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In April 1st of 2017, we were given a MLP crossover with The Loud House on YouTube. However, instead we were given a practical joke, by Luan, which did not have the Loud kids meet any of the characters from MLP. So, this is a crossover between MLP and TLH. Enjoy!

(The episode takes place at the Loud House, where Lisa had called a special meeting with her siblings in her and Lily's room, with something covered by a large sheet)

Lisa: Siblings, I have a great announcement! I have just finished my life's work from 3 weeks ago behold!

(as Lisa showed the item covered in the sheet Leni clapped from excitement)

Leni: WOW! Amazing! A bed sheet that stand on its own?! You really are a genius Lisa!

(Lisa and the other siblings slap their faces in embarrassment of Leni after hearing that sentence, which later Lisa walk to the item to grab the sheet)

Lisa: No, Leni it what behind the sheet. Behold!

(Lisa removed the sheet to reveal a 7-foot high tech doorway with fancy buttons on the side)

Lisa: May I introduce you to the Tele-door!

(as all the siblings are "Ooh" ing and "Aww" ing, Lori then asked a question)

Lori: Lisa, are you telling us that you actually created a telephone door?! Now I can talk to Bobby via phone video with a big screen instead of a small screen like he's literally in the room!

Lisa: No, Lori. I've created a teleport doorway that will send you to any place around the world. Maybe even two other worlds!

(Lynn raised her hands)

Lynn: Have this been tested?

Lisa: Well, no but that what i called you all. I needed test subje.... Uh I mean I need brave voyagers to be the first one to test it out. So who would like to try first?

(After a quiet moment followed by with a couple of cricket sounds, Lincoln raised his hand)

Lincoln: Is there any side effects to the device that we should know about? Like additional or losing appendages or having our age increase or decrease?

Lisa: Well, there is a 10% chance that when you enter the portal to the place your body becomes inside out but again it just 10%. Anyone?

(after hearing what Lisa said The Sibling all decide to leave her room as they rejected the idea but Lisa stop them)

Lisa: Look to prove this is safe, I shall test it on myself.

(Lisa walk to the panel of the tele-door and pressed a few buttons to activate it.)

Lisa: Okay, I sent the Tele-door to transport myself in the front door of the house and when you hear the door knocking, it would be me, with my insides as they are now. Goodbye family

(as Lisa prepared to enter her invention, the tele-door began to malfunction. It transform into a doorway like vacuum cleaner and begin to sucking anything near it. The siblings then ran to grab hold on something. Lori, Lincoln, and Lola hang on the doorway. Lynn, Luna, and Leni on Lisa's bed and Lily, Luan, Leni, and Lisa hanging on the Lily's crib)







(As Lisa lets go of Lily's crib she allowed the suction of the device to pull her in so she can turn off the machine unfortunately she miscalculated and failed to grab the edge and instead got sucked in, disappearing from her siblings view)

The Loud Kids: LISA!!!!

(just then the suction of Tele-Doorway become stronger as Lincoln was the first to be sucked in, Then Lucy, Lynn, Leni, Lola and finally Luan followed. After the Tele-Doorway sucked in Luan, it began to malfunction again and just broke down,stopping the suction. As the remaining siblings got back up at the machine broke down)

Lana: Lori! What happened to our siblings?!

(As the meaning, the Loud kids rush to the device to see where it sent them, Lori look at the panel to see where it sent them)

Lori: The monitor said "Equest..." I can't read the rest.

Luna: What the heck is Equest?

(Inside the portal we see Lincoln, Lucy, Lisa, Lynn, Luan, Leni, and Lola as they are screaming after getting sucked in)

(Then, a lot of strange things happened while inside the rift such as a....

Each of their heads switch bodies with another, they become old people, they switch genders, they turn into animals, and lastly they turn into live action versions of themselves. After returning back to their normal selves they see a white light at the end of the rift and all straight shot into the light)

(We then cut to a open field where a portal in the shape of the Tele-Porter appears and Lincoln and his sisters fall on the ground. Afterwards the portal closed and the kids got up.)

Lincoln: Where are we?

Lisa: Well, the good news is that our insides are not outside.

(Just did a Green Pegasus Fly Above the siblings as they couldn't believe their eyes)

Lola: Wait, is that what i think it is?

Lisa: Impossible, those are not real they are classified as mythical creatures.

(Then the siblings hears laughter as they followed it to see two unicorms playing catch using magic from their horns)

Lisa: Incredible! First, a pegasus and now a unicorn? We might have been teleported to a place where these two magnificent creatures exist!

Lynn: That’s great Lisa, but the big question is, how do we get back home!?

Leni: I know, let’s call Mom and Dad and tell them where we are.

(Leni took out her cell phone, but discovered there's no signal)

Leni: O-M-Gosh! I don't have the signal.

(The other siblings check their phones too)

Loud Kids: Ours too!

(Just then they encountered a pink pony who appeared out of nowhere and gave them a jumpscare)

Lucy: And I thought I was the only one who do that.

Leni: Hello miss horse, can you tell us where we are?

Lisa: Leni, don't be preposterous horses can't talk.

(Just then, the pink pony gave her a big gasp and in a blink of a eye, ran passed them in a cloud of dust, causing them to cough)

Lynn:(Coughing) Wow! I've never seen a horse run that fast!

Lisa: Me neither, the fastest horse in the world can only run up to speeds of 30 mhp. Whoever train these horse must be a excellent trainer.

Luan: Yeah, being a trainer, he must not be 'Horsing Around'! Hahahaha! Get it?

Siblings: (Groaning)

Lynn: So, where do we go now?

Lisa: Maybe if we follow the hoof prints from the pink horse, it might led us to a town and maybe they help by letting us use their phone to call our parental units.

(As the Loud kids followed the hoof prints on the ground, the scene shift to deep below the ground, where we see a strange cavern. As the screen zoom in one of the cages, a shadow figure, who whole body is in a large cage with numerous chain surrouding it, is first seen sleeping, then is interruptly woke up and it senses something.)

Shadow Figure: Wha? What is this strange energy?! I don't know what it is but this power could be the thing that might set me free and get my revenge on the princess and her friends!! (Laugh evily)

(Back above ground after spending the last 2 hours following the tracks of the pink pony, the Loud kids finally found a village)

Lincoln: We did it! We finally found civilization!

Lisa: Now, we just need to find a phone call our parental units and inform them that we are okay.

(The Loud Kids then ran towards the villiage, but moments after arriving in the village, they notice that it is completely empty)

Leni: Lisa, Where is everbody?

Lisa: I don't know Leni. It seems while there are a lot of houses and stores, there seem to be no sign of people here.

(As the Loud kids continue walking through the empty town, a giant plastic ball rolled in front of them and after a few seconds of nothing, it exploded, releasing a large amount of party confetti, streamers, a table with cupcakes and big cakes. And to add more surprise, the entire town of all types of ponies appeared out of nowhere saying 'WELCOME TO PONYVILLE!')

( to the Loud Kids surprised after witnessing not only all types of ponies in one place but they can all talk)

Lisa: Incredible! Not only are there Pegasus and unicorns but they can all talk! It is a scientific discovery!

(Suddenly the 7 ponies and a purple dragon appeared to welcome the Loud kids, including the pink one)

Pinkie Pie: Hello, welcome to Ponyville! My name is Pinkie Pie and I have never seen creatures like you before in this part of Equestria! Which is why when I first met you, I gasped as I never met anyone like you before and ran back home to Ponyville and prepared a welcome party for you guys!

Luan: Wow, I heard of a welcome party but this is too welcoming to take on, Hahahaha, get it?

(The Loud kids groan after hearing that but Pinkie Pie laughed instead)

Pinkie Pie: Good one! Hahahahaha!

(Suddenly a purple unicorn with wings approach the Loud kids)

Twilight: Greetings, my name is Princess Twilight, the princess of friendship and these are my friends: you’ve met Pinkie Pie.

(Pinkie Pie gave a big smile)

Twilight: Applejack...

(Applejack tipped her hat to welcome them)

Twilight: Rarity...

(Rarity flung her purple mane)

Twilight: Rainbow Dash...

(Rainbow Dash flies into the wrote 'Sup' and flew right back down)

Twilight: Fluttershy...

(Fluttershy gives a shy smile, with a 'Squee' sound)

Twilight: Starlight Glimmer...

(Starlight use her magic to levitate seven stools so the kids would have something to sit on)

Twilight: and Spike.

(Spike walk to each of the kids and shook their hands)

Twilight: And again, welcome to Ponyville.

(Lisa approach Twilight as she examine her horn and wings)

Lisa: Fascinating! I cannot tell if you are a unicorn with wings or a pegasus with a horn.

Twilight: Well, actually I'm an alicorn.

Leni: An alicorn? Does that mean squirrels are going to bury you for the winter?

(The Loud siblings slap their faces and Rarity help her)

Rarity: No darling, that's a acorn. an alicorn is a pony with horns and wings.

Applejack: That's right! You see y'all originally Twilight used to be a unicorn but after completing a unfinished spell she was not only granted wings but was given the title 'Princess Of Friendship'.

Lola: Wait! She was given the title? Meaning she’s not royalty?

Spike: Nope, but she does have her own castle. Look over there!

(Spike pointed to Twilight giant crystal castle, which not only caused the Loud kids to be in 'awww' but also Lola to drool a bit, which she later stop herself.)

Lola: A castle made out of Crystal?! That what i want to live!

Twilight: So, what bring you all here?

Lisa: Well, you see like this princess, I invented a tele-doorway that would allow anyone to go to any place in the world but for some reason the machine malfunction and instead sent me and my older siblings to this place. And since we are here, would you mind letting us use your phone to call our parents to tell them where we are.

(All the ponies and Spike looks confused)

Twilight: What’s a phone?

Lisa: You know a phone, It’s a telecommunication device that allows you to talk to others when they are too far apart to be heard directly.

Twilight: We don't have these phones here in Equestria, But, we do send letters.

Lisa: Wait, what did you say this place is called?

Twilight: You’ve never heard of it?

Lisa took out her portable pen 3D map of earth, which impressed Twilight)

Twilight: What kind of magic is this?

Lisa: Magic? Don't be ridiculous, this is science. Now search for a place called “Equestria”.

(After the map scanned the map of Earth it gave an answer called "no such thing called Equestria")

Linclon: Lisa, do you know what this mean?!

Lisa: Yes, looks like i have to update this 3D map.

Lincoln: No! It's mean we are in another world!!!

(All the Loud kids, except Lisa, gasp as they can't believe what they heard)

Lynn: Wait, are you telling us where in a world populated with ponies?

Starlight: It’s not just ponies. There's also Dragons, Griffins and Changlings.

Lucy: So, how do we go home?

Lisa: Sadly, i don't have an answer to that.

