why don't you have a cutie mark?" Tender Taps asked.

"What is a cutie mark?" Sonic asked again. "I don't know what that is. Is it important?" He asked as Tender Taps gasped again.

"Well... a cutie mark is basically a mark that appears on your flank. Like mine, see?" He asked, point at his cutie mark with one of his hooves. "It's a part of growing up. It shows what your special talent is."

"Really? I don't have one? I think I'm an adult... if my memory is right." Sonic said, seeming to try and remember.

"Yeah, that's weird. You should have it by now at your age. Maybe we should go see the Cutie Mark Crusaders and see if they can help you get yours?" Tender Taps asked.

Sonic titled his head. "Who are they?" He asked, his words seeming empty.

"You'll see. Come on." Tender Taps said as they exited the forest. He then led Sonic away toward the Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse.


They arrived at the clubhouse and Tender Taps knocked on the door. Scootaloo opened the door and looked at them both with a confused look. "Tender Taps? Aren't you supposed to be with Zecora?" Scootaloo asked.

"I was and well... we found this pony here." Tender Taps said, looking up at Sonic.

"What about him?" Scootaloo asked.

"Turn around for a sec, Sonic." Tender Taps urged.

Sonic shrugged and turned around a little. Scootaloo gasped upon realizing that Sonic didn't have a cutie mark on his flank. "What!? Come in!" She shouted as the two entered the clubhouse. Scootaloo closed the door as Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle walked up.

"Who's this pony?" Apple Bloom asked.

"I'm Sonic," Sonic replied.

"Girls, this pony doesn't have a cutie mark!" Scootaloo exclaimed pointing at the back of the black pony.

"What!?" Both Sweetie Bell and Apple Bloom exclaimed. They looked Sonic over and seemed surprised.

"An adult pony with no cutie mark?" Sweetie Bell asked as the other two CMC members shared the same look. They turned to Tender Taps.

"Where did you find him?" Apple Bloom asked Tender Taps as he looked up at Sonic.

"He was asleep in the Evergreen Forest. Zecora and I found him while she was picking some plants." Tender Taps explained. "He doesn't seem to remember much and keeps saying weird stuff.

"It's a good thing Fluttershy is for some reason not in town today. We're able to help this pony get his cutie mark!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed excitedly. She didn't seem to pay much mind to the last things Tender Taps said, causing him to groan.

"We never helped an adult pony with a problem like this before! This is so cool!" Scootaloo shouted as they all screamed with excitement. Sonic groaned and covered his ears as best he could.

"Please, not so loud. I don't like loud noises." He stated with a cold voice.

"Oh... uh... sorry sir." Sweetie Bell replied. "So uh, why don't you have a cutie mark?"

"I don't know." Sonic replied, no longer covering his ears. "I just woke up in a forest with a hazy memory.  " Sonic said seeming to try and think hard about something. "I didn't even know what a cutie mark was until Tender Taps explained it to me." Sonic admitted without much care.

"Hazy memory?!" Apple Bloom asked.

"Don't know what a cutie mark is!?" Sweetie Belle added.

"What are you?" Scootaloo asked.

"Hey, be nice... " Tender Taps whined.

Sonic seemed unfazed. He seemed to be trying hard to remember. "Why can't I remember anything?"

"Hmm... well this is a weird predicament." Sweetie Belle said with the other two CMC members nodding.

"What do we do?" Scootaloo asked. "Amnesia isn't exactly our strong suit."

"But a cutie mark is. Let's focus on that for a little while and before the day is out, we'll ask my sister and brother on what to do." Apple Bloom suggested.

"Good idea." Scootaloo agreed. "So, Mr. Sonic. You ready to try and get your cutie mark?"

Sonic shrugged. "I guess if it's important."

The three then noticed his eyes as he looked down at them. "He... his eyes?" Sweeite Belle asked as the other two nod seeming disturbed.

"Mind if I hang around with you guys to make sure he's alright? Zecora said I can stay out for the rest of the day... given the circumstances." He said with a nervous grin.

"Sure." Apple Bloom agreed. "Let's uh... head outside every pony.

