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Shining Star

"How do you get words onto paper?"
Created by PinkiePie6
First appearance MLP: Good Friends (episode 1)
Species/kind Unicorn
Gender Male
More info
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Student

Fashion designer

Eyes Light blue
Mane Brown
Coat Teal
Nicknames Shining
Relatives TBA
Cutie mark
A six-pointed white start with six white stars surrounding it
Voice Brian Drummond

Shining Star is one of the main characters of MLP: Good Friends.


Shining Star is a unicorn with a light turquoise body. He has baby blue eyes and a brown mane/tail. His cutie mark is a large white six-pointed star and six smaller white stars surrounding it, probably symbolizing how blank his mind is at times.


If the school has 'the smartest pony', then Shining Star is the opposite of that. However, he is cute and always willing to help. Shining doesn't know much, such as not remembering the rules of a game, make false judgements, or forgetting where he keeps his belongings. Despite this, he has a skill in fashion designing and knows how do a lot of things, such as making smoothies or picking at locks, which demonstrates that while he's not the smartest, he is kind.


  • TBA