(As the Loud Kids are worried that they might be trap in Equestria forever, twilight approached them)

Twilight: Maybe I can help, If you all come with me to the castle.....

(Pinkie Pie interrupt)

Pinkie Pie: Wait! Can we finish this party first? I mean, since we have this party for our new friends, it'd be a waste to not celebrate.

Lincoln: Yeah, let's finish this party, right guys?

(All of the sisters agreed except for Lisa, who after a few seconds of rethinking, gave her answer)

Lisa: Fine, we'll stay for the party.

(This caused all the ponies and the loud kids to cheer after hearing the answer.)

(Meanwhile back in the underground cavern, the Shadow Figure attempted to break out of it shackles and cage but no matter how much struggle it can't seem to break out. Just said Cerberus appeared and started to bark at the shadowy figure because it was making too much noise. Which gaves it an idea.)

Shadowy Figure: Hey, you know normally I would say "Hey Ugly!" But I can't tell which one is ugly, which one is uglier and which one is stupid uglier!

(This cause Cerberus to be more angry as it's continue to bark louder)

Shadow Figure: Even with three heads you're still 3 times the bark and none of the bite!

(Upon hearing that, the middle head of Cerberus grab the cage and began to shake it uncontrollably. And accidentally dropped it which not only freed the shadow figure but with the shackles off we gave it magical powers. Cerberus attempt to stop it from escaping but the shadowy figure use it magic one to freeze Cerberus with enough time to leave and return to the surface.)

Shadow Figure: Now, that I'm free from that accursed cage I'm off to get my revenge on the princess but first I just need one thing....

(As the Shadow Figure walk towards the screen, it shadowy silhouette appearance began to disappear as it is revealed that the Shadow Figure is the notorious Mare Do Well)

Mare Do Well: I need to find that energy source. With it power I will have the magic I need to defeat the princess and her friends and become Queen of Equestria! Mwahahahaha!

(Mare do well ran off out of Tartarus and back to the surface)

(Back at Ponyville, after spending seven and a half hours at the party, the Loud kids arrived inside the crystal Castle where Lola drooled even more upon seeing the inside. Twilight used her magic to put a bucket under her)

Pinkie Pie: and I thought I was the only one who could do that after seeing a delicious cake.

(After Lola stopped Drooling, Luan asked a question)

Luan: So, princess, you said you have a way to attend us back home?

Twilight: Right, everypony, follow me.

(Twilight lead the Loud kids to the library where she showed them The crystal Mirror portal.)

Lisa: Amazing! This look almost identical to my tele-doorway. Except for this mirror that getting in the way.

Twilight: Actually, the mirror is the portal itself. Normally the mirror only works a few times every 30 moons but I was able to converted into a portal with the help of this book. So now I can use it to travel to another place anytime I want. But when I heard about you guys coming here from another world it hit me. Why not alter the portal so you can use it to return home back to your world?

(Lisa pondered for a few seconds)

Lisa: It might work. But, I'm going to need the original blueprints so that I can see how it works and help alter it.

Applejack: I don't think Twilight ever made....

(But before Applejack could finish, Twilight took out the blueprint of the portal)

Rainbow Dash: Wait! How in Equestria did you made blueprints of the portal if you used magic to constructed so fast?

Twilight: That’s easy! The night after me and Spike came back from our last adventure, I went back and disassembled and rebuilt the portal this time designing blueprints. After Lisa and the others return home I'll just use the blueprint once again to return it back to it was.

Spike: (Yawning) Can you guys do it tomorrow? I'm pretty tired from all that partying.

(the Loud kids and the other ponies are starting to yawn and Twilight sees outside the window that it's night time)

Twilight: Okay, everypony and everybody let’s all turn in for the night. And tomorrow me at least I will rebuild the portal to send you guy back home.

(as Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy headed out the castle back to the homes, guided Lincoln and his sisters to the guest room that the castle)

(Outside the castle building, Mare Do Well, in a hidden cloak, sees all the lights in the castle out for the night)

Mare Do Well: Good! Now, time to find which of those creatures has the power I need!

(Mare Do Well use a magic to turn into mist and after entering the castle, she returned back to original form. She then use her magic again, this time casting tracker spell that allowed her to see the footprints of the Loud kids and follow them to the guest rooms. After arriving she decided to check out each room to see which sibling had the power she needs)

(First, she went to Lincoln's room but her horn didn't take any match. Then, Luan said nothing. And how to check on Lucy, Lynn, and Lisa still has no power. Finally, after making it to Lola's her horn started to glow brightly more dark purple)

Mare Do Well:(Thinking) This power! It’s so..... EVIL!! I haven't felt this power this evil since my own: before I lost it most of it thanks to Princess Twilight.

(Mare Do Well then turn back into mist and went inside Lola's head into her dreams. after entering her dream, Mare Do Well find that in her dream, Lola is a queen who lives in a castle, which resembled Twilight's Castle, with hundred of servants at her bidding while in the throne room)

Dream Lola: I'm hungry! Bring me my princess pie.

(One of her servants rush to the kitchen and return back with her princess pie and fed it to her directly)

Dream Lola: Delicious! Now bring me something to wash this down!

(Another servant get her a big glass of pink lemonade, which she then took it, drink it and place it on the servant's head)

Dream Lola: If you let one drop out of that cup, you're going to the dungeon!

(As the servant carefully walk down the steps without spilling a drop of the pink lemonade on it head, Mare Do Well approached Lola and looked around the surroundings)

Mare Do Well: Not bad! You have a sweet gig hair Queenie!

Dream Lola: How dare you speak to be like this!? Guards! sent her to the dungeon!

(But, before the guards and the servants could get close to her, Mare Do Well used her magic to create a free spell to freeze everybody but her and Lola in their place)

Dream Lola: What sorcery is this?!

Mare Do Well: Listen to me! This is a dream and I'm using magic to communicate with you in your dream. You and your siblings are in danger!

Dream Lola: What do you mean by danger?

Mare Do Well: Princess Twilight is not what she means!

Dream Lola: But, she said she's going to help me and my siblings get back to our world.

Mare Do Well: That is a lie! She planning to enslave you and your siblings and make you her servants.

Dream Lola: But, the party....

Mare Do Well: That was just a ruse. You think everybody in Ponyville is happy? Truth is Princess Twilight and her friends are evil! I'm of a small resistance who is planning to overthrow. The castle you and your brother and sisters are in was originally mine but Princess Twilight and her friends used 6 mystical gems to absorb almost all my powers and took it. She even used the gems to imprison everybody here in Ponyville.

Dream Lola: Can't you and resistance overthrow her?

Mare Do Well: We can't! In order to do that we need to obtain and destroy the six gems. However, they are protected and only she and her friends know where they are.

Dream Lola: What are they called?

Mare Do Well: They are called The Elements of Harmony. but, don't let that name fool you. They are the opposite of what they are. You and your siblings have to get Princess Twilight to to show you where they are so you can get them and bring it back to the resistance so we can destroy them and free everybody.

Dream Lola: Don't worry as soon as I wake up I'll tell my.....

Mare Do Well: NO! You can't tell your siblings! I'm telling you this because of a prophecy which state that out of 7 unknown creatures from another world one is destined to defeat Princess Twilight and free Ponyville.

Dream Lola: You think I'm the prophecy?

Mare Do Well: Yes, you do. And if you help us, not only will you and your sibling be handsomely rewarded with many crystals and gems you can carry but also we will send you back home.

Dream Lola: Deal.

(As Dream Lola and Mare Do Well shook hands and hooves Mare Do Well began to fade)

Mare Do Well: Looks like my power is depleting. Bye! and remember find the elements of harmony!

(As Mare Do Well leaves Dream Lola back to reality, she noticed Dawn coming and teleport out of the castle and to a forest)

Mare Do Well: Stupid pink one! I'll follow her as the Mist and when she leaves me to the elements, I will use their power to regain my strength and once again become queen of Equestria! Hahahahaha!

(At The breakfast table the Mane 6, Starlight Glimmer and Spike and the Loud kids are sitting down eating pancakes that Pinkie Pie brought)

Lincoln: I have to say, Pinkie, These are the best pancakes I've ever had since my dad’s.

Pinkie Pie: Thanks Lincoln! It's my special any berry, every chip surprise! The surprise is that I accidentally dropped another measuring spoon in the batter. I wonder who going to get it.

Lola: So, any plans for today?

Twilight: Well, Lola, after breakfast, me and Lisa I'm going to reconstruct the portal to send you guys back home.

(Lisa took out a blueprint from her pocket)

Lisa: And rejoice! Turns out I had the original blueprint of my tele-doorway. So we can use both blueprints to make the portal twice at a powerful.

Pinkie Pie: Why not we each spent time with the loud kids to show then the sites of Ponyville?

Luan: That’s a great idea Pinkie! Plus it'll be great to be with someone who likes jokes like me.

Twilight: Sure, why not? Since you're going to only stay for a day why not make the most of it?

(As the other ponies, Spike and the Loud kids cheer upon hearing, a close up of Lola's fades and she is thinking)

Lola:(thinking) Ok, remember the plan: Find the elements and give it to mare do well so she can free everybody and defeat Princess Twilight.

(After everybody left the castle, twilight and lisa head to the Library to begin construction on the portal)

(Twilight over Lisa's blueprint)

Twilight: I have to say, I'm kind of impressed that someone of your age created blueprints in a device like this.

Lisa: Well, being the smartest a family of 11 kids is both a good and bad thing.

(As Lisa and Twilight walked up to the portal to take it apart, we first cut to Lincoln and Spike who are at a comics shop in Ponyville)

(Lincoln looked in awwwwww as he couldn’t believe what kind of comics and action figure they have here)

Lincoln: Whoa, I've never seen a comic book store like this in my world.

(Lincoln looks through the comic rack and sees Comics he have never seed before.)

Spike: What kind of hero comics do you have in your world?

Lincoln: Only the greatest hero ever: Ace Savvy!

Spike: Who’s Ace Savvy?

(Lincoln gave a big gasp when he heard that for 20 seconds)

Lincoln: Ace Savvy? He’s known as a superhero who uses played cards as weapons. If only I brought my comic you would have see how cool he is.

Spike: Yeah, but the best heroes is this world are the Power Ponies!

(Spike take out a mint condition Power Ponies comic out of the rack, as Lincoln took the comic out of spikes claw to look at the cover Spike takes it back and plans to buy it)

Lincoln: Power Ponies, Huh? I bet “The Princess Pony” series with fit right here in this world.

Spike: the Princess Pony series?

Lincoln: It’ the story about colorful ponies, almost similar to the ponies here in Ponyville, once a graphic novel was found clogged in our toilet, and I discovered it was one of my sisters who did it, but since the series was known to be too girly and sickly sweet i took the blame and got grounded, and an added bonus I was made fun of, hey I wanted to save my sister from humiliation.