The group of five headed outside with Apple Bloom trailing behind everyone else to make the clubhouse was closed tight. "What kind've pony have you brought us Tender Taps?" She asked in a whisper.

Chapter 3

"You don't understand Twilight!" Discord shouted in dismay.

"What's there to understand?" Princess Twilight Sparkle asked the mythical creature before her. She was standing in front of her throne looking quite curious. Fluttershy was beside Discord.

"She is crazy I tell you! Even more than me!" Discord exclaimed. "If you and your friends don't stop her, she'll destroy everything!"

"What if she was like and just needs a friend?" Fluttershy offered.

Discord shook his head. "No, she is not interested in friends. She turned on me... me of all the people she knew... " Discord sighed, seeming sad.

"Well, she does sound problematic, but how would we go about finding her, let alone stop her?" Twilight inquired Discord.

"Yeah, Twilight and the others can't do what they did to Cozy and the others, since that was very situational." Spike added. He was flying next to Twilight.

"Well... you could... lure her out with me." Discord said, sounding hesitant.

"Huh, why?" Twilight asked.

"It's me she's after." Discord admitted. "I don't... want... to be bait. But I have to protect Fluttershy." He said looking down at her.

"How would you making yourself 'bait' be protecting me?" Fluttershy asked.

"Because if she gets me, maybe she'll spare you all." Discord admitted. "Long enough for you six to do what you can to stop her."

Twilight shook her head and stomped her hoof. "No, we aren't offering a friend up for the wolves." Twilight said.

"What?" Spike asked.

"Metaphor... " Twilight sighed, rolling her eyes. "We'll think of something else." Twilight told Discord.

"Oh, what if used that bell to take her power away?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight smiled and her wings fully opened in reaction. "Great idea!"

"I thought it was destroyed?" Spike asked.

"We made a backup... " Twilight said with a nervous smile. "Just in case... " She said pointing at Discord.

Discord sighed and nodded. "That's fair."

"But... the bell can only hold the magic for a certain amount of time before it breaks. It's not perfect. Someone will have to absorb the magic for safe keeping." She said, looking at Discord.

"I can't take any extra chaos magic, I'm afraid. It may not seem like it, but even my body has it's magical limit. Someone else would need to take it." Discord replied.

"But we saw what happened when Pinkie Pie had the power. Can anyone else really hold that power?" Spike asked.

"Well... there may be one pony somewhere out there that is compatible with the power." Discord stated. "We would have to find a worthy vessel for it first. Then they would need training as to not cause any harm." Discord said, seeming surprisingly helpful and calm for a change.

"Hm... how will we know who is compatible?" Twilight asked.

"I can wander around and see if I can sense a good candidate. But I have to do it quickly before she decides to make her move." Discord explains.

"How will you know the right pony?" Twilight asked.

"I'm gonna briefly pass a bit of magic through them and see if there is a reaction of some kind. Like a jolt... a shiver or anything. If they feel the magic go through them, their body will react and it shows they are compatible." Discord explains.

"Well... alright. I don't exactly like this plan, but we may not have any other option. Discord, head to Ponyville first and check around there. Spike, send a letter to Starlight and let her know what's going on. Send letters to the other kingdoms too." Twilight said as Discord nodded teleporting away. Spike nodded as well and began to do as she asked. "Fluttershy, you'd best go into hiding." Twilight urged. "Until she shows up anyway."

"Why?" Fluttershy asked her friend.

"Because, she may come after if she realizes how important you are to Discord." Twilight stated as Fluttershy nodded.

"Well... alright then. For Discord." She said with a smile.

Twilight then went to her throne and sat down, seeming to be in thought.

"Something wrong Twilight?" Fluttershy asked.

"I've got a bad feeling about this Fluttershy. I hope this plan works." Twilight sighed, looking out a window.

In Ponyville...

