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Starlight Altono Heatlight (Born December 17th, 1943) Is A Female Pegasus Living In Darkford, Equestria. She Is The Lead Singer Of Her Band "The Rolling Stars".


  • Stardust Heatlight (Mother)
  • Rubber Dash Heatlight (Farther)
  • Auora Heatlight (Cousin)
  • Flurry Heart (Niece)

Best Friends


Starsong Is Mostly A Nice Pony, But She Has Played Some Evil Games, Resulting To Bad Event. She is often very energetic and laughs alot. She has a rather unique tone at various things, and often describes herself as "the most unique".


Starsong's Voice Is Similar To That Of Twilight Sparkle, But Higher Pitched, Slightly Sweeter, More Pronnounced And Has A Little Country Twang To It. She Often Screams To Add Empisis.

Voice Actresses:

  • Agnatha Grant (1926-1944)
  • June Foray (1944-1994)
  • Tara Strong (1994-2003, 2013-)
  • Chatanal Strand (2003-2010)
  • Unknown (2010-2013)


  • I Was Born To Sing!
  • I'm The Only Pony You Ever Need.
  • You Know That I Like To Make A Big Entrance
  • Did I Tell You About The Time When [EVENT]
  • Starsong Never Goes To Sleep
  • Each Sold Sepperatly, Check Online For Avalibility
  • Ask A Parent Before Going Online
  • Ask A Parent 1st
  • My Little Pony, Skinny And Bony
  • Friendship Is A Musical Thing, DJ Pon 2 Says So.
  • My Sister Cadence Almost Married Shining Armor, But Then They Divorsed.
  • Hey Why You Being So Loud, Anyway I'm Quite Loud.
  • You All Know That [CATCHPHRASE]
  • There She Goes Through The Light, Starsong Comes In
  • Ha Ha Ha Ha
  • On With The Horn, Off With [ITEM]
  • I Am The True Princess Of Friendship, Maybe Even The Queen
  • They Don't Call Me A Little Pony For Nothin, Even Though I [SOMETHING]
  • My Cutie Mark Is Special, It Lights Up On Special Occasions, Like My Birthday, Also On Starlight's Birthday.
  • I'm A Pegasus, Are You A Pegasus Too.
  • They Call Me And DJ Pon 2 The Narrators, Cause We Narrate Alot
  • Darkford Is A True Place,
  • Starlight Glimmer Is My Best Friend
  • Starsong Is A Chatterbox
  • Calling All Ponies [EVENT]
  • I Can Now Confirm That [EVENT]
  • If I'm Not Incorrect [EVENT]
  • Don't Stop Looking At Me
  • It's Called A Winged Unicorn
  • Stop Calling It An Alicorn, Or I'll Call You An Anaconda.
  • You Thouht You Could Get Away From Me
  • I'm Back!
  • I Never Getaway
  • You Think You Can Stop Looking At Me, Well You Can't Stop Looking At Me.
  • Oooh.
  • Go And Fly.
  • Who's Ready To Rock?
  • I'll Show You
  • It's A Cascade Of [ITEM]
  • I Am The True Voice Of Music.
  • I Am The Voice.
  • Lay Your Hand In Mine, And [INSERT STRANGE LINE HERE]
  • Why Do My Song Titles Get Stonen?
  • Follow The Code Of Contact!
  • It Is Called A "Pegicorn"


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