Spike: Wow! That actually noble of you, and I should know noble, I am a noble Dragon after all.

(After Spike paid for the comic and he and Lincoln left the store, we cut to Luan and Pinkie Pie at Sugarcube Corner in her room, as Pinkie shows off her party cannon)

Luan: So, you actually have a cannon that can shoot out confetti?

Pinkie Pie: Yep! This baby help me with most of the parties I ever celebrated by myself.

Luan: You know I'm also in the party business, my card!

(Pinkie took the card from luan's hand with her mouth and place it on the table.)

Pinkie Pie: "Funny Business, Inc. “Your fun is our business" slogan.

(Luan then notice a stuff gator in her bed and picked it up)

Luan: Wow! The craftsmanship of this stuff gator is superb. Do you know where I can get one?

Pinkie pie: (Laughing then stopped) That’s not a stuff gator, that's my pet gator gummy!

(Gummy jumps out of Luan's hand and bite her ponytail, which caused Luan to panic and run around the room)

Pinkie Pie: Relax Luan, there' a reason his name is Gummy.

(She managed to get gummy off Luan's ponytail and showed his mouth)

Pinkie Pie: He has no teeth. But that's only because he's 1 years old.

(Luan wipe gummy's split off her ponytail)

Luan: You know, that remind me of my little sister Lana, she also has wild animals in her room. I think her most rememberable animanl is her rattlesnake. Wrap that around your head, Hahaha! Get it?

Pinkie Pie: That is a good one! Hey, since I don't know how long you going to be here I want to show you something secretive, that only me and my friends know.

(Pinkie hits a secret level, sending her and Luan down to her secret party cave. The next scene is Lucy and Fluttershy at Fluttershy's home. As Fluttershy is feeding the animals while Lucy is watching.

Lucy: So, you live alone in seclusion, far from ponyville? I almost envy you.

Fluttershy: You're the envy of me? That's the first time that happened.

Lucy: Being me, I want to live in somewhere where is dark and completely empty, like my soul.

(Fluttershy gave a nervous smile after hearing that. Just then a bat flew in and ate the bowl of food fluttershy left. Lucy walk to see the bat)

Lucy: Sometimes I wish I was a bat. To be the a creature of darkness, soaring the skies under the stars and the Moon. I wouldn’t mind being a vampire bat too.

Fluttershy: I was a vampire pony once.

Lucy: What was that?

Fluttershy: Nothing. I said nothing!

Lucy: You were a vampire once? How did you become one and turn back?

(But before Fluttershy could respond, a small loud riot is heard from the backyard, which saved Fluttershy from answering Lucy's question)

Fluttershy: Oh dear! What that outside?

(As Fluttershy and Lucy went outside, they see the group of foxes arguing with rabbits)

Fluttershy: Please, stop everybody! Now calmly tell me what is wrong. Mr. Fox? Ms. Rabbit?

(As the fox and the rabbit communicate with Fluttershy, which confuse Lucy, Fluttershy explain to Lucy what were they arguing about)

Fluttershy: It seems that the foxes and the rabbits were arguing about claiming territory on a spot in the backyard.

Lucy: Wow! You can talk to animals?

Fluttershy: Yes, that’s my talent. I care for animals. Haven't you noticed why I have so many in my house and yard?

Lucy: I just assumed you were running a daycare for animals to get paid for it.

Fluttershy: No, I just like to care for animals and give them food shelter and even Medical attention if they are injured.

(Just said the foxes and the rabbit continue to argue even more)

Fluttershy: Please, can we just calm down and settle this like good friends?

(The foxes and rabbits continue to argue as they ignore Fluttershy)

Fluttershy: Alright time for a drastic measure..... Lucy please step a few feet away.

(As Lucy stepped back 3 feet, Fluttershy approach the foxes and the rabbit and Unleashed her stare. As she look directly at the foxes at the rabbits, both group stop arguing as they quiver upon seeing Fluttershy's stare)

Fluttershy: Okay, now, I want you two to stop this senseless argument and try to share the territory.

(After the foxes and rabbits agreed, Lucy approach Fluttershy)

Lucy: Whoa! I felt that from there. What was that?

Fluttetshy: That was my stare which I only use for an emergency.

Lucy: You got to teach me how to use that.

Fluttershy: I'm afraid I can't do that. That is too powerful to use and only should be used as a last resort. Plus, it would be a possible your bangs are cover your eyes.

(Then, in the backside view of Lucy. Lucy pushed her bag away to reveal her eyes, which Fluttershy is the only one who sees it. Then Lucy let her bangs cover her eyes again)

Fluttershy: So, that’s what you look like? Why are you covering you eyes?

Lucy: According to my parents when I was a baby I just stared at them rather than cry a lot, so they grew my bangs out to prevent my eyes to be shown. Now tell me how did you become a vampire pony?

Fluttershy: Well, it all started at the Sweet Apple Acres where.....

(The scene then change to Sweet Apple Acres well we see Applejack and Rainbow Dash hanging out with Lynn as they are playing horseshoes.)

Applejack: Ohh-wee girl! You got one powerful throwing limb.

Lynn: Thanks! it because of all my sport training back home, from football to softball to even play horseshoes

(Rainbow Dash took her horseshoe and throw it at the stake, and made it)

Rainbow Dash: Yes! Just earn a another point! Too bad you wasn't here for the Iron Pony competition.

Lynn: Iron Pony competition? What's that?

Applejack: The Iron Pony competition is a competition me and Rainbow Dash created a few moons back. We competed in 20 athletic to activities determine who's the top athletic Pony....

(Rainbow Dash interrupt)

Rainbow Dash: And of course I won!

Applejack: Technically, you only won because you used your wings, which was cheating.

Rainbow Dash: But as I said before, you never said I couldn't use my wings!

Applejack: Well, it would have been obvious since you were competing against me.

Rainbow Dash: I would have still beating, you even without my wings!

Lynn: Then, let's do it!

Rainbow Dash and Applejack: Huh?!

Lynn: Let's have this Iron Pony competition. And to make it even better I'm going to compete!

Applejack: But, we need to add 2 more events so we won't have a tie.

Lynn: Fine by me! And when I win I'll be the first human to win the Iron Pony competition!

Applejack: Slow your pace, Lynn. You may be good at sports in your world, but here I have so many blue ribbons from the rodeo that I needed to make a shed to add them all.

Rainbow Dash: Blue Ribbons, are you okay? But you're talking to the pony who has so many trophies in her room, she these two rent a storage unit to put them all in.

Applejack: So, I guess there's only one thing to say.....

(A three-way spilt screen appears with lynn on top, Applejack in the bottom right side and Rainbow Dash on the bottom left side)

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Lynn: Iron Pony Competition!!!

(as the three spit in their hands and place their hands and hooves together, we get a musical montage of each of the competition)

(The first competition is the barrel weave, which Applejack had the record of 20 seconds, Rainbow Dash has 19 seconds, and Lynn has 15 seconds, earning Lynn the first victory. The second is bucking tree contest. Since Lynn was the only human, she would given a mallet and manage to ring the bell. Rainbow Dash manage to ring the bell. But with Applejack not only did she hit the bell but cause to fly in the air. Earning Applejack the win. The next event is bronco contest, with Apple Bloom as Rider since Spike's hanging with Lincoln. Applejack was able to push Applebloom off her back after 25 seconds. For Rainbow Dash It's one 19 seconds, however for Lynn it took her an exhausting 10 minutes but Rainbow Dash won this challenge. Continuing the competition Applejack Rainbow Dash and Lynn each one the event making the score 7 a piece)

(As the musical montatge ended and with them in a 7 way tie, it's time for the final event. An event that Lynn came up with)

Lynn: Okay, for the final event I call it is the "500 pound" pull!

Applejack: How does this go?

Lynn: Simple, we each carry 500 pounds of weights buy pulling them with these shleds, from here all the way to that small hill over there then back the farm and whoever get back here first is the winner!

(Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Lynn put on the straps that is attached to the sleds which has 500 pounds of of weights on each of them I made it to the starting line)

Lynn: Okay, on the count of four we run! One....

Applejack: Two.....

Rainbow Dash: Three.....

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Lynn: Four!!!!!

(As Lynn, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash begin the race to the checkpoint, the scene change to Carousel Boutique where Rarity is making Leni an outfit using her as a model)

(Rarity measuring Lenny's height and waist)

Rarity: This is incredible, darling! You have the perfect waist measurement from any Pony I've ever measure before.

Leni: Well, it’s all thanks to the exercise I've been doing back home. I have to say, Rarity, it is nice of you to make me a dress before me and my family go back home today.

Rarity: But of course, when you returned to your world with the dress, it would be a special unique one-of-a-kind dress that will make you the envy of any social gathering.

Leni: Ohhh, maybe you can make a second one for my older sister Lori? So we both have the same special unique one-of-a-kind dress.

Rarity: Uh, Leni? You do know what unique One of a Kind means do you?

Leni: Of course! But I would feel bad if I had a beautiful dress and Lori didn't. Plus I know she'll probably want to borrow this one.

Rarity: (clearing throat) Okay, I got the measurement all here, Now, the fabric. I'm thinking satin and chiffon.

Leni: Actually, I think it would be better with silk instead of Satin.

Rarity: Leni, Please? Leave it to the professional I know what I'm..... Wait a minute! Yes! yes! yes! I can see it! How did you know Leni?

Leni: Well, I don't want to brag but I'm also a fashion designer in my world too. Although not as famous as you but one day I might be. Once I created a poncho that also had faux fur lining so people can wear it during cold nights.

Rarity: Magnificent! It's too bad you have going home soon. It would have been nice to have you as a Apprentice.

Leni: Me too!

(As Rarity is getting the fabic she needs, the scene change to the Ponyville Spa where Starlight and Lola are getting all the work done)

(Starlight and Lola both wearing robes with green moisturizer and cucumbers on their faces. Starlight getting a hoofacure while Lola gets a back massage)

Lola: This is the best massage i've ever gotten! so you took the Cutie Marks of an entire village and rule it as it leader? I have to say I'm impressed.

Starlight: It’s something i want to forget and eventually they forgive me.

Lola: To me, i’ve once blackmailed my siblings into hanging out with me, such as giving me pedicures, doing my homework, and even telling me jokes that i found funny.

(After Lola and Starlight finished their treatment, they prepared to head off to meet the others)

Starlight: Okay, let's head back to the castle. Maybe Twilight and your sister finished portal you guys can get home.

Lola: Just one question: is Twilight the ruler of Ponyville or even a question?

Starlight: Well, I wouldn't say ruler of Ponyville, she was originally sent here by her teacher, the ruler of Equestria. Princess Celestia to do friendship lessons but after finishing a spell she became a princess.

(Just then, Lola heard a familiar voice in her mind)

Mare Do Well: LOLA!

(Lola look around her surroundings but couldn't find a pension who told her name)

Starlight: Lola, what's the matter?

