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Ninearlia The Series is a series that connected all 3 shows, and will extended theme of Season 10


The Element of Harmony/The Mane 9

Full Name Harmony/Elemental Actor
Ms. Princess Twilight Sparkle Tien Element of Magic & Master of Energy Tara Strong (Normal)/Rebecca Shoichet (Singing)
Mr. Prince Brandonshy Zirken Schalk Element of Power Brandon Schalk (Normal)/Richard Newman (Angry)
Ms. Fluttershy Emilia Schalk Element of Kindness & Master of Ice Andrea Libman (Normal & Singing)
Ms. AppleJack Element of Honesty & Master of Earth Ashleigh Ball (Normal & Singing)
Coach Rainbow Dash Element of Loyalty & Master of Fire Ashleigh Ball (Normal & Singing)
Ms. Pinkie Diane Pie Element of Laughter & Master of Lightning Andrea Libman (Normal)/Shannon Chen-Kent (Singing)
Ms. Rarity Element of Generosity & Master of Water Tabitha St. Germain (Normal)/Kazumi Evans (Singing)
Headmare Starlight Glimmer Element of Peace Kelly Sheridan (Normal & Singing)
Ms. Sunset Shimmer Schalk Element of Forgiveness Rebecca Shoichet (Normal & Singing)

The Ninja Team (TV Version)/Sercet Ninja Force (Movie Version)

Full Name Elemental & Harmony Actor
Kai Smith Master of Fire & Element of Loyalty Vincent Tong
Jay Gordon Master of Lightning & Element of Laughter Michael Adamthwaite
Zane Julien Master of Ice & Element of Kindness Brent Miller
Cole Hence Master of Earth & Element of Honesty Kirby Morrow (RIP)/Andrew Francis
Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon Master of Energy & Element of Magic Jillain Michaels (Formerly)/Sam Vincent (Currently)
Nya Smith Master of Water & Element of Water Kelly Metzger


The Schalk Family

Name Family Member Actor
Princess Celestia Schalk Sunset & Brandonshy's Mother Nicole Oliver
Princess Luna Sunset & Brandonshy's Aunt Tabitha St. Germain (Normal)/Kazumi Evans (Singing)
King Sombra Schalk Sunset & Brandonshy's Father Jim Miller
Matthew R. Schalk Sunset & Brandonshy's Older Brother Brent Miller
Donovan Schalk Sunset & Brandonshy's Young Brother Donovan Michael Russell
Sunny Schalk Sunset & Brandonshy's Young Sister Alison Ostey