Discord arrived and begins to look around. He wandered around town for almost an hour, finding no success anywhere. He was about to give up, but deicded to check the friendship school before moving on to another town. As he arrived, he looked around and began sending his magic throughout the school as he sat on a chair. As he did so, he froze upon feeling a brief tug with his magic. "Oh, a bite? Here?" He asked, seeming to not expect it. He then proceeded onward and arrived at a classroom. He looked inside at all the students. "Hm... " He said sending the magic into the room and watched carefully. The magic went through the teacher... then each student one by one. Suddenly, someone flinched and shivered upon the magic touching them.

"Oh, there you are." Discord whispered.

"Sandbar, why do you keep jumping like that? You're disturbing the class." The teach said.

"S-Sorry... " Sandbar said, placing his hoof against his head. "I didn't know a lack of sleep could make me do that." Sandbar sighed shaking his head.

"Didn't you go talk with Trixi?" Gallus asked as the teacher continued their lesson.

"Yeah, but she didn't exactly help me any." Sandbar sighed.

"She just brushed you off I guess?" Gallus asked.

"What do you think?" He asked as Gallus sighed in response.

Discord smirked at what he saw and then noticed the pony he hit. "Seems almost like a twist of fate. How interesting." He said, as Starlight walked up to him in the hallway.

"I thought I saw you. Did you happen to find anyone?" Starlight asked, seeming to have read the note. Discord nodded pointing inside.

"One of our students?" Starlight asked.

"Sandbar." Discord said.

Starlight's eyes grew wide.

"What? But he's an earth pony, not a unicorn. How can he handle your magic?!" Starlight asked.

"Not sure really, but I don't argue with results. I'll inform Twilight what I found. Can you keep him... occupied or at the very least don't let him stray too far from the area." Discord requested.

"I-I mean I guess. But, Discord, what's gonna happen to him... his family.. .his friends... his life when this happens?" Starlight asked.

"That'll be up to him. That's thinking too far ahead at the moment though. First.. .we need to deal with her first, then worry about Sandbar." He said flicking his fingers and teleporting away.

Starlight looked inside the class at Sandbar and his friends and she frowned. "I guess... things are about to become a lot harder for you kids... "

Back at the Canterlot Castle

"Sandbar?" Twilight asked. "But he's an earth pony. Earth ponies can't use magic... well... 99% of the time."

"I know it's odd, but I did the test twice and he reacted both times." Discord explained, crossing his arms as he looked up at Twilight and Spike.

"How do we go about this?" Spike asked Twilight.

"What do you suggest, Discord?" Twilight asked.

"Well... uh... I'm not too sure. I've never done this before. My knowledge is limited from what she told me before in conversation." Discord explained.

"We can't just go up to Sandbar and say, 'Hey, you now have hold chaoo magic in you for the sake of the world!' That's too much for a young pony like him." Spike pointed out.

"I agree, but we have to figure out something." Twilight sighed, looking up at the ceiling. "What would you and Luna do Celestia?" Twilight asked no one.

"Well I hope you figure something soon. For everyone's sake." Discord sighed. "If you don't think of something.. .then I will. I won't let her hurt Fluttershy."

Chapter 4

Sandbar was walking with his friends into town. "Why are we going into town again?" Sandbar asked ,looking up at Smolder who was flying above him.

"We figured getting you a few sweets would help brighten your mood and give you some energy." Smolder explained.

Sandbar's mind wandered at the thought. "I do love the Cakes' candy and sweets." Sandbar admitted.

"Yona hope they still have chocolate fudge brownies. Yona likes those." Yona said, walking next to Sandbar. Sandbar looked over at her and blushed slightly. "Thanks Yona.

"She'll never think of you the same way... " A voice from the nightmare stated, making Sandbar's smile fade and he looked away seeming sad.

Yona noticed this and looked over at him. "Sandbar okay?" Yona asked as Sandbar nodded.

"I-I'm fine... " He sighed as they entered the Cakes' shop. Behind them, Starlight trailed them, trying to be subtle and decided to stay outside the shop and pretend to read a newspaper as she waited for them. As the group of six entered the Cakes' shop, Smolder looked through the door and saw Starlight. She frowned and looked down at Gallus as she landed on the floor.

"Have you noticed her?" Smolder asked as Gallus nodded.

