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Odium Ansel Sui, or just Odium, is a fan character created by Heroic412229. He is a mythological, anthropomorphic grey wolf who is the central antagonist of The Day of Reckoning, the main antagonist of My Little Pony: A Terrible Mistake, and the main protagonist of The Road to Recovery, all created by Heroic412229. He is also the first antagonist to think that the Mane Six and their friends are evil and is out for justice after seeing all of the worst misdeeds and faults they made without any repercussions at all.

Odium was a small pup raised on the other side of the planet by a mysterious seer named Calypso into thinking that the Mane Six and their friends were evil specifically for over 27 years. After the seer's death, he set off on his own to defeat the heroes, only to slowly realize how horrible and wrong he was.

Concept and Creation

One of the goals for Odium is making him one of the few characters that the fans and critics want to see get redeemed, yet still be punished in the end. Another goal is to make him a consequence of the Mane Six, Starlight, and Discord's own reckless and/or immoral actions in the past that the fans and critics have hated throughout the series. This was used to show one of the fanfiction's main themes that action have consequences and that consequences are everything.

He was also used as a reflection and contrast to one of the series' main themes besides friendship: Forgiveness. The thing about Odium is that he's supposed to be an unforgiving and vindictive person who has a hard time trusting certain people (or ponies), and even actively wants to hurt them at times for their misdeeds and wrongdoings, especially if those wrongdoings are extremely severe and/or they receive no consequences or show little to no remorse. However, he's also supposed to be a character who sees the wrong he's done and wants to be punished for it.

He's also supposed to be a villain/antagonist who's supposed to have a somewhat more realistic sort of redemption arc. In fact, he's supposed to be written as realistic as possible. He serves as a challenge to the show's idealism.

His ability concept is more into martial arts rather than either magic like most of the other characters or technology like Sid. He was also made to be the first antagonist in the series who had a problem that had nothing to do with friendship, and thus, couldn't be solved by the vague notion of friendship. Instead, it was about justice, honor, and forgiveness.

Odium, as both a character and antagonist, isn't supposed to be a steppingstone for the Mane Six and their friends' growth and development, since they've already perfectly developed as characters throughout the series and achieved self-actualization, but his own worst enemy that he needs to learn and grow from in order to be a better person compared to what he was before and during the time he was tricked by the seer. He needs to achieve his own self-actualization and come to terms with his own moralistic and idealistic problems.

However, the creator doesn't want Odium to be an edgy or emo OC. He wants him to be serious, determined, introverted, and scarred, but never to the point of always being broody, angry, misunderstood, or crazy. He also is willing to show other emotions and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve despite that. He also has his own genuinely funny, cute, and awkward moments.



Odium is a slim, anthropomorphic, bipedal, grey wolf with a white underside and dark-gray tips on both his ears and long, spiky tail. He also has spiky hair on both the top and sides of his head and turquoise eyes with black, vertical slit pupils and white highlights, as well as pink skin on the inside of his ears. He has a medium-sized snout and black nose, as well as white, sharp, canine teeth and claws. He's also taller than the Mane Six, but shorter than Discord.

His clothing consists of a dark-brown, long-sleeved, vigilante jacket with a dark-gray, golden-buckled strap, and a dark-blue, white and black arrow cross symbol on each side and elbow. He also wears light-brown shorts held by a dark-gray, golden-buckled belt and has a turquoise feather on the front of each pant-leg. He also has a dark-blue stripe around the bottom end of his jacket, sleeves, and pant-legs. He also wears no socks or shoes.

He also carries a long, light-brown, magic-proof, wooden staff with three small, bent branches on the top end and white bandages wrapped around the middle of it, on his back.


When he was younger, his overall design is more rounded, brighter, and shorter compared to his older, taller, darker, more pointy design. He has light-blue eyes with rounder pupils and white highlights as well as no dark-gray tips on his ears and tail. He also has a shorter snout, smaller, dark-gray nose, and rounder teeth and claws, as well as light-pink skin on the inside of his ears. He's also about the same height as the Mane Six, if not shorter.

