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Princess Lunestia (full name Eclipsis Lunestia) is the 4th princess of Equestria and is the Princess of the Solar Eclipse. She is known to be the youngest sister of Princess Luna and Princess Celestia and is the youngest daughter of Queen Galaxia and King Cosmos.

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Princess Lunestia (Eclipses Lunestia)

Princess Lunestia.jpeg

Current Princess Lunestia


Princess Lunestia as a filly

Species/kind Alicorn
Gender Female
More info
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Co-ruler of Equestria
Eyes Camouflage White
Mane Black with Blue and Yellow strips
Coat Orange
Magic aura Silver
Nicknames Princess of the Solar Eclipse (By Princess Celestia and Princess Luna)

Lunestia (By Twilight)

Princess (By all)

Relatives Princess Celestia (Oldest sister)

Princess Luna (Older sister)

Princess Cadence (Adoptive niece)

Princess Twilight Sparkle (Niece-in-law)

Shining Armor (Nephew-in-law)

Cutie mark
Princess Lunestia Cutie mark.png


Solar Crash Cutie mark.png

Solar Crash

Voice Kali Hawk
Andrea Libman



Princess Lunestia is a female Alicorn Princess. She has an orange coat with an orange horn with silver magic aura and a pair of orange wings on her back. She also has a pair of silver Princess shoes that she wears on her hoofs and she also wears a silver armor necklace around her neck with a Solar Ecliose symbol on it. Her crown is also silver with a yellow and black line on the left and right. Her mane is black with blue and yellow strips. Same with her tail. Her cutie mark is a Solar Eclipse symbol. She also has white camouflage eyes.

Solar Crash

Solar Crash is the dark alter ego of Princess Lunestia. Her coat color stays the same, but her mane and tail becomes much longer and wavier surrounded in space stars. She has silver armor all around her body and her shoes upgrade into longer shoes. In the middle of her armor is a black jewel. Solar Crash keeps her Princess Crown but her silver armor necklace is removed. Solar Crashes eye color is dark grey and is cat like. Her sclera is also light orange and her cutie mark turns into a silver and dark orange Solar Eclipse sign.



Princess Lunestia is known to have a kind and sweet attitude but an overprotective personality. She always wants to check on her sisters to see if there good and usually sits outside and watch Equestria for crimes and Lunestia likes to help people if they need her help or she usually speaks to people in a kind tone. Lunestia is kind of peaceful though. She sometimes turns special magic kindergarten pony’s into Alicorns when they succeed and then they become the future princess of Equestria. So far, Lunestia is a good Princess.

Solar Crash

Solar Crash is known to be a mean and cruel goddess. She always likes to cast powerful dark spells on the ponys in Equestria and her main goal is for the Solar Eclipse to be stuck forever. She also gets angry fast when a pony is talking back to her or if a hero pony is winning and she is losing. Solar Crash doesn’t really battle her sisters Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker, but she does know how to cast very powerful dark magic spells that can possibly kill any pony. But So far, Solar Crash is a dark goddess and is a powerful Alicorn that is the strongest among her sisters Nightmare Moon, and Daybreaker.


Lunestia grew up with her sisters Princess Luna and Princess Celestia and her mom Queen Galaxia. They all lived in a mythical palace that was as beautiful as the night sky. Lunestia was the last one born out of her sisters. Her sisters were in their early teens when she was born. Lunestia was born an orange Alicorn with very tiny wings. And her eyes were unexpectedly camoflage white. Queen Galaxia and King Cosmos were surprised. They’ve never seen a pony born with white eyes. Though, they’ve decided to name her Eclipses Lunestia since she looked like a beautiful Solar Eclipse.

A couple of years have past and Lunestia worked on making her parents impressed by being the best princess she can. Her parents were impressed. So they gave her her very first princess crown. Celestia and Luna already has there crowns since they were already mature and responsible princesses. So then it was time for Lunestia’s award. Lunestia was 5 around that time.

12 years later, when Lunestia was about 17 years old, she has started ruling Equestria with her sisters Celestia and Luna. And she quite enjoyed it. But she really hated fighting Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changelings. But Lunestia quite enjoyed ruling Equestria. Though in her free time when she has nothing to do, she usually just sits on her throne and be bored. Lunestia’s special job for Equestria is to use her power in her hoofs to pull the moon forward pass the sun. She likes doing her job. And so does Princess Celestia and Princess Luna when they have to raise the sun and moon. Currently, Princess Lunestia is ruling Equestria but her sisters Celestia and Luna have moved to Silver Shoals. So now Princess Lunestia and Princess Twilight are currently ruling Equestria.