"She isn't very subtle." Gallus replied in a mocking tone.

"Why do you think she would be following us?" She asked, looking back at the door.

"I noticed her outside our classroom earlier. She's interested in us for some reason." Gallus said thoughtfully. "I wonder if she's trying to spring some sorta assignment on us."

"Doubt it. She would've already done that. She seems to be watching, not approaching. She's up to something." Smolder said, scratching her chin with her claws.

"Want to mess with her?" Gallus asked with a smirk.

"Oh... you know it." Smolder agreed with a mischievious grin.

"Hey guys, we'll be right back." Gallus said to the rest of the group.

"Oh, okay. We'll be sure to get you what you like. Smolder likes FlameRed cupcakes and Gallus likes the green candy bars." Ocellus said.

The Smolder and Gallus nodded and left out of the building. Sandbar, Yona and Silverstream were busy ordering their sweets.

"Sandbar, I know it's a touchy subject... " Silverstream started as Mrs. Cakes walked to back to get what they asked for. "But what was your dream about?" Silverstream asked.

Sandbar's eyes grew wide as the memory of the night resurfaced. It flashed in his mind like a fast fowarding movie. He flinched closing his eyes and began panic, panting a lot. Ocellus gasped and placed her hoof on Sandbar's. "Sandbar, calm down." Ocellus said as Sandbar looked over at her. He was sweating as the panic was getting to him.

"Ah... Chrysalis! Stay back! *Pant Pant*" Sandbar shouted backing up away from his friends and bumped into the wall.

"Chrysalis? I-I look like... Chrysalis still?" Ocellus asked.

"No, Sandbar not thinking straight!" Yona exclaimed, walking up to her friend along with Silverstream. They both grabbed his hooves and shook them as he closed his eyes.

"Sandbar, snap out of it! We're your friends!" Silverstream screamed.

"Yona is Sandbar's friend. Stop freaking out, please!" Yona pleaded as Sandbar opened his eyes. He looked at them both and saw Ocellus walk up to him.

"Sandbar, please calm down. It's all in your head." Ocellus said as Sandbar's breathing began to slow down and he started to look relaxed. He soon sighed and closing his eyes.

"Is... Is Sandbar okay?" Yona asked as her and Silverstream sat him up against the wall. After a few seconds, they saw him visibly snore.

"Hey, he fell asleep." Ocellus said.

"Oh thank goodness! I was worried!" Silverstream admitted.

Yona looked back at her other two friends. "Never bring up Sandbar nightmare again. Agree with Yona?" Yona asked as the other two nodded in agreement. Just then, Mrs. Cake walked up with a box of sweets. She saw Sandbar against the wall and arched an eyebrow.

"What's up with Sandbar? He looks worse than my husband after a sugar rush." Mrs. Cakes states as Ocellus walked over to the counter.

"He's alright... just had a hard time sleeping last night. "Yona, can you carry him out while Silverstream and I carry the sweets?" Ocellus asked.

"Sure. Yona will carry friend." She said, lifting the sleeping Sandbar up onto her back.


Starlight was still watching the Cake's shop. "I wonder what Smolder and Gallus went to go do." She pondered. "Oh well... " She said looking bact at the newpaper while holding it in front of her with her magic. "As long I keep a close eye on Sandbar, it doesn't matter." She said. She then noticed an odd shadow fall upon her. "What?" She looked up just in time to see a bucket of water poured on her and the newspaper. "Ahhh!" She shouted as she became soaked in cold H2O. "Rrgh! Who did that?!" She shouted looking up and not seeing anyone.

On top of the building she was underneath though, Smolder and Gallus were laughing like crazy.

"We so got her!" Smolder chuckled.

"Yeah, she didn't see it coming!" He exclaimed, laughing as well. He then stopped and froze looking behind her. "Oh... uh... hey." Gallus said with a nervous smile. Smolder turned around, stopping her laughter upon seeing Starlight staring at them both.

"Oh... hey Headmare Starlight... " Smolder said with a nervous smile as well.

"So it was you!? You are to both come to my office after school!" She declared.