He wears a light-brown, long-sleeved, collared shirt with golden buttons on it and light-gray Borromean Rings on the front and on each elbow. He also wears beige, shorts held by a gray, light-golden-buckled belt and has a light-blue, smaller, rounder feather on the front of each pant-leg as opposed to the longer, sharper feathers on his older design's pants. He also has a light-blue stripe around the bottom of his shirt, sleeves, and pant-legs. He also wears still wears no socks or shoes. Odium's younger color palette is brighter than his older one which uses darker tones for the most part. Overall, his younger appearance is more naïve, innocent, and adorable compared to his older appearance's more serious, hostile and aggressive design.

He also has no staff on his back.


During his youth, Odium started out as a mostly curious, sensitive, and unassuming pup who was raised into thinking that his life’s purpose is to help others, stop injustice, and make the world a better place by any means, albeit in a more black-and-white mindset.

As he grew up, Odium gained a usually serious and dogmatic exterior. He’s stubborn, intolerant, and fiercely determined when given a particular task and is very harsh, untrusting, or unforgiving to those who are in the wrong, including himself. He speaks in a more direct approach and doesn’t sweat the details. He’s also become quick to start a fight when dealing with his enemies or facing danger. Though, he can show a more merciful, regretful, and considerate side to him, but only towards those who are either innocent, afraid of him, or got hurt by him when he didn't mean to.

Deep down, Odium has a kind and compassionate heart with an idealistic worldview and playful side to him, especially when around those he cares about or are comfortable with. While usually keeping a reserved demeanor and strong persistence when doing his objectives, he can, at the same time, be very introspective and a bit of a daydreamer, often spending a lot of time in his mind and admiring his surroundings when he’s alone. He’s deeply loyal to his beliefs to the point of self-destruction, but also cares about those close to him or those who need his help.

Due to his relatively isolated background and stubborn nature, Odium has been given a serious case of tunnel-vision and lack of experience in things outside of his experiences with the seer. This gives him trouble with interpersonal relations and social gatherings, despite being aware of things like friendship and teamwork and not minding friendly company. This makes him very easily-flustered and nervous when it comes to romance.

In spite of his lack of knowledge toward the outside world and areas outside of his expertise, he’s not slow-witted or outright stupid. He normally uses his strong intuition and street-smarts to guide him. This makes him more in-tune with some of his more animal instincts like curling up when sleeping and sensing danger. He’s also a bit of a cunning and resourceful tactician when it comes to fighting due to his training from the seer.

While he’s usually courageous, self-sacrificing, and has little regard for his own well-being to the point of self-destruction, the few things that truly scare him are fire, losing loved ones, and being a bad person. He can get motion-sickness when being teleported and has also gained PTSD after the seer's death of old-age right in front of him due to how long and close she raised him.

His other, deep-seated motive for his actions is to make his family proud of him, as well as live up to and preserve their reputation for noble behavior. Due to how his family raised him despite their living conditions and extremely flawed parenting, he still admires them for their good intentions and loving nature towards others. This is the true cause behind his first motive.

Aside from those two motives, his greatest passion is traveling. Due to being somewhat sheltered for his entire life, he’s always wanted to see the world outside of the cave and even dreamed of surviving in the woods on his own due to usually enjoying solitude and silence.

He’s also deeply invested in writing. Whenever he’s traveling, he would jot down his thoughts and experiences on his small notepad that he keeps in his patch pocket. This is to help him keep track of them and keep his mind calm when he's stressed. He also secretly wishes to become a famous writer besides just helping others and traveling by himself to see the world.

After gradually realizing that he’s been tricked the whole time and how horrible he's become. He rejected the gang's friendship and wanted to be punished for his own crimes due to thinking that he doesn't deserve forgiveness or redemption, but still didn’t trust them because of how long he’s been indoctrinated into not doing so.

Even after serving his punishment, he's still wary and anxious towards others and himself. He decides to head out on his own in order to fix the rest of his misdeeds during his journey against them and find his family to see if they're still out there or not. Despite his travels, he prefers to live in the woods like he wanted. Though he does realize that it’s not as great as he thought, he decides to live and survive in it due to having nowhere else to go. Even then, he still enjoyed the solitude and silence.

Overall, while seemingly rough-around-the edges on the outside, Odium is a very gallant wolf with a strong sense of justice and deep inner world.



Many years before the series started on the other side of the planet, Odium was found by Calypso as a baby in the Black Tree Forest, wrapped in white swaddling cloth and somehow left behind crying in a small, dirty puddle at the threshold of her cave’s entrance. Calypso saw potential in him and decided to raise him as her own, even giving him the name “Odium” and saying that he’s going to do great things in the future.

