My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fanon Wiki
Sprinkle Dinkle
Gender Male
Residence Opprestria
Occupation Opprestrian mascot

Ice cream chef

Nicknames Sprinkle
Relatives TBA

Sprinkle Dinkle is a male pegasus pony residing in Opprestria and one of the supporting characters in My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Magic Team.


The leader of the Ice Cream Band, Sprinkle Dinkle is hyper-competitive and athletic. He absolutely dislikes being patient. He has an angrier desposition compared to the other Opprestrian mascots. At times, he displays a more insensitive demeanor and can throw a violent temper if something/someone upsets him or his friends. Despite all this, he's actually caring and loyal to others.


  • He originally was going to have a brown mane/tail.