Lola: Oh nothing! By the way, where is the restroom?

The Pink Spa Pony: That’s easy. Go down the hallway take a left and two rights and you're there.

(as Lola got to the restroom, which turned out to be a private one, and lock the door)

Lola: Mare Do Well, is that you? Where are you?

Mare Do Well: I'm using a spell to communicate with you telepathically. Now listen did you find the Elements of Harmony yet?

Lola: No, but I have a question. I've been hearing a lot about princesses but nothing on queens, how come?

Mare Do Well: Well, believe it or not in this world Queens are actually the good people and princesses are evil. I don't have time the spelling is going to wear off in a few moments. But he was something.

(Just then a pink glowing energy surround Lolal

Mare Do Well: I’ve gave you a small bit of my magic. when you find the location of The Elements Of Harmony, place your hands together and say this phrase: "I summon there, and me and the resistant will be at your location and use the element to the defeat and reclaim all that” Good luck!

(as Mare Do Well voice is silent, Lola leaves the restroom and headed outside to meet up with Starlight)

(cut to the castle where Twilight and Lisa are putting the finishing touches of the new portal)

Twilight: So, wait! You guys don't have magic there at all?

Lisa: Negative. Nor do I believe in it. I am a Scientist and i only believe in science here. Though I am fascinated that there is a world where mythological creatures exist able to speak the human language.

Twilight: Well, I believe in magic and science. In fact I used both of them to build the portal the first time.

Lisa: Curious, what was the purpose of the original portal.

Twilight: That portal would have taken me to a world where there were human versions of people from Equestria. They even had strange devices similar to your phones.

(after finishing the last tweak, Twilight and Lisa has finished the new portal. Just then the Loud siblings and the others arrived. each of the Loud sibling shows what happened during the time)

(Lincoln arrived first with Spike with a bag of miniature model kits)

Lincoln: Check this out I got the "Canterlot", "Crystal Empire", and the "Castle ofFriendship " miniature castle collection kit!

Lisa: But, how did you purchase those items? I doubt our earthly currency is allowed in this world.

Lincoln: Spike bought them for me. But in exchange I had to help him find seven gems to pay him back.

Twilight: Why seven? Each kit is the value of 1 gem each.

Spike: Three to pay me back plus one for lunch and the other three for my lunch.

(Luan and Pinkie Pie arrived next, with confetti streamers and frosting on their faces)

Luan: Pinkie and I just has the party of our lives!

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, you might say we each did a party favor for sales. Hahaha! Get it?

(Lynn arrived triumphantly while Applejack and Rainbow Dash followed her into the castle. Lynn pull out a horseshoe from her pocket)

Lynn: Behold everybody and everypony! The first human to ever won the Iron Pony competition.

Rainbow Dash: I have to admit, I thought I could win without the use of my wings but Lynn proves she can win with just walking with two limbs instead of four.

Applejack: I've never met anyone pulling 400 pounds and not stopping! Why you could help me and Big Mac plow the fields.

(Leni and Rarity arrived, with Leni carrying a dress bag)

Leni: O-M-GOSH! You guys! Rarity has just made me a special unique one-of-a-kind dress. When I wear this at parties I'll be the center of attention!

Rarity: It was my pleasure dearie! It was a challenge making address for someone who isn't a pony.

(Lucy and Fluttershy appeared out of nowhere, giving the other a jump-scare)

Applejack: How in tarnation did you guys get here without us knowing!?

Fluttershy: Lucy taught me that if you're quiet enough you can walk past people without them noticing you. I'm sorry I scared you I didn't really need to.

Lucy: Fluttershy told me the story of how she became a vampire bat. Is it Twilight could you use your magic to turn me into a vampire bat?

Twilight: I'm afraid I can't do that. We don't want you to be a creature of Darkness, trying to suck the blood of random people.

Lucy: Sigh! Story of my life.

(Last, Starlight and Lola arrived last after meeting up with Maud Pie)

Lola: Even though she lives in a hole in the ground, I have to admit her home does look beautiful, especially with the gems.

(Lola revealed to have a handful of gems)

Lola: With these gems, I can use the money to buy that massage table I wanted.

Twilight: Listen everypony and everybody! Me and Lisa have finally finished the porter back to your world.

(The scene out as the portal resembled both the crystal mirror and the tele-port)

Lisa: And by the pull of this lever, the way back to Royal Woods.

(But as soon as Lisa pulled the lever nothing happened. then after numerous retries still nothing)

Lisa: I don't understand what went wrong. We followed both blueprints it should be.... oh wait here's the problem. With the reactor for my blueprints we need a power source to charge it up.

Twilight: What type of power source?

Lisa: Do you by any chance have plutonium?

Twilight: Plutonium? What is that?

Lisa:(Gasping) No plutonium?!

Lincoln: Wait, Lisa! You mean to tell me that the tele-doorway back home was powered by plutonium!? Where'd you get the plutonium anyway?

Lisa: (innocence smlie) I know a guy?

Twilight: This is bad, everypony and everybody. Without this plutonium you speak of there no way to send you guy back!

Lynn: So, we're stuck here?!

Applejack: I'm afraid so.

Fluttershy: Oh dear! Now you won't be back home with your family and they're going to be really sad without you.

Lucy: Which means I'll be separated from my soulmate Edwin.

Luan: and my soulmate Mr. Coconut.

Pinkie Pie: Edwin and Mr. Coconut? Who are those to your boyfriends?

Lola: No, they are a bust statue and a ventriloquist dummy.

Rainbow Dash: Now that's kind of weird. Can't you make this "plutonium"?

Lisa: Impossible. To create plutonium would be far too dangerous. Plus I want try to make my own plutonium; but the material I needed was too much and if I messed up the formula a tiny bit I would grow a second head and a tail.

(An idea hits Pinkie Pie as she frail her arm back and forth to tell them.

Pinkie Pie: Oh, Oh, Oh! i got an idea!

Twilight: What is it, Pinkie Pie?

Pinkie Pie: Why not use the Elements of Harmony?

(Lola gave a quiet expression of surprise when Pinkie Pie mentions the elements of harmony)

Twilight: Of course! Why didn't I think of that before?

Lincoln: What’s the Elements Of Harmony?

(Twilight used her magic to create a projection of each of the elements)

Twilight: The Elements of Harmony are 6 supernatural artifacts representing subjective aspects of harmony. each element represent all of us. Such as:

Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, and Magic.

(Twilight and the projection spell)

(Lola had a over voice of what mare do well told her)

Voice Over Mare Do Well: Don't let the name fool you, they are the opposite of what they are.

Lisa: I see, so if we can harness the energy of the elements we can use them to power up the portal and return us home!

Lola: Great! So bring them out and we can use them!

Applejack; Sorry little one, the elements are not here.

Luan: So, where are they?

Spike: I'm afraid we can't tell you where the elements are. The location of the elements are only known to Twilight, the others, and me.

Twilight: It's ok Spike. We can let them know. As long as they can keep it a secret.

(The Loud Sibling look at Lola)

Lola; Hey! Im only a tattletail if you guys did something bad. Not if it takes us home.

Twilight: Better yer! We will take you there. First thing tomorrow morning we will get the Elements Of Harmony and send you home.

Lynn: Tommorrow? Why not now. It still daylight for what an hour?

Twilight: Trust us. Well we're going, morning is the best choice. Now who you ready for dinner?

(As everyone run to the dinning room, Lola stayed behind)

Lola: Ok. Tomorrow when we find the elements, I’ve use the spell Mare Do Well gave me to summon her and the resistance to defeat her and rescue ponyville.

(As Lola runs to the dinning room. We cut to the next as The Mane 6, Spike, Starlight and the loud kids arrived at the entrance of the everfree forest)

Rainbow Dash: Behold, Loud kids; The Everfree Forest!

(Strange noises from inside frighten almost all the Loud kids, except Lucy)

Leni: This place is totes scary and so dark

Lucy: My kind of place. Fluttershy, how come you never took me to this place before?

Fluttershy: Well you see Lucy, the Everfree Forest is mysterious place that is home to a variety of strange animals and plants, including poison jokes.

Luan: What's poison joke?

Applejack: It's like poison oak except it affects you in a funny way period. For example, when I was affected I was smaller than a runt of a litter of new born puppies.

Fluttershy: It gave me a deep man voice.

Rainbow Dash: Enough with a trip to Memory Lane! Let’s Just get them!

Lynn: So, Twilight, the elements are in the Everfree Forest?

Spike: Actually Lynn, the elements are on the other side of the forest.

Lisa: So, would it it be easier to use a teleportation spell to take us to the location rather than walk in this through the dangerous Terrain?

Twilight: No, actually, Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence and me create a type of spell that prevent any magical use of teleportation to find the elements. It can only be found by traveling into the forest.

Leni: Wait! Our sister Luna is a princess and she can do spell?! I thought she wanted to be a musician.

(The Loud siblings groan after hearing Leni statement)

Lisa: No Leni. Princess Luna is Princess Celestia's little sister. It's just a coincidence that she was named after our sister.

Leni: So you're saying that Princess Celestia is our oldest sister?! Wow i thought Lori was the oldest.

Rainbow Dash: Is she always like this?

Lincoln: Sadly, Yes!

Pinkie Pie: No time for dilly-dalying. Next Stop: The Elements of Harmony..... after this quick bite of this pie!

(Pinkie Pie ate the whole pie and spits out the pie tin and everypony and everybody runs into the forrest)

(As everypony and everybody, Twilight the other ponies and Spike kept cool in the forest as they done it many times but for the Loud kids, except Lucy, seem to be a bit frighten. Just then a twig snapped, causing the loud kids to scream.)

Leni: What was that?! Let get out of here!

Twilight: Relax, Leni. The isn't that dangerous. (Under her breath) except for the Timberwolves.

Leni: Wait, what was that?

Pinkie Pie: Oh, Twilight is talking about the Timberwolves.

Loud Kids: Timberwolves?!

The Mane 5 Starlight and Spike: PINKIE!!!

Lisa: I'm out! I would rather wait for you guys outside the Forrest then to have my entire body shredded by a group of vicious Canis lupus.

(Upon hearing that, crickets chirping can be heard as it confuses everyone)

Lisa: Street name Timberwolves.

Rainbow Dash: You guys have Timberwolves in your world to?

Lincoln: Not where we live, but someone in our world.

Rainbow Dash: Are they also like 10 foot creatures that have green glowing eyes, leaf eyebrows, and sharp carved wood for teeth, and thier bodies are made up of timber logs and stick?!

Lisa: Uh.... No?

Twilight: Okay everypony and everybody let's continue to The Elements of Harmony!

