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Characters who appear in this story

  • Rainbow Dash
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Rarity
  • Applejack
  • Fluttershy
  • Vega
  • Pupmkin Scratch
  • Evernight


It was October in Ponyville. And it was the day of the Ponyville Festival. A time where all the pony’s from all over Equestria can gather around and celebrate the day that Equestria was made.

It all starts at ShutterBeat’s house. When she was trying to find the right outfit for the festival.

ShutterBeat: Oh man! I’m sooo excited for the festival tonight! But what should I wear?

StarBeat: Ooh! Maybe you should wear this!

*StarBeat pulls out orange top with blue and pink star belt*

ShutterBeat: Wow. That is a really pretty top! I think I should wear that. Good choice Star!

StarBeat: Your welcome!

LoveBeat: StarBeat! ShutterBeat! Are you guys almost ready to party?!?!?

StarBeat: Oh heck yeah!

ShutterBeat: Oh were ready mom!

LoveBeat: Well, if you’re really ready, then why don’t you come down?! I have a big surprise for you both!

ShutterBeat and StarBeat: Really???

LoveBeat: Yes really! Come down!

ShutterBeat and StarBeat: Okay mom!

*ShutterBeat and StarBeat run down the stairs*

LoveBeat: Alright guys. The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

StarBeat: Uh, mom? Where are you?

*Slams the bathroom door against the wall*

ShutterBeat: Woah! Nice dress!

LoveBeat: Thank you! It‘s a dress that I bought from Rarity!

StarBeat: You know rarity?

LoveBeat: Why of course! The only pony who can make the best costumes and clothing!

StarBeat: Uh, okay great!

Meanwhile, in Canterlot, Princess Lunestia was getting ready for tonight’s Ponyville Festival while Princess Celestia, Princess Cadence, and Princess Luna we’re sitting on their thrones.

Princess Lunestia: So! How do I look?

Princess Celestia: You look great younger sister.

Princess Luna: Yup! You really do!

Princess Cadence: Yes! I agree!

Princess Lunestia: Oh thank you so much sisters! I thought that I was gonna look like a disaster! Especially since today is the Ponyville Festival.

Princess Celestia: Oh Lunestia you don’t look like a disaster at all. You look like a true princess.

Princess Luna: True! Though, the dress can use a little work.

Princess Lunestia: Oh! Well thank you for telling me Luna! I’ll go fix that right away!

*Princess Lunestia rushes to her room*

Princess Cadence: Luna!

Princess Luna: What? At least I was telling the truth.

Next we go to Ponyville. At Venuses house. It was almost time for the Ponyville Festival. She has already gotten ready for the festival.

Venus: Mom I’m done getting ready!

Everglade: Oh great! Let me see how you look.

*Venus steps out of her room*

Everglade: Woah you look good!

Venus: Thanks! I asked Glam Sewer to soe it up for me. And it looks like I got good luck!

Everglade: Yes it looks like you did!

Venus: I have a good feeling about this Festival mom!

Everglade:Yes I agree with you!

It was 6 o clock. It was time for the Ponyville Festival. It was hosted by Pumpkin Scratch and Vega.

Pumpkin Scratch: Hello every pony! Welcome to the 10th annual Ponyville Festival!

*Ponys cheering*

Vega: Today, we have some special guests with us today. Everyone, say hello to the princesses of Equestria! Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Lunestia, and Princess Cadence!

*Ponys cheering*

Princess Celestia: Hello every pony! It is an absolute honor to be here!

Princess Luna: Yes it really is! Tonight is meant to be a great night to celebrate the day that Equestria was born.

Princess Lunestia: Yes it is meant to be a great night Luna! And tonight, we are celebrating in a special way! There’s gonna be everything! Free apples from the apple family, free food from Madam McCookess, and free pumpkins from Pumpkin Scratch! Why are there pumpkins you ask? Well, Halloween is coming up! And wee’l have a pumpkin contest! Whoever’s pumpkin is the most outstanding will be set on the Canterlot porch for Halloween!

*Pony’s cheering*

Fluttershy: Um, Twilight?

Twilight: Yes Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: Um, do you think I should to the pumpkin competition?

Twilight: Uh, sure! It’s up to you but I think you should totally do it! Just think! You’re very creative and smart! And even if you participated, I’d still think you would’ve won.

Fluttershy: Awww, thanks Twilight! Uh, I’ll think about it.

Twilight: Great! Like I said, it’s totally up to you!

2 hours later, it was almost time for the Festival to end. And it was already time for t(e pumpkin contest. All the little pony’s has made their pumpkins. And it was time to vote who’s was the best one. Fluttershy decided not to enter since she was too shy.

Pumpkin Scratch: Alright everybody gather around! It’s time to vote whose pumpkin is the best!

Vega: And the winner of the pumpkin contest is...... PRINCESS EVERNIGHT!!!

*Ponys cheering loudly*

Evernight was the princess of winter nights. She lived in canterlot with the rest of the princesses. Her mom is Princess Skynight. She was the big winner of the pumpkin contest.

Evernight: OMG!!!! I can’t believe I won! Thank you sooo much for voting for me!

*Ponys cheering while Evernight walks off the stage*

ShutterBeat: Ohhhh what a loooooong night!

StarBeat: I know! I’m sooo tired!

LoveBeat: Yeah, let’s get home.

ShutterBeat and StarBeat: okay mom!

15 minutes later, the Ponyville Festival has ended. It was a great night for all those pony’s to celebrate the day that Equestria was born. With no trouble or cajify.