As he grew up, while Calypso trained, studied with, taught, and groomed him into thinking that he’s destined to help others and make the world a better place, she subtly manipulated and emotionally abused him without him knowing for years. This is to use him for revenge against the heroes for her exile from her home country.

During those years, she read him stories and showed him vision of all the Mane Six, Starlight, and Discord’s wrongdoings and faults; the disasters they're responsible for, the crimes they questionably committed, and even how they've treated each other and others like Spike at times throughout the series while not showing all the good that they've done. She also says that they're manipulative, careless, heartless, and vindictive beings who use their so-called "good-nature" to escape their faults and even excuse them. They will also kill and/or hurt anyone who goes up against them and won't stop until everyone suffers. That’s why she trained him to become stronger, wiser, and more capable enough to stop them and save everyone.

This unethical lying and indoctrination has caused Odium to see the Mane Six and their friends as his enemies and grew more aggressive and angry every time they’re mentioned, which benefitted Calypso in the long run.

After Odium turned 27, he was given the magic-proof bo-staff by her before she immediately and painfully died right in front of him due to old-age. This traumatized the poor wolf greatly as he saw her as a genuine mother figure and mentor to him, still unaware of her cruel and heartless manipulation and abuse for years before heading out to travel to the other side of the planet by himself to go against the Mane Six and their friends and save the world.

The Day of Reckoning

Powers and Abilities

  • Wolf-Physiology:
    • Enhanced Senses: Thanks to his lupine physiology, he's able to sense things and people using his nose and ears, though his ears seem to be more effective and more frequent than his nose.
    • Sharp Claws and Teeth: While they were much duller, rounder, and softer during his youth, as he grew older, his claws and teeth became sharper, harder, and more jagged. He's able to give a powerful bite and cut from them in combat or other situations that require them.
  • Combatant: Odium has shown to be physically robust in a fight, using his speed, agility, and endurance as his offense to make up for his lack of raw strength and power. His kicks seem to be stronger than his punches as he used both feet to kick opponents at an considerable distance. Despite receiving major injuries in the process, his determination to fight for his cause keeps him going regardless, even at the brink of death.
  • Staff Proficiency: A magic-proof bo-staff given to him by Calypso. This is Odium’s main weapon. The composition of the staff itself is able to block and negate most magical techniques and attacks. It can also land a considerable hit on most opponents if used well. Despite this, it isn’t fireproof or indestructible. Odium is very skilled and versatile at wielding it, able to spin it at great speed, pull-vault himself into the air, and do a number of more defensive techniques. This indicates that Calypso taught him bojutsu along with his other fighting style as well.
  • Survival Skills: In the wilderness, Odium's able to use his animal and survival instincts to endure through near-fatal events several times.


Despite being a very capable fighter, he's not infallible and not without any weaknesses of his own. Aside from his lack of raw strength and having no magic or technology at all, he does have other weaknesses that can be easily exploited by his opponents if they can adapt from them due to not being naturally gifted. For example:

  • Hatred: He can sometimes let his burning hatred and rage for any injustices get in the way of his focus and composure, causing him to act without thinking at times.
  • Disarmament: Even though he can hold his own in a fight, he can be easily defeated by magic users, especially without the magic-proof staff.
  • Honor: Due to his high sense of honor, and high moral standards, Odium can be very stubborn when it comes to his moral code and unwillingness to hurt others and things who aren't his enemies, even when he's in blind hatred and rage. This leaves him vulnerable to their attacks. He also has a strong sense of mercy, even towards said enemies.
  • Fears: He has a few fears, such as fire, losing a loved one, and being a bad person.
  • Plateau Effect: In spite of his many years of training, Odium can still be affected by the Plateau Effect. This can either cause his effectiveness to decrease overtime and/or cause him to reach the peak of his physical limits and never improve beyond that.
    • Stagnation: Stagnation can cause his abilities to be less powerful and effective overtime until he’s reverted back to his average prowess. Continuous training and exercise are the only ways to bring it back, but it takes a very long and slow process, which is about months or years to be at his full potential again.
      • Fatigue: At the same time, it's still a difficult, stressful, and gruesome process that leaves him exhausted and sore if he continues doing it without a break.
  • Bo-Staff Fail Safes The staff he wields may be magic-proof, but not fire-proof, at least against normal fires, though. It’s also not indestructible either.
  • Mind Control/Breakdowns: Odium is vulnerable to mind-control and having his mind broken if given enough stress to cause the latter. Due to watching others have their minds broken or quake in fear at the hooves of the Mane Six, he eventually thinks that they're going to do the same thing to him, causing him to have a panic attack and relapse back into hating them.
  • Poor Social Judgement/Intellect: Despite his intelligence, he can be very gullible and naïve towards those who need his help, yet distrustful towards those he views as his enemies.
  • More Powerful Opponents/Spells: Due to Odium having average strength and lacking in raw power, along with not having any magical or technological abilities, he can be outmatched if the power gap from his opponents and/or their abilities is too great. This is the case with characters like Discord
  • Neck: Odium's weakest point on his body is his neck. If his opponents grab tightly onto his knock with enough strength, it will stop his blood from going to his brain, causing him to be put to sleep or eventual die if held long enough.
  • Sensory Overload: His senses are vulnerable to Sensory Overload, which can overload the senses to extremely painful results. They may be filled by pain if Odium is injured. Also, his senses aren’t immune to magic and can be blocked or dulled by pain and other sources like plugs.
  • Limited-Weaponry Knowledge: Despite his incredible years of martial arts and bojutsu, he doesn't know how to use any other weapon besides using a bo-staff.
  • Low Environmental Adaptation: Ironically, his body temperature is slightly weaker than his normal wolf species. This is due to inheriting his family's thin fur unlike most wolves that have thicker fur.
  • Lack of Self-Protection: Even with his magic-proof bo-staff, he himself is still vulnerable to spells like telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, etc.
  • Insecurity: Odium has many signs of PTSD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar-Disorder, and Moral Injury. He tends to experience genuine trauma from his past life and actions and puts a lot of stress on himself to be morally perfect. He also tends to experience extreme guilt, shame, self-hatred, hallucinations, and mood-swings at times. He also has anger issues when irritated or determined and suicidal tendencies. However, after his defeat, he possibly gains therapy and community service for his actions and fixes his other misdeeds, gradually improving her mental health.



Calypso was Odium's supposed mentor before she gave him her magic-proof bo-staff and died of old age. After Odium moved out of his family's house and disreputable town, she called out to him and took him in from the cold for a few days in order to trick him about the future of the Mane Six and friends' wrongdoings and faults throughout the series, but Odium was none the wiser to this. She also agreed to train, plan, and study with him in order to put them in their place, much to Odium gullibility of her true intentions before her inevitable death.

After years of training, planning, studying, and focusing with Odium on only the Mane Six's faults, strengths, weaknesses, and berserk buttons, Gabriella finally said that he was ready to go after them on his own and gave him her magic-proof bo-staff before painfully dying of old-age and turning into dust right in front of him in order to avoid getting any consequences for her actions, thus traumatizing him to a very high degree before he went out and after them.

After Odium found out that he was tricked by her the whole time, it greatly took even more of a toll on him, both mentally and morally, and caused his  guilt, self-loathing, and grief for the loss of everything, possibly including his family to feed on him, to overtake him, all of which being some of the causes for his eventual relapse and realization towards the Mane Six.

Before Odium found out that he was tricked and emotionally manipulated for years by Gabriella, he saw her as a kind and wise, yet strict mentor who needed him to help both her and others and would follow her every order if it meant fulfilling that help, even if he had to put himself in danger in the process. Because of this, he felt greatly traumatized when she painfully died and turned into dust right in front of him. But after learning her true intentions and nature, he not only showed extreme guilt and self-hatred for being so blinded by her manipulation and from his actions, but also even more hatred and distrust than before.

The Mane Six

Due to his moral code, his bitter hatred for all injustice, and being unknowingly tricked by a mysterious, old, female seer that showed him all of the Mane Six, Starlight, and Discord's "corrupted" misdeeds, Odium gained a huge hatred for them, wanting them to pay for said misdeeds by trying to physically and verbally hurt them. When they first met, Odium tried to attack them and nearly beaten them before fleeing away from Fluttershy and Spike and vowing justice against them.

