My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fanon Wiki
Gender Male
Residence Opprestria
Occupation Librarian
Nicknames Theo


Relatives Bendy Zen (younger brother)
Cutie Mark Theodore cm.png

Theodore is a unicorn pony from Opprestria and one of the main characters from My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Magic Team. He is the Opprestrian counterpart of Rarity.

Appearance & Personality

His mane/tail is worn like his counterpart's, but his tail is cut short. He has a tuft of blond mane that hangs low to his face.

Theodore is smart, brave, and fearless. He's shown to be mature like Sealight Sparkle. He's a confident, I-can-do-anything type of pony that possesses little of Rarity's interest in fashion. Although he is Rarity's counterpart, he's also generous. However, unlike Rarity, Theodore doesn't care much about looking his best.


  • He was originally going to wear a black bowtie.
  • He's actually more like Twilight Sparkle, but he gets paired up with Rarity during certain parts of the game.
  • He’s probably like a recolor of Rarity.