(As everybody continued the journey, a close up behind a bush shows a pair of green eyes and a fowl smell from it mouth appears from said brush. We then cut back to the group as they are taking a break. With Lynn wiping a lot of sweat from her forehead, Leni and Lola taking off their shoes and rubbing their feet, Lisa and Lincoln sharing a canister of water and Lucy on a rock and meditate)

Leni: How far is the element? My feet hurts!

Lola: Yeah, mines too! Maybe i should switch to flats instead of heels.

Twilight: We're almost there, just a couple of hours to go.

Lincoln: Hours?! Twilight why don't you just put the elements in your Castle?

Spike: Believe it or not Lincoln, without the elements Equestria would have to doom.

Luan: What do you mean doom?

Applejack: Luan, it’s best to tell you when we get to the elements.

(As their break was over, another twig snap, Lisa turned around)

Lisa: There had been a lot of twigs snapping lately and I....I I I....

Starlight: I,I,I what Lisa?

(Just then, a vicious Timber Wolf jump out and howled, which also let out a a horrible smell)

Lisa: Is that a?!....

Rarity: TIMBERWOLF!!!!!!

(And with that everypony and everybodyrun away from the timberwolf, which also began to Chase them. As they continue to run they found the path been blocked with a river)

Lynn: Twilight, use your magic to teleport us to the other side!

Twilight: I told you teleportation spell don't work inside the forest.

(As the Timber wolf come closer to everyone, Lynn remembered something from her pocket; the horseshoe she would in the Iron Pony competition)

Lynn: It's time for this Champion to live up to the title but I can't do it alone! Applejack!, Rainbow Dash! I'm going to need your help to take on this timber wolf!

Rainbow Dash: You got it Lynn!

Applejack: The legs do more than just bucking apple trees!

(All three of them charge toward the timber wolf. Lynn deliver the first strike leaping jump kick to his face. Rainbow Dash then delivered a barrage of punches, lifting it up in the air, then when it was about to land back on the ground, Applejack use her powerful legs to kick the timber wolf fall away from them. As Lynn, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash gave each of them a high five. While the ponies and Spike are not surprised what happened, the Loud kids were shocked)

Lisa: Lynn, that was incredible! You and the other two down that giant ferocious Timber Wolf creature!

Lynn: Please, that creature wasn't that scary. Wow I bet I could take on 2 or 10.

(As Lynn gloated, the ponies, the Loud siblings and Spike gave a shocked face as behind Lynn, a pack of Timberwolves begin to surround them.)

Starlight: Well, here's your chance.

( as Lynn, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack prepared to take on the pack, the river behind that begin to release a large amount of bubbles, when suddenly a large purple seabees came out and deliver a powerful roar, which strangely scared off the pack. As the Loud siblings screamed from seeing the creature, it move towards them and greeted them)

Steven Magnet: Well, Helllloooo my little ponies. Gasp! And I see you have new friends.

Lincoln: (Frighten) Twilight, do you know who this is?

Twilight: Well of course! this is Steven Magnet. he's a good friend of ours.

Lisa: Incredible! A real life sea serpent! I wish I had my camera for photographic evidence.

Luan: Yeah. To sea is to believe it! Hahaha! Get it?

(Everypony and and everybody groan except for Pinkie Pie, who laughed)

Pinkie Pie: Where does she come up with that material?

Lucy: How exactly did you meet this creature?

Steven Magnet: (Gasping) Creature?! I have a name you know. Would it be fair if I called you whatever you are. Anyway we met when they first came here. You’ve see Rarity used her ponytail to help me grow my mustache, and since that day I never forgot it.

(Rarity blushes)

Rarity: Now now darling, they don't want to hear how I save you from a disaster.

Steven Magnet: well I guess I better be going! see you all later!

( as Steven was about to go back down, Twilight stopped him)

Twilight: Steven, wait!

(Steven turned back)

Steven Magnet: Yes, princess?

Twilight: We were wondering if you could take us to the other side of the river?

Steven: Why I'd be glad to help you all..... if Lil Miss gloom-and-doom here apologize for calling me a creature.

(as everybody turn towards Lucy. Lucy apologized)

Lucy: Sigh. I'm sorry to call you a creature.

Steven Magnet: Good enough for me! Now hop on me!

(And with that the Mane 6, Starlight, Spike, and the Loud kids aboard Steven as he take them to the other side of the forrest. After they got to the other side, day wave goodbye to Steven, who goes back into the river. After a long journey the Mane 6, Starlight, Spike, and the Loud kids arrived at the castle of the two sisters)

Lola: Eww! That one Castle I do not want to visit. Why are we even here?

Twilight: Because this is where the elements are.

Leni:Ewww! We have to go into that nasty Castle?!

Twilight: Don't be silly, the elements are not in the castle....

Leni and Lola: (breath of relief)

Twilight: It’s down there.....

(Twilight pointed at a cave below the castle.)

Lola: So, now we have to climb down?! I'm definitely going to switch to flat instead of healed when I get home.

Pinkie Pie: Don't be silly, Lola we're not going to climb down, we're taking the stairs.

(Pinkie pointed to the stairs and lead them downstairs, which she fell down and landed on her face but safely. The gate to the bottom the gang go into the cave and to the loud kids looks of surprise, sees The Tree of Harmony and with The Elements Of Harmony.)

Twilight: I present to you, The Elements Of Harmony!

Lisa: Fasinating! Each element resemble your cutie marks. According to my calculation with these elements it will power the portal to return his home.

Twilight: Ok girls! Get your elements from the tree. We are heading back.

(As Twilight and the other Mane 6 were about to get the elements, Lola interrupts them)

Lola: Stop right there, princess Twilight! I know your evil plan!

Twilight: Lola. What are you talking about?

(Lola then place her hands together and said the word)

Lola: I summon thee!

(And with those words, the magic energy surrounding Lola begin to imitate from her, blessing into the air and shattered an invisible magic barrier. Just did another magic energy appeared behind Lola revealing it to be Mare Do Well)

Mare Do Well: (Singing) I'm Back!!!!

Mane 6 and Spike: Mare Do Well!

Starlight: Who’s Mare Do Well?

Twilight: Only one of Equestria most dangerous criminal. And the biggest mistake me and the other have ever created.

Lisa: What do you mean biggest "mistake you ever created"?

Pinkie Pie: Well it like this: A few years back Rainbow Dash gloat about her success, so me, Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack created the casona Mare Do Well to teach you a lesson about not gloating so much of her achievement. Unfortunately, because of all of what we did, an evil spirit manifest into the the costume, giving it life and almost took Equestria as it queen.

Mare Do Well: And I would have done it too if it wasn't for princess of friendship princess of friendship and Do-Gooding friends stopping me and using the 4th Gem to absorb my powerful Magic, and banishing me to Tartarus!

Lola: But wait! You told me that that Twilight was evil and she was planning to use the elements to turn us in the slaves. You said the prophecy said I would hel to defeat her.

(As the gang were shocked To hear what Lola done. Mare Do Well laughed)

Mare Do Well: You fool! There was never a prophecy. I just used you to help me find the location of the Elements of Harmony.

Rainbow Dash: But wait a minute! How did you manage to escape Tartarus? You barely had any power of all.

Mare Do Well: Easy! Back in Tartarus I sense a great evil from my imprisonment. AKA the little pink girl right there.

(Mare Do Well pointed at Lola)

Mare Do Well: So, after I escaped, I entered her dreams and made a false prophecy that would eventually lead me to the element.

Twilight: Well you're not getting your hooves on these elements because they are protected by magical barrier that only me and the princesses know to remove it.

Mare Do Well: Silly Twilight! The magic spell was remove! You see the little magic I had left and gave to Lola wasn't just a teleported spell but a spell that remove the magic barrier all over the Everfree Forest. And now I'll take my magic back!

Twilight: We're not going to let you take the elements!

Applejack: Yeah, it's against 6!

Rainbow Dash: We’ll take you down before you could even reach them!

(as the Mane 6 prepared to battle Mare Do Well, Mare Do Well use her horn magic to extract the elements out of the tree and continue to use her magiv to have the elements to circle around her.)

Pinkie Pie: What just happen?!

Starlight: She pulled the elements out of the tree!

Luan: How did see do that?!

Mare Do Well: When the pink one used the spell, a small bit of my magic was fused with the elements. you can say these are MY Elements of Disharmony!

(Mare Do Well then used her magic to fused the elements onto her. The Element of Honesty on her left arm, Kindess oner her right arm, Laughter on her chest, Generosity on her left leg, Kindess right leg, Loyalty on her chest and Magic on her forehead.)


(Mare Do Well starts to float in the sky after the elements fuse with her, and laughter evily)

Lola: This is my fault! I should have never believe in her!

Lisa: It’s not your fault Lola. I mean yes you did help her to break the barrier, capturing the elements, returning h Disturb the magic spell was broken er power and doom all of Equestria but.... umm. ok i got nothing.

(Just then, Celesitia and Luna arrive to the outside of the cave.)

Leni: Who are those two?!

Fluttershy: Princess Celestia and Luna!

Leni: Wow! Our sister Luna look so different.

(Pinkie Pie grabbed Leni and shake her back and forth)

Pinkie Pie: For the last time, this Luna isn't your Luna and, i can't believe i'm saying this but this isn't the time for fun and games!

Princess Luna: We felt a disturb the magic spell was broken!

(The sisters turn to see Mare Do Well floating and laughtering)

Princess Celesitia: MARE DO WELL?! but how did she escape:

(Lola Whistle Innocently)

Princess Celestia: Well, it doesn't matter. Me and my sister will stop you, Luna!

(Both sisters then begin to use their magic but before they could, Mare Do Well used her newly restored powers and transform both princesses into stone. The Mane 6, Spike, and the Loud kids gasp upon seeing)

Twilight: Princesses!

(Mare Do Well float back down)

Mare Do Well: Looks like I have two new centerpieces for my castle.

(Twilight and the other main six gave an angry look)

Twilight: This is crossing the line, Mare Do Well! All right girls, attack!

(As the Mane 6 charge towards Mare Do Well, we cut back to the the loud kids as they look concerned)

Lincoln: I hope they'll be ok!

Spike: They’ll be okay! They saved Equestria a few times before.

(As the Mane 6 charge towards Mare Do Well, Mare Do Well release a magical bust, sending them 5 feet away from her. As they got up Mare Do Well used her magic to make six unbreakable cages, trapping them)

Mare Do Well: Now, let's see how you like being the cage! Hahaha!

(The Loud kids, Starlight, and Spike gave a shocking gasp)

Lynn: Not even the Mane 6 could take her on.

Lucy: Looks like all of Equestria in all doom.

Starlight: (sarcastically) Wow, you must be fun at parties.

Mare Do Well: Now if you excuse me, I'm going to take over this Beatdown Castle and turn it into my own castle.

(as Mare Do Well prepared to fly to the castle of the two sisters, starlight's tractor with a powerful magic blast, which cause her to look straight at Starlight)

Mare Do Well: That was a big mistake!

