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When Pinkies Collide is a crossover movie between MLP and Equestria Girls taking place between Friendship Games and Legend Of Everfree.


Twilight is wondering about Pinkie Pie and thinking if she has any secret so she goes to the human world with her new stay in pony form watch and asks Sci-Twi for help while getting the help from the pony and human Mane 4 and Sunset.


Pinkie Usual Predictions When Twilight quickly returns from Canterlot High, Pinkie does her usual weird predicting. But this time, Twilight really wants to get behind Pinkie’s ways.

Best Twilight Lab Forever

Twilight and the Mane 4 go to the human world with there new stay in pony form watches and they met up with their human selves and Sunset and Twilight tells them her plan and soon they start spying on Pinkie each day.

Sweetie Belle’s Encounter

Soon, the human CMC go to Ponyville with their own stay in human form watches and soon they meet up with Sweetie Belle and they tell her all about their plan, so she agrees and soon they tell pony Apple Bloom and Scootaloo and soon they come to help the others.

Princesses and Principals

Soon, Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna start finding the pony and human Mane 4 the CMC’s and Sunset in their hiding spots so they soon go to the pony world and come out still in human form and they tell the 2 princesses what they sawed an soon they started to help them out.

Catching That Pinkie

Principal Celestia and the others soon make a plan for tonight and soon once pony Pinkie went out of the human world portal they soon come out of the shadows and surround them.

Pinkie’s Truth

Pinkie tells the truth saying that the day before Sunset stole Twilight’s crown she wondering what was through the portal so when she throught she found her sleeping human selve and then she woke up to see her and then they came up with an idea to switch with each other every day then they started doing it.

Spike Stands Up

Just as Twilight was about to stop her both Spikes stampeded towards them and starting biting and breathing fire at them and soon, Spike gave pony Pinkie a stay in pony form watch and soon they also joined the fight.

Twilight Apologizes

Soon, both the human and pony Mane 5 and Celestia and Luna apoligize and the Pinkies accepted it but soon Principal Celestia had an idea.

Canterlot In The Future

Now, both ponies and human got equipped with stay in pony and/or human form and the portal was soon moved to the center of Ponyville and soon everyone lived together in harmony.


  • When Pinkies Collide (intro song)
  • When I Get Along With Someone Just Like Me
  • My Pink Pal
  • Share The Secret
  • Two of Us Are The Same