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Taffy Pie

"Hi! I'm Taffy Pie! Let's be friends!"
Created by PinkiePie6
First appearance MLP: Good Friends (episode 1)
Species/kind Earth pony
Gender Male
More info
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Student

Party Planner

Eyes Purple
Mane White
Coat Light blue
Nicknames Taffy

Taff (by Sonata Jazz)

Relatives TBA
Cutie mark
Three balloons; two purple and one yellow
Voice Bill Hader

Taffy Pie is one of the main characters of MLP: Good Friends.


Taffy is a sky blue-coated Earth pony. He has purple eyes and a fluffy white mane/tail. His cutie mark is three balloons; one yellow and two purple, symbolizing his love of comedy and parties.


Taffy Pie has a personality as big as his head and almost as big as his laugh. He loves having a good time and is always read with a joke and a laugh. He loves to make others smile, and likes to throw parties when something good happens. Though he is typically one of the nicer ponies, he has a bad temper and will end up breaking something if he's not careful. However, he's not a bad pony. Any time he makes a mistake, he will make it up with anything sweet.