"But... " Gallus protested holding a talon up.

"No buts!" She said teleporting away.

Gallus sighed pulling his claws down. "Eh, not the worst offense we've commented." Gallus commented.

"Ain't that right." Smolder said as her and Gallus did a fist bump. They looked down and saw Yona and the others exiting the Cakes' shop. "Time to regroup." She said as her and Gallus flew to their friends, not all concerned about what just transpired. They landed next to Yona, seeing the sleeping Sandbar. "What happened to him? Smolder asked.

"Finally fell asleep after having a weird panic attack." Ocellus replied. She was flying holding the box of sweets with her hooves. "This nightmare must've been really bad to make him panic like that."

"How bad of a panic attack?" Gallus asked.

"He was doing that breathing fast thing like this, *pant pant* and seeming to look at us as if we were bad guys." Silverstream explained in her excitable way.

"Hm... that isn't normal for Sandbar." Gallus admitted.

"For real. What do you think could've caused the nightmare?" Smolder asked.

"Anything really. Dreams are not exactly rational. They can be wild and unpredictable. I'd imagine something must've triggered some thought which ended up causing the nightmare." Ocellus said. She looked over at Sandbar and she stopped in place for a minute arching an eyebrow. "Weird... "

The rest of the group stopped and looked up at her.

"What is it?" Gallus asked.

"I thought I felt... hm.. ." She said shaking her head. "Nevermind." She said smiling as she flew ahead of everyone else.

"Okay, Sandbar isn't the only one acting weird." Gallus said with the others all nodding in agreement.


"Dancing!?" Sweetie Bell asked. The CMC and Tender Taps were still trying to help Sonic find his talent.

"I can help with that... " Tender Taps admits. "I-I never taught someone before."

"Give it a try." Apple Bloom encouraged the little orange foal. He smiled and walked up to Sonic was just standing there staring at everyone.

"Okay, just follow my moves." He said as he tenderly started to tap his paws to a rhythm. Sonic watched and tried to mimic. Tender Taps tapped his oofs each two times in a pattern and Sonic followed in a slow way.

"G-Good. Try to go faster." Tender Taps said, sounding nervous as he repeated the dance moves.

Sonic tried to do so, but Tender Taps frowned watching him dance. "Can't you feel the rhythm?"

Sonic looked down at Tender Taps and sighed shaking his head. "No."

"Try turning on some music." Scootaloo suggested as Sweetie Belle showed up with a radio. She turned it on and music began to play. Tender Taps' eyes widen and he began to dance. He soon got carried away and was dancing so hard that he didn't notice Sonic no longer dancing. He was just staring down at the little pony. Tender Taps did a few twirls and some cartwheels, before tap dancing for a solid minute.

"Woo! Go Tender Taps!" Apple Bloom shouted. Tender Taps kept dancing and then eventually cut a few flips before landing on all fours with a bow. The music stopped just on time too.

The three CMC members kept clapping their hooves and cheering as Tender Taps blushed, rubbing the back of his head with his hoof. He turned and looked up at Sonic.

"Well? What do you think? Is dancing what you're good at?" Tender Taps asked and Sonic blinked in response.

"I don't think so. I didn't feel like dancing at all. Though I admit, those dance moves were impressive." Sonic admitted, his voice sounding almost robotic.

"Come to think of it, I don't think I saw him dance at all." Sweetie Belle said.

"I thought the music would help." Scootaloo admitted, shaking her head sadly.

"Didn't you feel the rhythm?" Tender Taps asked as Sonic shook his head.

"Actually no. Weird actually." Sonic pondered, tapping his chin with his hoof.

Tender Taps sighed, looking to have given up.

"We've almost tried everything." Apple Bloom said in defeat, looking at her friends.

"Yeah and nothing seems to work on giving him a Cutie Mark." Sweetie Bell sighs.

"Is this 'Cutie Mark' thing something you get quickly normally?" Sonic asked.

The three CMC members looked at each other and shook their heads.

"No, it took us a long time to get ours." Scootaloo admitted.

