He's not a bad pony, Twilight!

—Fluttershy, about baby Sombra

King Sombra, most commonly known as Sombra, is the adopted child of Fluttershy, and the reincarnation of King Sombra.



Sombra is a gray unicorn filly with a red horn. He has a black mane, and has red eyes, a quite uncommon eye color for uncorrupted ponies.His cutie mark is an corrupted Crystal Heart.


Despite being King Sombra reincarnated, he is a kind filly, taking after his "mom", Fluttershy.

He is also quite a shy filly, sometimes being in the back of a crowd to avoid contact, therefore being quite introverted.

Sombra - Where are we going, mommy

Sombra crying

He is a crybaby as well, crying from even one wrong sentence.

He loves parties, as Pinkie Pie always made him his favorite food - Mushed Apple Fritter, Applesauce and Carrot Cake - on his birthdays.


Chapter 1

Sombra's horn was taken to Everfree Forest, and he was reincarnated after a while.

Fluttershy found him, and made a "basket" to carry him in from vines (not plundervines).

Fluttershy brought him home, after telling Twilight.




Mommy, mommy, can I have mushed apple fritter?

—Sombra, showing his relationship with Fluttershy

Fluttershy is Sombra's stepmother. He basically depends on him - socially and literally.

If he had to choose between his friends and Fluttershy, he'd pick Fluttershy.

Cutie Mark Crusaders

Cutie Mark Crusaders... GO!

—CMC and Sombra

Sombra was a temporary member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

He joined them on the first day of school, after failing magic class.

He has a great relationship with all three of them, but not Babs or Gabby.

Pinkie Pie

Let's make some mushed apple fritter apple sauce carrot cake!

—Pinkie Pie on Sombra's birthday

Pinkie Pie is one of Sombra's best friends.

This is mostly due to food, though. And parties. And balloons.

Rainbow Dash

Alright kid. This is how you do it!

—Rainbow Dash, showing Sombra her flying skills

Rainbow Dash share a relationship like Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash do.

Rainbow will often demonstrate her flying skills to Sombra, ending up making Sombra wish he had wings.

They sometimes hangout in Cloudsdale (don't ask how).


  • If he was an Element of Harmony, he would most likely be Kindness or Loyalty
  • He is a loving pony, and wishes he could talk to animals like Fluttershy