Despite wanting to badly hurt them, he is very honorable towards the things that they care about and refuses to go after them, as well as saying or doing anything else that would set them off out of moral limits as he knows that doing them anyway would set off their berserk buttons, which is not a part of his and the seer's plan. He also is very merciful, as shown when he spared Fluttershy when he saw her flinching in fear from one of his attacks before fleeing and vowing to return for justice.

After hearing about his backstory and motivation for his actions, The Mane Six, especially Twilight, are seemingly able to reason with him about how flawed his moral code is and that he's been tricked by the seer, as well as apologizing for their misdeeds. However, after something else came to ruin all of their progress with him, Odium becomes shocked and angry at them, thinking that they're just going to something else horrible to him, like break him mentally, and that they're just trying to manipulate him into being one of their victims and don't truly forgive him for his terrible actions or are actually sorry.

Reverting back to his old behavior, Odium attacks and tries to kill the Mane Six and their friends, though he still tries to avoid setting off their berserk buttons, before fighting alone with Twilight. After talking down to himself when push comes to shove, Odium finally realizes for himself how horrible he's been acting and how he's ironically doing the exact injustice he tried to stop, effectively hating himself and regretting his actions.

After the fight is over, Odium decides to willingly be sent to Tartarus since he thinks he's caused too much trouble to truly deserve redemption and forgiveness, at least not that easily from them.


Because he isn't the one of the targets for Odium's hatred and thirst for justice, Spike is one of the many ones who were exempted, spared, and left unaccounted for entirely by Odium out of morals. Even when Spike is trying to stop him and protect the Mane Six from his wrath, Odium still won't even try to attack him and instead either angrily questions why he's protecting them after all of their past screw-up, especially towards him and/or try to find a way around him.

Starlight Glimmer

Similar to the Mane Six, except worse, Odium harbors a huge hatred for Starlight due to not being punished enough for her actions. Since Starlight is the one with the second most and second biggest screw-ups out of the group, Odium decides to take her out after Discord.


After seeing Discord's recent misdeeds in the series and not being punished for it, Odium harbors a hatred that's just as, if not even more, huge than Starlight's. Since Discord is the most powerful and the one with the most and biggest screw-ups out of the group, Odium decided to take him out first.


  • Odium is the first antagonist to think that the Mane Six are evil and have an ulterior motive to their so-called compassionate, "Magic of Friendship" instincts.
    • Unfortunately, that realization (along with both his flawed moral code, hatred and distrust of injustice of any kind, and being tricked by a mysterious seer for years) keeps him from realizing that those instincts are 100% genuine and sincere and that they aren't evil at all.
  • His name means "General or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions." This fits his personality, goal, and motivation.
    • The name, "Odium Sui", is Latin for "Self-Hatred" or "His Hatred". This is foreshadowing both his eventual realization and need for punishment towards himself, as well as his own inner and outer hatred.
  • What the creator of The Day of Reckoning wanted people to take away from the fanfiction and the character arcs, especially Odium's, was that you need to acknowledge and learn from your sins and mistakes as well as help others do the same when needed.
  • Unlike other villains who think that they deserve better than what happened to them, Odium, deep down, thinks that he deserves the opposite due to his actions towards the Mane Six and others. He thinks that he is unworthy of forgiveness, redemption, and/or having anything good happening to him, not because of what happened to him in his past, but from what he did and how he did it.
  • His favorite flowers are Purple Hyacinths and Camellias.
  • Some of the themes that Odium is used to tackle are Moral Injury, the effects of Emotional/Psychological Manipulation, Guilt, and Self-Loathing.
  • Originally, the creator of Odium wanted him to either actually be thrown in Tartarus for eternity or be killed by the Mane Six and their friends for his crimes. However, due to the complaints of the former punishment, it had to be changed to a much lesser, yet fitting punishment.
    • He also wanted to have Odium realize for himself how wrong he was for his actions in a similar way to how Spinel did in the Steven Universe Movie, but due to some optimization issues and not being able to find an original and fitting way to make that happen, it didn’t come to fruition.
    • Also, the reason why he made Odium lose everything he had wasn’t for sympathy or shock value, but as a proper punishment for him for his crimes if the audience didn’t like him or if he got off too easy.
    • It was also to give him more reason to work hard enough to fix his mistakes in order to support one of the fanfiction's main themes of having to work hard in order to make things right.