(Mare Do Well then flew up into the air and release a magical energy blast at Starlight, who managed to create a magical barrier but only for a few seconds before Mare Do Well’s magic broke the barrier, but Starlight managed to dodge the blast. As mare do well plans to release another attack, Starlight used a advance fast spell, creating the illusion of 30 starlights, to confuse her)

(Back with Spike and the Loud kids, who are watching the fight)

Lincoln: If this wasn't a battle for the fate of Equestria, it'd be so cool!

Leni: We have to help Starlight!

Lisa: That's impossible! The adversary is a powerful alicorn infuse with six magical artifacts, and we are just seven humans Who special talent is able to walk on two legs.

Lola: I can't believe I'm saying this, But Leni's right! We have to stop her.

Lynn: How? I mean I could probably take her because of me being athletic, buy you guys?

Lucy: Maybe we don't have to defeat her....

Spike: What do you mean, Lucy?

Lucy: If we could get those elements off her, it might weaken her and end het spell.

Luan: Even if we could, how do we get close enough to get the elements?

(As the sisters and Spike try to come up with an idea, Lincoln came up with one)

Lincoln: Girls! I got it!

Loud Sisters: What?

Lincoln: Loud Cloud!

Loud Sisters Loud Cloud!

Spike: What the Loud Cloud?

Lincoln: You'll see. Get into position.

(As the Loud Kids get into position, Mare Do Well manage to get a nearly Direct Hit on starlight, sending her to hit a wall. As mare do well prepare to end Starlight, as the Mane 6 watch in horror of what Mare Do Well going to do, the loud kids got into a circle position)

Lincoln: Ready?

Loud Sisters: READY!!!

(The Loud kids then charge at each other and do their famous " Loud Cloud" (Which is the cloud effect when they get into a big fight) where they continue to fight and heads towards Mare Do Well, who was about to blast Starlight but got caught by the loud cloud. Ad the loud kids continue to fight each other while Manuel try to escape, each sibling grab a piece of the elements and after pushing Mare Do Well out of the cloud. They stop the fight, revealing each sibling has the Elements Of Harmony)

(Lynn has Loyalty, Luan has Laughter, Lucy has Kindness, Lincoln has Honestly, Leni as Generosity.)

Mare Do Well: No!!! My elements!

(As Mare Do Well is shocked that the elements are gone, the magic cage trapping the Mane 6 all gone and Princess Celestia and Luna free from their stole prison. The loud kids handed the elements to Lola. Upon holding the element, Lola's eyes began to twinkle. Meanwhile Mare Do Well attempts to escape but Starlight Twilight and the princess sisters cast a powerful magic barrier surrounding Mare Do Well, keeping het from escaping.)

Princess Celestia: This is the worst crime you have ever done. you will be sent to the Canterlot prison until you stand trial for a punishment fitting for what you did.

(Using her magic, Celestia transport Mare Do Well to the prison, and turn towards the Loud kids)

Celestia: Thank you, you have saved Equestria from a great evil.

Lisa: It was all pleasure, your highness.

Luna: Twilight, why have you and the others come to the Tree Of Harmony?

Twilight: It’s like this... we needed the elements to power a portal to send these humans back to their world.

Celesita: I see. Well my sister and I are grateful you stop Mare Do Well before she could do more damange.

(Leni walk up to Princess Luna)

Leni: So, you're Princess Luna?

Luna: Indeed I am.

Leni: We also have a sister named Luna, are you by chance related to her?

(the Loud siblings, Along with the Mane 6, Starlight, and Spike flap their faces from embarrassment)

Celestia: What's wrong with this girl?

Lisa: Believe it or not this is how she is.

Twilight: Okay, just hand us back the elements so we can send you guys home.

Lincoln: You’ve heard her Lola, give the element back.

Lola: No.

(Lola turns to everyone as she gave an evil smile)

Twilight: Lola, we need the elements to power up the portal so you guys can go home.

Lola: I'm thinking of staying here..... as the new queen!

(Lola places the elements on her chest, as she somehow absorb the elements into her body and levitate 10 feet high)

Lola: (Laugh Evily)

Luan: What is happening to her?!

Twilight: It seems that the elements still had a bit of Mare Do Well's tainted magic on them and now they corrupted her.

(Lincoln run towards lola)

Lincoln: LOLA! You have to stop this! Give the elements back to Twilight!

(Lola look down at Lincoln)


Twilight: That’s not you talking! The tainted magic from the elements are doing this to you!


Celestia: Lola! If you don't return the element, you will regret the evil Deeds you will committed.

Lola: OH, SHUT UP!!!

(Everbody gasp)

Celestia: I'M sorry to do this.

(Celestia then take flight and prepared to strike Lola with a magic blast, but before she could, Lola used her new magic to turn Celestia into a plush toy)

Twilight: Princess Celestia!

Luna: How Dare you?!

(Luna also took flight but before she could use Magic, Lola turned her into a plush toy too. Everybody gasp)

Applejack: She turned the princesses in the stuff toy version of themselves!


(Lola then use her magic to turn the castle of the two sisters into a rebuilt pink castle with statues of her in the front. She then flied over the castle, with everybody climbing the stairs up towards the castle)

Starlight: Lola, You got to stop this!


(Lola then release a power burst of energy, turning the surroundings into more brightly color and fluffy version of itself. The Energy bust even got through the everfree forest, turning it into a sickly sweet Forest, even turning the creatures into cute and cuddly animals with big eyes, the brust even hit ponyville and turned the citizens into stuffed animals)

Starlight: You have to stop this! You can't turn Equestria into your own kingdom. I know how it felt to take over something because remember when I told you that I originally enslaved a village?!


(Lola then turn Starlight into a plush toy too)

Twilight: Lola!!! You may have the elements inside you but our friendship is strong enough to take you down....

(But before she could finish her sentence, Lola quickly transform the mane 6 into plush toys also)


Lincoln: Lola! How could you?!


Leni: (Gasp) Lola! Watch your language!

(The Energy Burst reached Canterlot, turning the citizens into plush toy, back at the castle, Lola continued to release the energy)


Luan: No Lola! You're better then that! You have to stop this! The Lola we know and love would never do anything like that.


(With the siblings looking scared with the the choice they had to chose,each siblings held each other hands and gave Lola a combined serious faces)


(Lola then unleased a powerful energy blast towards her siblings. As she laugh with Victory, the smoke cleared revealing that nothing bad happened to them)


(Lola continue launch energy blasts but each blast seem to miss as it did revealed that each blast being deflected by a magic barrier surrounding her siblings)


Lincoln: Yes, Why are we not plush toy?

Lisa: my guess is that when we extracted the elements from Mare Do Well, some of it magical rub off on us. so in layman's terms we have the power of the elements of harmony.


(Lola then launch another blast, but before it hit them, Lisa close our eyes stick her left hand out and concentrate a giant pair of green glasses, which deflects the magic right back into her causing her to fall back to the ground. The Loud Kids are shocked)

Lincoln: Lisa! What just happened?!

Lisa: When the energy blast came towards us, I quickly act on instinct and imagine a giant pair of glasses. Apparently we can create energy projections check by thinking of it.

Lynn: Sweet! I got something I want to try!

(Lynn then created a small Red Energy fist and punched Lincoln in the shoulder)

Lincoln: Ow! Lynn!

Lynn: Sorry, little bro. Just wanted to try it out.

(Lola got back up on her feet and used her magic to created a fire enegry blast, But as it fly towards them, Luan use her powers to create a giant yellow clown squirt flower and squirt water enegry that not extinguish the fire blast but also made a direct hit to Lola. Lucy used her powers to create a black energy bat, which picked her up in the air. as the bat disappeared,Lynn launched a barrage of large red energy fist towards Lola, resulting in her getting pelted with a flurry of punches. With one sending her down to the ground. As she got up Leni use her own enegry to create a seafoam energy fable that covered Lola)


Lincoln: It’s working! Now my turn!

(Lincoln use his orange energy to create 52 giant playing cards and build a wall around Lola to buy him and his sisters some time but not for long as she attempts to escape)

Lisa: It won't hold long!

Lucy: How are we going to save her and get the elements out of her?

Lisa: I know of a way. Back at Twilight's Castle I found one book that has two type of spells maybe we can use them.

Luan: Well what are the two spells?

Lisa: Okay, first everyone, form a circle and hold the other person hand....

(The loud siblings form a circle while holding each other hands)

Lisa: Now, admit a combine portion of all powers and focus on the other sisters.

Lynn: What would that accomplish?!

Lisa: Just do it!

(As the Loud kids small bits of their energy and combine them together, it created a small portal. Meanwhile back at the loud house we see Lori, Luna, Lana, and Lily, with their parents in the living room as Lynn senior a talking to a policeman on the phone)

Lynn Sr: It’s been 2 days and you still haven't found my kids?! Well please find them!

(Lynn Sr. hunged up the phone)

Lori: I don't get it. Lisa said that her invention was supposed to send her to the front door but she and the other Whenever there.

Lana: Maybe the Tele-Doorway sent them to an alternate world.

Luna: Get real dude! I doubt Lisa created something like that.

Rita: Don't worry kids. Im sure your brother and sisters are okay. and when they get back we're going to have the biggest family hug ever!

(Just then a small portable appears in the living room and sucked Lori, Luna, Lana, Lisa, and Lily into it. As the portal close, Rita and Lynn Sr. panic as Lynn Sr. grab the phone and called the police again. Back in Equestria as the Loud kids continue to focus their energy, Lori, Luna, Lana and Lily got spit out from the portal and are we United with the siblings)

Lincoln: Lori, Luna, Lana, Lily!

Lori, Luna, and Lana: Guys!

(After a quick hug Lori ask a question)

Lori: Where were you guys?! And where are we?!

Lincoln: Okay, to make a long story short; we are in a alternate world that has unicorns and Pegasus.

Lana: HA! I told you an alternate world!

Lisa: Yes, and our dear sister Lola has been corrupted with tainted Magic and she trying to take over this world!

(Just then, the energy cards wall that Lola is trapped are begining to crumble)

Luan: So, now they are here! what the second spell?

Lisa: Well, this spell it actually two parts. The first part; the five of us have to transfer half our energy towards the others so they can get their own energy. Now please stick out your hands!

(As Lori, Luna, Lana, and Lily stick out their hands. Leni, Luan, Lucy, and Lisa gave some of their energy into the them, which change color to light blue, purple, blue, and lavender. Just then, Lola brust out of her prison add float up into the air. She then spoted the other loud sisters)


Lana: Lola, Stop! You don't know what your doing!

Lincoln: Lana, That’s not OUR Lola. But lisa said there's a way to save her. What the second spell?

Lisa: Okay for the second part of the spell each of us have to be in an alignment, then Focus all our energy together.

Luna: But lil' Dude! What type of alignment?

