Scribbles holding a drawing

Annoyed Scribbles

Created by Founder of Rainbow Dragon Productions
Species/kind Alicorn
Gender Female
More info
Residence Canterlot (formerly)
Occupation Scribe/Messenger
Eyes Strong cerulean
Mane Brilliant azure
Very light azure (highlights)
Moderate azure (outline)
Coat White
Medium gray (outline)
Light gray (Back legs)
Magic aura Very pale azure
Relatives Spellbook (Mother)
Monsoon (Father)
Pixel (Brother)
Bow Luminous vivid azure
Strong azure
Cutie mark
Scribbles Cutie Mark OC

Scribbles is one of the protogonists in My Little Human. She is the daughter of Spellbook and Monsoon.


Early life

Scribbles was born in Canterlot. Her mother, Spellbook, was the Canterlot librarian. Her father, Monsoon, is the lead engineer in Clousdale. She was bon an alicorn, but not a princess. She is really shutup and shy. When you get to know her, she opens up to become a slightly random, playfull mare. She has a brother named Pixel who loves to play video games and is friends with Earth Sparkle. Her friends are Dark Heart and Trinity Sparkle.