"Hm... " Sonic hummed to himself, looking up at the sky. He noticed it was starting to get late. "Um, do you all have to get home soon? It's getting late. Do you have bed times?" Sonic asked.

The four young ponies look up at the sky and sighed. "He's right. We need to head home." Sweetie Belle admitted.

"But where can Sonic go for the night?" Apple Bloom asked.

"He could maybe stay at my place." Scootaloo offered. "My aunts and parents are out of town. So he can stay there for the night." Scootaloo said with the other three young ponies agreeing.

"I'll also ask Apple Jack, Granny, Sugar Belle and Big Mac for advice on what to do with him tomorrow." Apple Bloom stated.

"I'll ask Rarity." Sweetie Belle added.

"I'll ask Starlight and Sunburst." Tender Taps stated." I can get there and back home before dark." Tender Taps said.

"Alright, thanks Tender. You've been a real big help." Scootaloo said as Tender Taps smiled.

"Happy to help." He said rushing off. Scootaloo proceeded over to Sonic.

"Follow me, please." Scootaloo said, leading Sonic away.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie watched them go, but then turned to each other with concern.

"Did it seem like he was... emotionless to you?" Sweetie Bell asked.

"Yeah, I thought I was the only one. It's almost like talking to Maud Pie, but... maybe less stone cold?" Apple Bloom asked as Sweetie Belle nodded.

"He's a weird pony." Sweetie Belle agreed.

Chapter 5 W.I.P.

Starlight was finally finished drying herself off in the castle later that night. Sunburst was with her looking very tired.

"Long day?" He asked.

"You have no idea." Starlight yawned. "Did you hear what Twilight and Discord have planned?" Starlight asked.

"With Sandbar? Yeah, Spike sent me a seperate message." Sunburst said, as he sat in a chair, pulling out a book. "Is he really that compatible?" Sunburst asked. "He's just a kid and an earth pony."

"Doesn't mean much when chaos magic is in play." Starlight sighed. "I admit, I don't like this plan. It's too risky for Sandbar." Starlight said as she began to pace around.

"Yeah, well... oddly, I trust Discord with this decision... as weird as that sounds. He knows more about his power than any of us. If he believe Sandbar can handle it, than so be it." Sunburst said. "I just worry about him after the transfer of power occurs." He said beginning to read the book he had.

"If Twilight and the others can beat Discordia... " Starlight sighed. "That alone is already stressful. Plus, there's this other matter brought up to me by a little foal from Cheerly's class." She said, earning Sunburst's attention.

"What could be so important from a little foal?" He asked. "Another Cozy situation?" He joked with a smirk.

Starlight shook her head and looked at her friend. "No. This foal found a full grown stallion with amnesia and his cutie mark was missing. He also mentioned creepy eyes." Starlight said, looking sad.

"You think it's a victim from when you took over that town?" Sunburst asked with a sympathetic look. Starlight sighed, nodding.

"I thought I had finally moved past my past.. but it always comes back to haunt me." She said as Sunburst closed his book and walked over to her. He wrapped one of his legs around her shoulders.

"That's just it. It's the past. That doesn't define you any longer. Look, how about I try to help this stallion. It'd be better than having foals deal with it... since he's a adult stallion like me. It would probably work better. You keep focusing on Sandbar and his friends." Sunburst stated.

"I don't know... what about the students?" Starlight asked.

Sunburst scrunched his eyes as he touched brushed his beard with his hoof. "Maybe send the Cutie Mark Crusaders to teach class for the day?" Sunburst offered.

"But what about their class?" Starlight asked, looking concerned.

"I'll talk it over with their teacher. Besides, it's for the good of Equesteria, plus they can help you keep an eye on Sandbar.

Starlight look down for a moment, before finally nodding. "Okay, we'll try that." She said, smiling at Sunburst.

"Great. Let's relax for now. We've got a busy day tomorrow and who knows how much free time we'll have to sleep in the coming days." He said as Starlight nodded.

"Right." She said, sounding less stressed. The two sat in chairs and began reading the same book with smiles on their faces.

At Canterlot...


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