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Velvet Moon

"You are wasting your time..."
Created by PinkiePie6
First appearance MLP: Good Friends (episode 1)
Species/kind Earth
Gender Male
More info
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Student

Fashion Designer

Eyes Turquoise
Mane Grayish purple
Coat Gray
Nicknames Velvet
Relatives TBA
Cutie mark
A red button with a white thread going through it
Voice Samuel Vincent

Velvet Moon is one of the main characters of MLP: Good Friends.


Velvet Moon is a gothic male Earth pony with a gray body. He has a grayish purple mane/tail that curls at the ends and turquoise eyes. He wears a red/yellow bowtie and white "gloves". His cutie mark is a thread going through a button, which symbolizes his skill in fashion designing.


Velvet Moon is quite mysterious. He's very serious and the most stoic of his fellow peers, and often keeps to himself. Usually when he speaks, there is little to no emotion in his voice. Bullies are often too scared to give him a hard time. However, some ponies don't find him intimidating at all. Velvet is always frowning noticeably, but smiles on rare occasions. He is an overly calm stallion, and usually prefers to watch the action in front of him as opposed to getting swept up in it. When he does show emotions, it's usually because he wants to.


  • TBA