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  • Princess Lunestia is the younger sister of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.
  • Princess Lunestia’s job is to make the Solar Eclipse happen once every year.
  • Princess Lunestia’s parents are Queen Galaxia and King Cosmos.
  • Princess Lunestia is still currently the co-ruler of Equestria and ruled with Princess Twilight ever since Celestia and Luna moved to Silver Shoals.
  • In the future, Princess Lunestia will get married to a prince called Prince Luclipse and have a son and a daughter which one is a princess and one is a prince. They are called Solar Spinner, and Lunar Spinner.
  • Princess Lunestia is 1000 years old currently, but in the future she’s around 5000 years old.

Relationships with Family

Queen Galaxia

Queen Galaxia is Princess Lunestia’s mother. And they both share a great relationship with each other. Lunestia learned all her skills from Galaxia. Lunestia even knows how to do some Galaxy tricks now since Galaxia taught her. Galaxia also has taught Lunestia on how to push the moon over the sun. That was how she then got her cutie mark. They also love flying together or watching Celestia raise the sun or Luna raising the moon.

King Cosmos

King Cosmos is Princess Lunestia’s father. They both like to spend time with each other. King Cosmos likes to do connect the dots in the night star sky with Lunestia. And King Cosmos likes to teach Lunestia on how to keep Space functioning right. Lunestia has also learned so much from him. And she appreciates how much Cosmos has done for her to make her the best princess that she can possibly be.

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia is the oldest sister of Lunestia. They both used to rule Equestria together but didn’t anymore since Princess Celestia moved to Silver Shoals with Princess Luna. But they still share a great relationship and try to stay in touch at all times. They both know how to do their duty’s. And they like to watch each other do their jobs. But so far, Princess Celestia and Princess Lunestia share a great sister relationship.

Princess Luna

Princess Luna is the older sister of Princess Lunestia. And they also both share a great sister relationship. They both like to work together on how to solve problems and both enjoy hanging out with each other. They are both very impressed on each other’s skills and they both learn a lot from each other. Princess Lunestia also doesn’t really try her hardest to defeat Nightmare Moon since she fears of Princess Luna getting hurt, but Lunestia manages to defeat her anyway.

Future Generation Story

In the future, when Princess Lunestia was an older pony, She still lives in Canterlot with Princess Twilight. And then, a couple months later, Lunestia met Prince Luclipse. And they got married a couple months after that. About 7 months after they‘ve got married, Lunestia got pregnant with a prince and a princess baby Alicorn. Luclipse was super excited to have a new prince and princess in town.

8 months later, Princess Lunestia gave birth to a beautiful prince, and a beautiful princess. They were called Solar Spinner, and Lunar Spinner. Solar Spinner was a male, and Lunar Spinner was a female. Solar Spinner was the prince of the Solar Eclipse like his mom, and Lunar Spinner was the princess of the Lunar Eclipse like her dad. They both try their very best to make Solar and Lunar powerful future rulers of Equestria. And Lunar and Solar were sort of getting the hang of it.

Princess Lunestia retired from making the Solar Eclipse happen. So she passed it down to her son, Solar Spinner. Solar Spinner already has his cutie mark since he performed his act on making the Solar Eclipse happen. But Lunar Spinner is still working on her job on making the Lunar Eclipse happen since her dad Prince Luclipse has retired from making the Lunar Eclipse happen. Solar and Lunar already know Princess Twilight’s son Star Knight. And they seem to be really good friends with him.

Later, Lunar finally gets her cutie mark for performing her Eclipse acts right. Then Solar and Lunar made a new school that they’ve summoned with their horns. It was called The School of Eclipse. Princess Lunestia and Prince Luclipse were the main leaders of the school, but Solar and Lunar were the founders and the bosses of the school. There, they’ve taught a lot of magical Unicorns or Alicorns about the Solar and Lunar Eclipse and what it does to make our earth very magical and peaceful.

In the future, Princess Lunar Spinner and Prince Solar Spinner get new names. They are called Princess Lunar and Prince Solar. They are the main leaders of the Solar and Lunar Eclipse. They both have to do it once a year. Solar usually does it almost every January. But Lunar usually does it almost every June. But they still enjoy it. And they really do appreciate what their parents Princess Lunestia and Prince Luclipse has done for them to become perfect Eclipse masters.