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Rainbow Whirl
Gender Male
Residence Opprestria
Occupation Weather pony
Nicknames Rainbow
Relatives TBA
Cutie Mark Rainbowwhirl cm.png

Rainbow Whirl is a pegasus pony from Opprestria and one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Magic Team. He is the Opprestrian counterpart of Rainbow Dash.

Appearance & Personality

He has Rainbow Dash's mane/tail colors and design. Like Sealight Sparkle, he has a cowlick that sticks upward at the back. His coat color matches Fluttershy's.

Rainbow Whirl has a perky attitude, and is the more air-headed and rowdy one. He is shown to be crazy in love with Rainbow Dash, who does not return the feelings to him. One big difference between him and Rainbow is that, while Dash craves and loves adventure, Whirl sees fun in adventures and tries to have fun with the most scariest monsters.


  • He was originally going to have dark brown eyes.
  • He's actually more like Pinkie Pie, but often gets paired up with Dash during certain parts in the game.