(Lincoln thought of an idea)

Lincoln: I got it! Huddle up!

(As the Loud kids huddle to listen to Lincoln's idea, up above Lola begin to admit a large amount of magical energy)


Meanwhile the magical burst reached the Crystal Empire, turning its citizens along,with Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart into plush toys)

(After they finish the huddle, each sibling got into position. after a few moments of running around, the remaining loud kids form an big 'L' that starts from Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lincoln in one section, and in the other section Lucy, Lana, Lisa, and Lily)

Lucy: Now what?

Lisa: Everybody concentrate! Release your energy and combined with each other.

(As the siblings begin to release their energy from their bodies, Lola finished gather up all her magic, we can show to be half the size of her castle)


(Lola then release the magical attack at her siblings. At the same time the loud siblings combined their energy together and release their own energy blast, though smaller than Lola's, both collided, creating a magical stuggle. As both sides begin to push each other to the Limit, Lola release more of her magic energy as it begins to push forward to her sibling)


(The Loud Siblings begin to lost Focus as Lola's Magic begins to push closer and closer to them)

Lori: We will literally not become your servants!

Lincoln: that's right! we are your brother and sisters! remember when you took the blame for all the bad things we did? we trusted you! and even if you become evil we still consider you our sister!

The Loud Sisters: Yeah!

(as it seems that all hope is lost, with the energy blast getting closer and closer, something amazing happened. 10 mysterious crystals begin to pop out of the loud kids chest, each Crystal in the color theme of each loud kid that came out of and a shape too such as;)

(Lori; a light blue cell phone, Leni; a seafoam green sewing needle, Luna: purple guitar Luan; a yellow flower, Lynn; a red fist, Lincoln; a orange shirt, Lucy; A black bat, Lana; a blue wrench and Lily;a lavender binky)

(As the crystals appeared, each of the loud kids began to feel a sensation from the crystals)

Lucy: what are these you think?

Lisa: I don't know but for some reason it's for some reason it's making our energy stronger!

(With the new power up, the loud kids managed to increase their magic blast and push back Lola's magic blast)


Lola attempt to push back but her siblings Energy power kept pushing back towards her. as they continue to power up, Lincoln and the other sister noticed that their bodies begin to Glow the same color as their color theme)

Linclon: Ok everbody! Now!

( With that one final word,the loud siblings used all of their magical Energy power to not only destroy Lola's Energy power but made a direct hit to her, sending up flying into the sky where no one can see her. As the loud kids used up the magic energy, they return back to their original colors and passed out on the ground. Meanwhile the magical bust disappeared, turning the citizens of Ponyville Canterlot and the Crystal Empire back into their normal selves. At the same time Twilight Princess Celestia Luna and the others all return back to their original forms)

Fluttershy: (Dizzy) What happened?

Pinkie Pie: Here's a recap: Mare Do Well was defeated by the Loud kids by Lola then stole the elements and turn the princesses into plush toys of themselves! But that's the last thing I remember.

(Just then Twilight and the others began to run up the stairs towards the castle, as they spotted the unconscious Loud kids. As they ran closer, the Loud kids begin to wake up)

Lori: My head is literally hurting!

(As they got up, Lori, Luna, Lana, and Lily are a bit startled when they notice colorful ponies surrounding them)

Luna: Dudes, is this some sort of side effect?

Lana: I hope not. I want to take one home for a pet!

Lisa: Siblings allow me to introduce Princess Twilight Sparkle, her student Starlight Glimmer and the other Mane 5: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity, along with their companion; Spike the Dragon)

(The ponies and Spike greet them)

Lisa: And these two tall Ponies are the co-rulers of the land of Equestria; Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

Princess Celestia: Greetings!

Princess Luna: Happy to make your appearance.

(Luna walked up to Princess Luna)

Luna: Bonus! Another Luna! This is totally blowing my mind!

Leni: Wow you to look like twins! Did mom had twins like Lana and Lola?

(Both Lunas' gave a disappointing look at Leni for that question)

Rainbow Dash: Speaking of Lola, what happened to her?

Spike: I saw the whole battle! The seven Loud kids somehow absorb small bits of Magic from the elements! Then they use their magic to summon the other four sisters and gave him a small bit of their powers which gave the other four new powers! then with their combined powers, 10 Crystal popped out of there bodies which gave them more power which they release an energy blast that sent Lola up into the sky!

(Each Loud kid took out the crystal from there chest to show to the others)

Twilight: Incredible! I've never seen crystals like these before, have you Princess Celestia?

Celestia: No, I haven't. But these crystals seem to have been created by the love of the siblings.

Starlight: Back to the topic at hand; what about the elements?

Princess Luna: She's right! Without the elements, the tree of Harmony can't survive.

(Just then Rainbow Dash noticed several items falling from the sky. a closer look revealed to be the elements of harmony and using her speed she was able to capture all 6 of them)

Rainbow Dash: Look what I found!

Applejack: What I'll be covered in hay! It's the element!

Rarity: Rainbow Dash, how did you get them?

Rainbiw Dash: It’s the weirdest thing. They just fell down from the sky.

Lincoln: Wait... if they fell from the sky, then that means.....

(But before Lincoln could finish, another item began to fall from the sky, this time falling faster than the elements until it crash-landed into the castle, causing a powerful shockwave. Afterwards the Loud kids and the ponies and spike run into the castle, more specifically the throne room. After making it they see a large crater and inside of it is a unconscious Lola, with her magic gone, plus her princess dress shredded a bit and her high heels broken and her eyes completely White)

Lana: It's Lola! She's Alive!

Starlight: Well, actually she looks unconscious but I think she's alive.

Pinkie Pie: To think, out of all the evil villains who try to take over Equestria, this 6 year old girl would take the cake! Get it?!

(Pinkie Pie took out a pink frosted cake and ate it.)

Luan: Hahahaha! Good one Pinkie!

(Title card: One week Later)

(The scene change at Canterlot, at Celestia's & Luna's castle, where a big ceremony is being held. In the throne room, with the four princesses and the other Mane 5 plus Spike And Starlight preside, we see the Loud kids, except Lola, walking towards the princesses while wearing formal attire. (Thanks to rarity) as they made it through the path, Princess Celestia gave a speech)

Celestia: Ponies of Equestria, one week ago not one but two great evils almost Concord Equestria for their own selfish deed, and while and it's shocking that me and my sister were powerless against the two evils and was Princess Twilight and her companions too. Until 10 beings from another world came and stop them before any harm could made. Everypony allow me to introduce you to.... the Loud kids

( the crowd cheers when the loud kids stepped forward)

Twilight: And for they're great feat, we present to them a new highest honor, the loudallion Medals of Honor!

(Twilight then revealed 10 medal, each with the crystals that the Loud kids have obtained. After Starlight gave the medals to the Loud kids, Pinkie yelled out)

Pinkie Pie: NOW LET'S PARTY!

(the scene change to the reception where some of the Loud kids are mingling with the other ponies While others are eating, with Luna Jamming with DJ Pon-3 dj work. At the table, Twilight and the other Mane 6 approach the Loud kids)

Twilight: Congratulations, you guys. How do you like the ceremony?

Lori: Great Twilight! this is literally one of the greatest party I've ever been to.

Twilight: Well, we have a great surprise for you, for all of you.

Lana: Is it that I can take one of the ponies home with me at a pet? because I'll be the only person with a talking pony!

Twilight: No Lana. Tomorrow you guys are going home!

The Loud Kids: WHA?!

Starlight: yeah. Since the elements had to go back to the tree, Twilight and Lisa I'm going to use your crystals to power up the portal home.

Lincoln: This is great! mom and dad are going to be so happy that we came back home.

Lori: Don't get me wrong guys, this place is great but I miss having phone signals. I haven't talked to my Bobby Boo-Boo Bear in a week.

Lana: And I bet my pets are really missing me, especially hops.

Lucy: And how I miss my Edwin, his blank expression brings me joy.

Lincoln: By the way: how is SHE doing?

(the Mane 6 and Starlight look nervous to answer, as the scene change to the Canterlot Prison, where Lola is seen in a jail cell wearing a straight jacket looking all depressed and angry for what happened)

Twilight: Well, she’s doing okay if you are wondering, but Celestia said that after the party she going to deliver a punishment for her.

Pinkie Pie: Hey, don't let this being a sad ceremony. It time to party!

(After hearing that The Loud Kids, the Mane 6, and Starlight begin to have fun at the party. Later that night after the party we cut back to the prision, where Celestia and Luna arrive to deliver a punishment for Lola)

Celesita: Normally i would sentence you to life in prision for your attempts to take over Equestria but i have a punishment that seem fair.

(Lola gave a nervious look)

(The next day at Twilight's Castle, inside the library we see the Loud Kids, with Lola with them, the Mane 6, Starlight and Spike as they about to say their goodbyes.)

Twilight: Now remember Lola, Princess Celestia has showed mercy and banished you from Equestria back to your world but if you set foot here again, She will send you to the place where Mare Do Well was banished.

Lola: Fine, Whatever! this place is too colorful for my taste!

Twilight: As for the rest of you, i guess this is goodbye.

Lisa: Goodbye Twilight: It was an enriching experience. I never though i find a place where Unicorns and Pegasuses exist, or even able to talk.

(Luan walk up to Pinkie Pie)

Luan: So long, Pinkie. I'll never forget you and your wacky antics. Thanks for the plans for your canon. I'll be the hit at every birthday party.

Pinkie Pie: And thank you luan for Teaching me how to do ventriloquism. say 'thank you' Ms. Cupcake.

(Pinkie took out a stuff pink cupcake doll)

Pinkie Pie: (Throwing voice) Thank you, Ms. Cupcake

(Both laugh, then cut to Lucy and Fluttershy)

Fluttershy: I hope you get back to your pet fangs and statue of Edwin, I'm sure they miss you very much.

Lucy: Thanks Fluttershy. And i really like the bat-shape throw-pillow you made me. Ever time i place my head on it, I'll think of our great time together.

(Cut to Lynn, Rainbow Dash and Applejack)

Lynn: Before i go, i want to give you something.

(Lynn reach into her pocket and gave back her 'Iron Pony' Horseshoe)

Applejack: Your Iron Pony Horseshoe?

Rainbow Dash: Why?

Lynn: Although I won this Fair and Square, i realize I cannot take this back with me because This is more of a 'Winner keep it for a year' type trophy and I know you two love to compete in the Iron Pony competition. So it wouldn't be right for me to keep it forever because you do need a trophy to symbolized the competition. Plus technically this is an award for ponies and I'm not a pony.

(Cut to Lincoln and Spike)

Lincoln: I guess this is good-bye, Spike. It was cool hanging out with a dragon.

Spike: And it was cool to hang with someone from another world.

Lincoln: Being with you, it like you were the little brother I never had. plus if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have find the cool miniature model kits.

(Lincoln and Spike Shake hand/claw. Cut to Lori and Leni and Rarity)

Lori: Rarity, The dresses you design are literally fabulous!

Leni: They are totes gorgeous. I can't wait to wear them for next month school dance.

Rarity: My pleasure darling! I have to say it was a challenge to make dresses for non-Ponies but I accepted and conquered it. Plus each dress is unique so you Two won't get into a fight.

(Twilight and Lisa approach the portal)

Twilight: okay everybody, it's Showtime!

(Twilight and Lisa activated the portal, which is powered by the 10 crystals, and open the portal)

Lana: Okay let's go!

(As Lana prepared to be the first one, Starlight notice Lana's hat to be tucked in More. So she use her magic to stop her and lift her cap to revealed she has flurry heart under her cap. the ponies and her siblins gave her a Angry look)

Lana: Oh come on! having a baby alicorn to raise as my own would make me so cool. plus when I get older she can fly me to places.

The ponies and her siblings still giving her the angry look)

Lana: sorry!

(Lana then runs towards the portal, disappearing upon entry. Then Lincoln, Lynn, Lori, Leni, Luan, Lucy, and Luna while holding Lily, Lola, and finally Lisa, but before she entered she turned to Twilight to ask her a question)

Lisa: By the way: What did happened to mare do well?

Twilight: Trust me, you don't want to know.

Lisa: By the way, I left you something on your bed.

(Lisa then run towards the portal and disappeared, with the portal closing, and the Crystal Vanishing. Afterwards, Twilight headed to her room to find the gift Lisa left her; design for a telephone system that can be useful around Equestria. after looking over it Twilight rolled up the blueprints to Begin work)

(Extra bonus; Mare Do Well is on punishment)

(We go back to the day after Mare Do Well was sent to Canterlot Prison. There she stand trial with Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight at the stands)

Celestia: Mare Do Well, you stand trial for escaping out of Tartarus, stealing the Elements Of Harmony and turning me and my sister into statues and nearly conquering Equestria.

(Mare Do Well interrupts)

Mare Do Well: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Can we hurry this trial up? So what’s my punishment? Return to Tartarus or banished to limbo?

Luna: Yes, you are banished but not to limbo.

Cadence: We have found a spell to send you to another world to be sent to there for the rest of your life. but be warned this dimension is the most horrible place you could ever be sent to. Being sent there you wish you stay in Tartarus.

Mare Do Well: Whateves.

(With that the princesses use their combined Magic and cast the spell, creating a portal under Mare Do Well, sucking her inside to the other world. a few moments later Mare Do Well opened her eyes to find that the place she was sent seems to be a very colorful place)

Mare Do Well: What is this place? Everything so brightly color, it giving me cavity just by looking at it.

(Just said she noticed a group of big headed small body colorful ponies coming towards her)

G3.5 Pinkie Pie: Welcome to Ponyville. My name is Pinkie Pie! Do you want to join us in a party?

Mare Do Well: No thank you. this place is too sickly-sweet. I'm flying out of here.

(Mare Do Well attempts to fly away, but as soon as she leap and flap her wings she fell on the ground. after a couple of tries she discovered she can't fly)

Mare Do Well: WHY CAN'T I FLY!?

(Mare Do Well is then approach by a blue pony, who is checking out her outfit.)

G3.5 Rainbow Dash: No no no! this outfit would never do! Now I'm thinking something more colorful, except the cape and the hat and maybe lose. I know what to get you stay right here!

(Mare Do Well attempt to use her magic to teleport away from these ponies, but her magic doesn't seem to be working)

G3.5 Sweetie Belle: Are you hungry? I have some delicious treats you can try.

(Mare Do Well tries to outrun them but no matter how much she tries to run she can't seem too much fast enough and it's surrounded by the entire village)

G3.5 Pinkie Pie: You're going to love it here! Forever and ever and ever!

G3.5 Rainbow Dash: Here's the perfect outfit!

G3.5 Sweetie Belle: Try some snacks. Before they go bad.

(As Mare Do Well is crowded by all the strange ponies, she gave out a big yell)


(Sadly no one could hear her as she is being crowded even more by the strange looking ponies as she gave a fading scream to spend the whole life in this world)

(Extra Bonus ended)

(Back at the Loud house, Rita and Lynn Sr. are holding a memorial service for the Lost of all the kids, with people like Clyde, his dads, Bobby, Ronnie Anne, and the Casagrande family, Liam, Zach, Rusty, Rocky, Haiku, Margo, Polly, Giggles, the pets, Pop Pop, Aunt Ruth, Chunk, Sergei, Kotaro, Hopps, Fangs, Edwin, and Mr. Coconut)

Lynn Sr: Thank you all for coming today. as you know it has been 8 days since our kids had disappeared. and though with great effort please search all of Michigan but they would never found and had to call off the search. And now my wife, Rita Loud.

(Rita approach the podium, but after a few moments of Silence she started to cry uncontrollably)

Rita: (Crying) MY BABIES!!!

As Rita walk away from the podium, Lynn Sr. approach the podium again)

Lynn Sr: Thank you honey. Even though we have lost them physically the memories of all kids will continue on, not just in all memory but everyone's. so me and my wife would like to present this as a reminder not to us but to everybody that we love all kids.

(Lynn Sr. then pull down the tarp to reveal a life-size statue of the Loud kids, with the description saying "They may be the loudest kids but they were also the proudest kids" everybody claps after the reveal of the statue.)

Lynn Sr: And now to end this service; me, Kortaro and famous musician Mick Swagger...

(Mick Swagger appears next to them with his mic)

Lynn Sr: will play this tribute song that I wrote for my kids.

Mick Swagger: Alright mate! Hit it!

(as all three were about to play the song, the ground began to shake a bit, causing everyone to panic a bit, just then a portal open in front of the loud house door and popping out are the loud kids)

Loud Kids: WE'RE BACK!!

Rita and Lynn Sr: Kids!!

(The parents then run and hugged The kids)

Lynn Sr: Kids, what happen To you?!

Rita: We thought we lost you!

(The kids look around to see all their friends and family and Mick Swagger as they all surprise the kids came back)

Luna: Dude! What's going on and why it Mick Swagger here?

(Mick walk up to the family)

Mick Swagger: Hate to ruin the moment but do I still get paid for the service?

Lincoln: I got this!

(Lincoln reach into his and handed Mick Swagger a red, green and blue gem. Mick take a good look at it)

Mick Swagger: That be more the enough. Goodbye!

(As Mick left some of the loud kids friends approach them)

Bobby: Babe!

Lori: Bobby boo boo bear!

(As Lori and Bobby hugged, we cut to lincoln surrounded by his friends)

Cylde: Buddy, What happened to you? Where were you?

Zach: Dude, We thought you were a goner!

Rusty: Yeah! We thought we had to replace you and I'll group.

Lincoln: Wait, what?

(Liam, Zach, and Clyde place each of their hands over Rusty's mouth to keep him quiet)

Ronnie Anne: HEY!

(The guys turn their attention to Ronnie Anne, who walked past the guys and stand in front of Lincoln. After 3 seconds of nothing Ronnie Anne punched Lincoln in the chest, causing him to gasp for a bit, and fell on his knees. After getting up Lincoln look straight at Ronnie Anne)

Lincoln: I missed you too.

(Ronnie Anne turned into a happy face as she hugged Lincoln. Cut to Luan with Giggles and Mr. Coconut in her hands)

Mr. Coconut: Luan, Baby! where were you!? It been Snoozeville without you. I tried to hang out with this clown but her jokes were twice as bad as yours.

Giggles: Hey!

Luan: Sorry I wasn't here but check this out!

(Luan then revealed the plans of the party canon that Pinkie Pie gave her to Giggles hey mr. Coconut.)

Luan: With this, my party business will be more popular than ever.

Giggles: You might say this will be a blast!

(Luan and Mr. Coconut laugh)

Mr. Coconut: Good one, Giggles!

(Cut to Margo and Polly and Lynn)

Polly: Glad you're back! without our captain, our roller derby team wouldn't stand a chance for the upcoming tournament.

Margo: Yeah! Both me and Polly try act the role of Captain but we don't have the same type of athletic skills like you.

Lynn: It’s great to be back guys. you're not going to believe this but the place I was in

I was in a competition and won! Polly: Of course you did! You're Lynn loud!

(Cut to Lisa as Darcy ran and hugged her)

Darcy: So where did you go and what did you see?

Lisa: Let's say that this place is a place where little girls like us wish would be here.

Darcy: A magical place with talking cloud, candy cane forest, cute talking animals and everybody being super nice?

Lisa: only one of those things in the place.

(To cut Lucy, where she sees haiku carrying and Rocky with fangs)

Lucy: Why do you guys have Edwin and Fangs?

Haiku: Well they felt so lonely, so we sort of took care of them until you were found.

Rocky: Yeah plus whenever Rusty sees fangs he passed out because he thought he going to suck his blood.

(as Haiku and Rocky handed back Edwin and fangs, Lucy noticed something on Edwin's lips)

Lucy: Gasp! Is this black lipstick?

Haiku: Look at the time! I'm late for my Taxidermy class!

(as Haiku left, leaving Lucy and Rocky confused, we cut back to Lori and Leni, Where Lori tell Bobby about her new dress)

Lori: This new dress is literally the most gorgeous as ever as it is literally one of a kind and custom made to me.

Bobby: Babe, you're going to be the center of attention at the prom. and I will too being right next to you. by the way where did you get the dress?

Leni: The dress was created by a unicorn with excellent fashion tips.

(A few seconds of awkward quietness)

Bobby: Right, Leni. a magical unicorn.

Lori: She’s not wrong, it was a unicorn who made the dresses.

(Bobby place his hand on Lori's forehead to see if she's feeling okay)

Bobby: Are you feeling okay, babe?

Lori: Perfectly normal. Now about going to your new school prom, it's on a Saturday so the night before I'll drive to your home and stay there until tomorrow and head back home Sunday night.

(after all the Loud kids had their reunion moments, Lola headed back into the house)

Lynn Sr: Sweetie, where are you going?

Lola: Just going up to my room and destroying all my pony posters, toys, books and dvds.

Rita: But we thought you like that stuff.

Lola: Mommy, Daddy, I never want to see another poster, another toy, another book, or anything that has unicorn pegasus and alicorns on them, ever!!!!!!

(Lola got into the house and slammed the door, while the parents I'll confused of what she said)

Rita and Lynn Sr: Ailcorns?

Lynn Sr: I'm so glad you kids are back home. Now we can return the statue and get back the $35,000.

(The following night, as the Louds sleep, in a 10 Way split screen shot in the rooms of the 10 Loud kids, except Lola, each of the crystals that the loud kids has produced in Equestria appears next to them as it is shown to be a sign that magic might exist in the Loud house universe)

The End.